Therapies and Medications for Your Furry Friends

Is there anything in the world that can make someone happier than spending time with their pets. There is scientifically proven research regarding the positive effects having a pet can have on your mental health. It is always advisable to have a company to make you feel less stressed out. During the lockdown period, it is very important to keep your mind calm and involve yourself in some physical activities. Having a pet makes it simpler. One can try having any kind of pet they want. It can either be a cat, dog, rabbit or even rat. The pet you decide to make a part of your family should also be taken care of like one. Instead of going extravagant and trying to provide them with the utmost luxuries and making them lethargic try involving them in some kind of physical activity. Every pet has a limited life. Losing them can be a great disheartening and may cause a heartbreak. However, whenever your pet falls sick instead of running to the vet you can try many kinds of therapies on it. Injections and pills are not the only Resort that you should opt for. 

Only a pet lover can understand how important it is for them to keep their pet healthy and active. The different kinds of therapies you can try on your pet are:

  • Aromatherapy

Not just humans but animals too love certain smells. A true aromatherapist knows how the smell of specific plants and essential oils can help to put your body at ease. It is always good to give them extra pleasure by making them go through in aromatherapy. Visiting a vet always remains the top priority if your pet is going through some anxiety issue or any kind of emotional or physical trauma or stress but once you get over with Vet thing you can obviously visit an aromatherapist. A bit can help in guiding you with the oils for the allergy is your pet has and what can harm their skin.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the Ancient healing methods developed by Chinese and mostly practiced in the Asian country. This method includes the uses of very tiny needles that are inserted into the specific body part of your pet so that it can help in better organ functioning. The tiny needles don’t give you pain instead they should the muscles and help in a better but blood flow. Acupuncture also helps in releasing good hormones in your pet which makes them more active and keeps the skin problems away. The most common issue that we face with our pets is their digestion. Acupuncture can be a really good help if they are dealing with any gut issue. Acupuncture also helps in skeletal tissues and skin problems.

  • Chiropractic

If you have not heard of this term then your pet seriously needs some great pampering. However, this therapy is given to dogs and cats. It is very helpful when they have a slipped disc or may have pinched a nerve. A Chiropractic expert gently presses the joints which help in realigning the spine and to have a better bodily function of your pet. Chiropractic helps in a better flow of your muscles and makes them align in a better position if dislocated sometimes. It may also help if your pet is facing some skin disorder or may have a certain change in their behavior.

  • Reiki

People usually opt for this therapy when your pet is more towards the transition of their end life. It helps in soothing the energy flow in their body. It’s all related to your hands. A trained practitioner knows when and where to touch your pet so that they feel healed and come. It is very helpful if your pet has some chronic condition or may have been behaving depressed or stressed in these few days. There are pets who are very anxious and may even be afraid of certain things. Hence this technique can help in making them more come and heal them from within.

  • Hydrotherapy

It is a very easy and student therapy that even your pets will enjoy. Putting water on the injured muscles of your pet can actually help in healing it. The only thing a trainer needs to do is make your pet go into some water-related activities. Not every water activity is included in this therapy but only some specified herpetic games are involved. Sometimes your pet may be afraid of water and show resonance to this method but it is the headache of the trainer to make them comfortable with water and help in healing their injured muscles.

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