Myths That Guide You Wrong On Weight Loss Journey

Staying home all day long doing nothing and simply gaining weight sounds like your story? If yes then you might be thinking about changing a few of the lifespan habits that you have been following to lose some weight. The summers are here and everybody wants to get back to their summer bodies and shut off the extra winter weight. However, this Quarantine period has only added to your woes. You might have started taking advice from your fellow family members on how to lose weight and shadows extra kilos and at strangers that you got just by being lethargic at home. The students are free from exam tension and the others are on work from home. The only thing that you are doing right now in this lockdown is often: eat, sleep and repeat. It is high time you start acting upon your body and stop reacting to the myths that people are believing related to weight loss. We are here to unmask a few of the myths that have been prevailing in the society and might also be hampering your weight loss journey.


Rigorous exercise Regime is important

It is important to exercise but following a radical exercise routine is not a successful way. It might help you in the short term but when it comes to a long successful weight loss journey then you need to make little Lifestyle changes in it. It means you only need to exercise half an hour a day which could either be running, walking, swimming or cycling. It is very important to dedicate 30 minutes of your daily routine to some sort of physical activity. If you start burning your entire day calories in those 30 minutes then you are already good to go. The best way to lose the winter fat is to include these 30 minutes of a break with some dietary changes.

Calories are the same

There are foods that have an equal amount of calories but it doesn't mean that those calories are good for you. Calories are basically A measurement of the energy of food provided to you. It either can be a good calorie or bad gallery. One needs to understand that every calorie doesn't provide you the same effect. If you have food that is rich in calories that provide you proteins it can help you in increasing your metabolism and even reduce your daily food intake. Hence you need to start observing the kind of calories you are eating. If you are eating food which has calories which are related to cards or fat then it would obviously add to your body mass. Before intaking anything, you should consider their type of calories and then intake it. For example, the calories in fruits are better than that of the bread. Hence it matters a lot what kind of food you are in taking and what kind of calorie it is having.

Avoid carbohydrates for a successful weight loss journey

People believe that if you ditch carbohydrates then you will be having a successful weight loss journey that will be having an enriching healthy diet. According to a dietician, it is recommended that you should have at least three different eating patterns. The first one being the healthy u.s. style, The Other be the healthy Mediterranean style and the last one is a healthy vegetarian. The foods which are rich in carbohydrates like vegetable fruits and whole grains are very important for a healthy lifestyle pattern. Hence if you want to avoid gaining weight you should not avoid carbs in total but should know what carbohydrates are good for your body and what will add to your body fat.

Supplement help in losing weight

There are many advertisers who advertise their weight loss supplements and this industry is very huge. There are brands that claim their supplements can help in losing weight and having a better Lifestyle. But these are only the mix full stop it is very rare to see them being affected and not having your body. In a few people, the supplements would work because in them they might be having a place affect. Supplements are just a marketing technique that people use to take advantage of their insecurities. If you really want to lose weight then you should have foods and fruits that will provide your body vitamins and minerals. Most of the supplements that you will take for weight loss are very much ineffective. If you take the best once only then it can help you in losing a little amount of it. But if you want to have a healthy lifestyle even after reading those extra kilos and maintain it in the long run then you should start making some lifestyle changes.

Obesity is a food-related issue

There are people who have very e less diet but still are obese not because they don't have a will power to change their body or lethargic but due to some biological reasons too. Obesity is a very complex thing. Eating and Lifestyle habits are only a few of the contributors to obesity but there have been many genetic variables that are proven to make someone fat. Also, there are few medical conditions like hypothyroidism, PCOS and depression which helps in gaining weight. If you are suffering from any of the mentioned then it is highly possible that you are obese. Not just this but even your body has many hormones that contribute to your weight gain journey. If your body is resistant to leptin hormone then you might try Starving but your body will continuously make you eat which makes you fat. Hence obesity is not just related to your willpower or eating habits but is also related to many genetic and biological disorders that have harmful effects on your body weight. Hence losing weight is not just about changing your food habits but also getting treated for such diseases. 

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