How Can You Check Pregnancy At Home Without A kit?

Well! There is a time in every woman's life when they have to experience the beautiful phase of motherhood. The first sign of being pregnant is to skip periods and the best method to confirm pregnancy is the pregnancy kit available in the market. However, looking at the circumstances outside it is highly preferable to not go out. In ancient times when there were no pregnancy kids and the blood test still the women used to find out the confirmation of their pregnancy through various home remedies. Understanding that nothing can be as accurate as of the pregnancy test kit available readily in the market is good but Meanwhile, the lockdown continuous one can easily test themselves at home. There are many over the counter salt and Chemicals present in the home that can come handy in this situation.

Don't go overboard and test yourself without any signs and symptoms. Even if you have missed the periods, wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks to get yourself tested. It takes at least 12 days for the HCG levels in your body to show up.


The possible signs that you should consider before getting yourself tested are:

Missed period

It is the first and foremost sign that you should consider. If you keep a track of your cycle then you can determine whether they are late or missed. The average menstruation cycle is of 28 days and if your periods are more than 28 days before then you should consider running a check. Sometimes the reason for the delay could be stress, diet, lifestyle or some pills. 


They are a common symbol of both pregnancy and periods. Sometimes the implantation cramps are misinterpreted as the menstruation cramps. This confusion only gets cleared once you have missed your cycle. Hence, one should keep a check on their hormones whenever they face such a situation. Mostly the pain occurs in the lower abdomen. 

Tender Breasts

The breasts swell and become tender during the menstruation cycle too but during the phase of pregnancy, your veins start showing also the size of nipples increases. You might feel that suddenly they are heavy and too sensitive.

Psychological changes

Food cravings and becoming cranky is the most common and basic sign. While in pregnancy you tend to eat a lot and have different food cravings it is quite different in the periods.


If you are considering the home remedies or home tests then you should wait for 15 days so that your blood has detectable HCG level which makes the home tests more clear.

The basic question that everyone asks is which urine sample one must take. It is always advisable to have the first secretion in the morning as it doesn’t have any other traces of food involved, As the day passes your urine as the traces of different beverages and food items that you take which can hamper the results. 


The various home tests you can run are:

Bleach powder 

Bleach is a very common household material that can be used as a homemade pregnancy kit. All one needs to have is a bowl and the sample of the first urine. Bleach is an oxidizing agent and reacts with the HCG levels in your body. If the mix starts forming bubbles or gases then it is clearly a positive sign but if it has no reaction then it means you are not pregnant.


The toothpaste required is the basic one that doesn’t include any fancy items like salts or other substances. Take a bowl and add a small amount of toothpaste in it along with your urine sample. If the sample turns blue then you might be having some good news but if there is no reaction then you should wait for your periods.

Baking soda

It is another successful way to get yourself tested. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with the sample and wait for the frizz. If it frizzes out then congratulations and if it settles at the bottom then you are not pregnant. Baking soda is available in every household and the bowl used must be clean and of plastic.


The most common household item is salt and it comes handy when you want to check the pregnancy results. The reaction is the key, if there is no reaction to your salt and urine mix then you are not pregnant but if you observe a milky texture then it is surely a positive indicator of the pregnancy results.


It is another readily available substance at home. All you need is a bowl, your sample, and little patience. Mix sugar and your urine sample in a clean plastic bowl and wait for the results. If the sugar forms lumps or is not diluted then it means you are pregnant but if it dilutes then the results are negative.



  • The sample should be of the morning urine as it is very reliable and increases the reliability of the home tests.

  • Use a clean bowl so that there is no other chemical or solution to disrupt the results. The effectiveness will obviously decrease if the solution has any other third particles. 

  • Use a plastic bowl or cup to avoid the reaction of the solution with any other substance like glass or steel or any other compound

  • Take care of the quantity you use so that there is a balanced reaction.

Always keep in mind that home results are authentic but not as accurate as of the pregnancy kits. Going out just for the medical kit can be very dangerous as the coronavirus is emitted in the air and can worsen your condition. One can simply wait at their home and if the results are positive for the home results then wait another 2 weeks and if still there are no signs of periods then it is advisable to visit the doctor but with all necessary measures and precautions.


If you are tested positive then embrace the new life in you and take all the necessary actions required. It can help you in staying positive and will surely bring some happiness and an improved lifestyle. 

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