Unknown Benefits of Having a Curry Plant at Your Home

Curry leaves are extracted from the curry tree also known as the Murraya koenigii. It is mainly found in India and its leaves are used not just for health purposes but also in many different dishes. These leaves are full of aromas and give a very citrus and unique taste to all your dishes. Curry leaves and curry powders are two different things and are usually added together along with other spices to make many of the Indian dishes. It is also used in many Asian dishes to give a different taste to the food. It has many powerful health benefits that you will be amazed to know. It can easily be planted in your home as a plant and its leaves can be used for different medicinal purposes.

Packed with antioxidants

The curry leaves are full of antioxidants and it helps in relieving of stress and also scavenge the free radicals. It has many protective substances like alkaloids and phenolic compounds full stop it also adds fragrance to the dishes it is added to. There are many other beneficial compounds that are found in the curry leaves like linalool,mahanimbine, and alpha-pinene. Its extracts are full of antioxidants and play a very vital role in keeping up your body healthy and disease-free. It removes the harmful compounds from your body like free radicals and oxidative which adds up your stress. Hence it is very beneficial for relieving stress from your body. It even helps in removing chronic diseases and stops its development. Curry leaves can also help in protecting you from different oxidative damages like heart and kidney. Sometimes it also acts as a protective ingredient for your nervous system. There have been many types of research carried out on animals however it is still to be researched on the human brain.

Protects against heart disease:

The cholesterol acts as fuel to heart diseases. Also, the triglycerides levels in your body can risk you to heart problems. Adding curry leaves to your daily life helps in the reduction of both. It has been proven that curry leaves have many positive effects on your health. Curry leaves help in the reduction of your cholesterol levels which in turn also helps in the reduction of weight. According to a study if you include curry leaves in your day-to-day life then it is very much helpful in reducing your triglycerides levels too. It is believed that the higher amount of alkaloids found in the curry leaves is the reason behind this benefit. If someone continues to take curry leaves for at least two or three months they can even prevent high blood lipids and fat accumulation too. Curry leaves also provide relief in inflammation and all together act up as a barrier for your heart diseases.

Controls Blood Sugar:

For this, you need to confirm with your doctor if you are allowed to induce curry leaves in your diet or not. It is not compulsory that nearly taking the curry leaves in your diet will reduce your blood sugar levels. However, it obviously helps in reducing the hormones and your cholesterol levels which adds up to the blood sugar problems. Hence taking curry leaves daily on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial for your health. It may even help in the reduction of your blood sugar levels. 


Curry leaves are anti-inflammatory and have been related to benefits on inflammation. It helps in keeping your stomach healthy and also maintains the level of proteins in your body. It also has pain-relieving properties. Consuming curry leaves can not just help in keeping your gut health but also helps in reducing the pain. It may not be a proper substitute for a pain reliever but will surely help in reducing it. It contains many good bacterias that can act as an antibacterial on certain harmful bacterias. Hence it is very beneficial to induce it in your day to day diet.

Might have anticancer properties

Proper researches are yet to be carried out but according to a few types of research that have taken place as of now shows the benefit curry leaves have on the human body. The curry extracts can actually help in stopping the growth of cancer cells. The studies in this domain are still going on and it has been concluded that curry leaves are very beneficial for breast cancer.. the two types of cancer cells that develop in the breast can be decreased with the regular usage of curry leaves. If taken on a regular basis it can kill the breast cancer cell. Not just breast cancer but the curry leaf is helpful in cervical cancer too. The oral intake of curry leaf helps in reducing tumor growth and doesn't let the cells expand to the lungs. The girinimbine compound found in this leaf also decreases colon cancer. Hence, we can conclude that curry leaves may help in killing cancer generating cells. Also, there are many ‘Myths That You Should Not Believe About The Breast Cancer’. 


Curry leaves are really easy to add in your diet. Indian cuisine is one of the best resources to add these leaves to your diet. One can either boil it or saute it for consumption. It also adds a flavor to the Pasta. You can take some leaves and gulp it with warm water daily.

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