Must-Have Information About Anemia Everyone Should Know

Anemia is a condition where your red blood cells are lower and your body is not sufficient to carry oxygen in every organ and tissue. Anemia is commonly found in older people however many people developed this at a young age. The major cause of anemia is a poor iron deficiency diet. According to facts, anemia is majorly caused by women in comparison to men. But as the others process the age of 65 it occurs more into men. It is believed that about 20% of men over the age of 80 suffer from anemia and only 15% of women develop this disease.


There are four types of anemia so don't confuse them and try diagnosing it as soon as you can.

Iron-deficient anemia

Iron is the major factor behind the formation of red blood cells. If iron in the body is too low then the body doesn't absorb the iron from our food easily. Hence if one doesn't eat enough food that has iron in it or if someone bleeds more than usual you might cause the iron deficiency in your body. Hence low iron is a very common kind of anemia. The iron deficiency in the body can hamper the formation of red blood cells which may cause severe further issues. 

Chronic disease

Another kind of anemia is having a chronic disease. It is a result of the chronic inflammation which is caused in our body by damaged tissues, infections, arthritis, and even tumors. It is a kind of condition which causes severe and different varieties of chronic disease in your body.


Pernicious anemia is a type when your body is not able to make enough vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is very important for our bones and Pernicious anemia causes a deficiency of it.


If you recently had a condition in which your red blood cells were destroyed then you are most likely to suffer from hemolytic anemia. In this kind, your red blood cells are easily destroyed by any disease and it hampers your immunity too.

Anemia is basically a condition when the red blood cell count in your body or blood is quite low and the protein which carries oxygen inside red blood cells is also deficient. Anemia is not a dangerous disease but it might cause many health issues. Common facts that everyone must know about anemia are:


Anemia has very common symptoms

There are different ranges for red blood cells and hemoglobin count. And every person has a  different stage of experiencing its deficiency. The most common factor by which you can assume being anemic is it. It is the most common symptom of anemia. But it can be caused due to many different issues too like dehydration, cold and many other basic diseases. But if you face other symptoms like shortness of breath which was never faced by you earlier than it might be an alarming sign. Even your skin starts getting pale due to anemia. Sometimes the patient might feel like doing things that are not edible. It is believed that people with iron deficiency have an issue of pica chewing, for example, they might want to eat things like eyes or cardboard and even dirt. It is also a very common symptom for those who have any nutritional deficiencies. But the most common and important factor that one must observe in their blood due to iron deficiency is having a stool with blood and even a sudden weight loss. All these issues occur due to low red blood cells.

It might just be another symptom

Anemia is not the final condition. By this, we mean to say that anemia is a condition in which you may develop further issues and the final disease could either be very harmful or harmless. Anemia is a symbol of some underlying disease. Anemia is more like a fever which is a sign of some other condition. It might be viral or bacterial. Hence when the doctor treats a patient with anemia they understand that the patient might be having some different underlying disease or condition which needs to be figured out. There are different kinds of anemia that we have discussed in Our article earlier. Anemia can be caused by minor issues like an unbalanced diet and might even be a symptom of cancer. Anemia might be caused due to heavy periods, colon cancer, pregnancy and sometimes even iron deficit diet.

Taking Iron-rich diet is not enough

If someone is facing iron deficiency anemia then taking an Iron-rich diet is not the only solution. Iron deficiency is caused when your body is unable to produce and absorb the needed iron from the food. Hence one needs to start taking supplements that are prescribed by their doctor so that they can get enough iron. If you are facing anemia then you should never try treating yourself on your own. B blood tests are the best judge of knowing the total amount of deficiency in your body and how but you need to make it normal.

Around 2 billion people in the world are suffering from anemia and out of them, 1 billion have iron deficiency anemia. The pregnant ladies who are suffering from anemia can have died due to it. Anemia is the root cause of 20% of the maternal deaths. Even in developing countries, iron-deficiency anemia causes many e infectious diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. It has been observed that almost 40% of preschool children and one in every two pregnant women are suffering from anemia in the developing countries. Even the mild anemia could be landing you in a very serious condition. Anemia is like a slow death, it comes to you very slowly and might even take months to show its real symptoms. It also concludes that anemia might be caused due to some serious conditions that might be in its early stages. Hence it becomes very important to get your self-diagnosis at the right time and talk to your doctor regarding the different medical conditions you might be facing.


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