Amazing Benefits Of Keeping Yourself Hydrated This Summer

Everybody knows that 60% of our body is made up of water and the Earth's surface is 71% covered by it. This fact itself is enough to show how important staying hydrated is. It is very clear that in each and every health-related article we are asked to keep our self hydrated. Also, it is very important to understand that drinking an overload of water can be harmful too. Hence always go by the 8×8 rule,i.e have 8 glasses water minimum.

It is believed that a healthy person requires at least 30 to 50 ounces of fluid every day. It is very important to drink flute for staying healthy and to maintain the function of every system of our body. Fruits help in curing the nutrients to ourselves and also so help in flushing out the bacterias from our bladder. Also, it becomes necessary to keep yourself hydrated in summers as it is more water and people have more precipitation during that time. If you want to keep yourself healthy you should drink at least 30 to 50 answers of water every day so that your kidney can eliminate as many toxins as it can. Few people feel more thirsty when they are going through certain health conditions like thyroid or anything related to kidney or liver and even if they have a heart problem. Staying hydrated also helps in keeping inflammation away.


Reasons why your body needs water: 

Water helps in maintaining your physical performance

To maintain your physical performance or to maximize it you should always stay hydrated. If someone is exercising in an intense or in an area where there is high heat then they should always keep themselves hydrated. Dehydration has a very negative effect on your body as you can lose up to 2% of your body's water content when you feel dehydrated. When the athletes perform their regress activities it is very common for them to lose up to 6% to 10% of their body water in the form of sweat. This could make you feel tired and may also play with your body temperature. Hence it becomes very important to keep yourself hydrated while exercising. Hence to maintain your physical and mental health one must keep themselves hydrated. It is very common to understand that your muscle is about 80% of water. Also losing even two percent of the body is water content that can hamper your physical activities.

A major effect on your brain function

Hydration has a very important and big effect on the brain functions and your energy levels. It will not be wrong to say that your hydration level can have a major effect on your brain. Researches also show that even one to three percent of your body weight can hamper the brain functions. If you are a young woman then your fluid loss should not exceed 1.36 percent after any heavy exercise. If it happens when you are going to face continuous headaches. In a study, it was also shown that if the young man has 1.59% of dehydration then their memory could be affected which is followed up by anxiety. Hence we can conclude that even mild dehydration can cause changes in your mood and memories.

Effects on body

There are many major effects of water on your body. Our cartilage in joints and the discs of our spine are 80% water. If you don't keep yourself hydrated then the joints start losing the ability to absorb shock which may lead to severe joint pains. Not just this but it is very important to drink water so that you can keep on making The Saliva and mucus. Saliva is very important when it comes to digesting food and also keeps our mouth and nose and our eyes moist. Keeping them moist is very important as it prevents friction and further damage. Also drinking water keeps our mouth clean and keeps our teeth away from Decaying.

Delivers oxygen

We all are aware that 90% of our blood is made up of water and is responsible to carry oxygen in different parts of our body. Hence it becomes very important to keep ourselves hydrated through that our body can receive the right amount of water and our blood can function properly. If we keep ourselves hydrated then it will be easier for our blood to carry the oxygen in different parts of our body. When the oxygen is carried to each and every part properly then even our skin starts becoming healthy. Keeping yourself hydrated can help in protecting our skin from various skin disorders and wrinkles. Even the effects of aging start reversing.

Prevent stroke

The water that we drink is stored within the middle layer of our skin. And comes out on the outer layer when we sweat. It then eventually evaporates and helps in maintaining the temperature of our body. If there is very little water in our body then the chances of heatstroke increase and our body become vulnerable to the heat outside. Hence if one keeps themselves hydrated then it may also help in reducing the physical strain. It helps in the production of hormones and if we keep ourselves dehydrated for a longer period of time then we can hamper the neuro transmitting in our body.

Maintains the digestion and bodily functions

The water we drink helps in maintaining the acidic level in our stomach. It is very important to maintain the acidic levels so that we can have a proper bowel movement. If we keep ourselves dehydrated and don't drink enough water then we may face constipation issues and even the acidic level in our stomach could increase. This eventually causes heartburn and even causes stomach ulcers. Water is very much important when it comes to flushing out body waste. If we keep ourselves dehydrated then we will have an issue in sweating and even urinary information. Hence water is very important for bodily functions like sweating, urination, and feces. 


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