Did You Know These Things About Your Dreams?

Dreams play a very major role in our life. Sometimes they might show us something that we have been craving for many years or might be thinking in our subconscious mind. Dreams are like a slideshow or a video of things that we see in our day to day life or think about a lot. Also, it plays a major role in our lives because we tend to think a lot about them. There are people who claim to read your dreams and tell them symbols which might help in showing you a life path. Many psychologists claim to interpret your dreams into something meaningful and guide you in your life. They even help you in knowing the underlying issue in your subconscious mind and helps in managing it. Nobody has yet been able to find out the real reason behind our dreams.

some might have nightmares and some might have very haunted dreams full stop there can be various emotions that you might feel while you are asleep and even continue to feel it when you wake up. It's not important to understand your dream from a deeper perspective but it helps you in finding out many answers to your problems. The scientists have been researching dreams and have come up with few facts that we are sharing with you.

Dreams are for everyone

If you think that babies or animals don't dream then you are wrong. Everybody on this planet who is a living being can dream. Even the people who claim that they don't have any dreams also have a slideshow of images for a short video for at least two hours per night. It is advised to sleep 7 to 8 hours completely but out of those two hours are reserved for your dreams. Your dreams last for at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. If we calculate the average hours of your dreaming then you might be spending at least 6 years of your life dreaming.

They have meaning

The dreams that you see are not meaningless. According to some studies it is believed as a sign that you should not ignore. If you are dreaming about some accident for winning the lottery then you should be prepared for something bigger happening in your life. There are many common dreams which we all see and it shows a major milestone in your life. There are many websites or internet there will actually guide you in understanding the common dreams that we all have. Sometimes we have very weird dreams but their to are not meaningless. Every psychologist has a different prediction of your dream and might end up helping by understanding your current scenario and what all you keep on thinking in your day to day life. There are people who even connect their dreams to real-life situations for example if someone has seen the terrorist attack in their life them they might connect it with a dream that they had in their past. Even if you see a car accident then people are getting costliest while driving. Overthinking about your dreams can lead to anxiety issues that one should avoid. If you have any queries regarding your dreams and it is overtaking your daily activities then you must discuss it with a psychologist because coming out in open may help in solving many of your mental illnesses.

We forget our dreams

As told you earlier there are few people who believe that they never had a dream in their life. Well, it is not this scenario. Almost 95% of your dreams are forgotten easily. We have also told you that it is proven that our 2 hours of sleep are spent on the dream but when we wake up very few people remember them. A dream is near 5 to 20 minutes and you may even see more than one dream. Hence it confuses our brain and when we wake up we forget everything. There are many changes in the brain that occur while we are dreaming and hence it becomes difficult to remember as our brain is not able to process the information and store it wisely. While we are asleep the frontal lobes in our brain are asleep and it is the main area that plays an important role for storing information. 

Colorful dreams

It is not important that we see a colorful dream every time. You might even wake up to a black and white dream. It is a very small percentage but it actually happens. Few of The Dreamers have shared that they are not able to see the vibrant colors in the dreams but are mostly pastel colors which are quite soft and black and white. And hence it can be derived from these studies that mostly our dreams are in soft pastel colors.

Gender plays a role

Both men and women have different kinds of Dreams. Both have different content in their dreams. Men are most likely to visualize weapons and cars while women visualize more about clothing. The dreams of the male are more aggressive and into physical activities while the women are more into rejections and exclusive content which doesn't have much of the physical activity. The women have longer dreams in comparison to the men and they have more characters in their minds because of daydream twice in comparison to men. The women tend to dream about both the sexes but the male is more likely to see the same gender in their dreams.

One can control their dreams

There is a specific term used for the dreams that we can control which is known as a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a kind of scenario where you are asleep but are fully aware of the surroundings that you are dreaming of. It is a combination of both your conscious and unconscious mind. The REM sleep is involved in equal parts while you are having a lucid dream. There are people who have claimed to control their dreams or give them a direction according to their minds. 50% of the population I will agree to this scenario where they were able to completely control their dream and there are people who are very frequent with lucid dreams.

Negative emotions

According to some studies people are most likely to experience negative emotions in their dreams and it is a very common scenario. A person is able to dream more of the anxiety, societal and falling dreams in comparison to the positive ok. The reason behind this is yet to be discovered because people can face any kind of emotions but our brain is most likely to show us negative ones. One can practice yoga for turning their negative thoughts into positive also; ‘Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga That Everyone Must Know’.

Dreams are common

While few people believe that dreams are majorly personal experiences and are highly influenced by what we have in your mind but few dreams which are very common in all cultures and sexes. The reason is yet not defined but many people have claimed to see the same kind of Dream. The very common dreams are being chased or falling from somewhere and being attacked while the other dreams are being naked in front of a large audience for being completely frozen or in earth topi and unable to move. The reason we feel paralyzed in our dreams is due to our voluntary muscles. Rem sleep is a phenomenon that stops you from acting on your dreams. While you are completely aware of what you are visualising your body doesn't allow to move yourself or do any kind of action. It is also known as sleep paralysis. It may last for 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes you may have a very frightening experience where your body wants to wake up but you are unable to do so. This exact situation is known as sleep paralysis.


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