How Alcohol Can Be Beneficial for Your Health?

No one is asking you to drink until you drop. Few people believe in drinking every week and until they get wasted. This is not the best thing to do for your body and your mental health also. But drinking in a moderate amount can actually help in curing many of the health issues. Alcohol has a positive effect on a body if taken in a set amount. Alcohol consumption is not that until and unless you are taking it on an extreme level. The benefits of alcohol completely depend on every individual’s bodily function. Also, your body type and shape have a higher effect on the consumption of alcohol. A study e of dietary guidelines for Americans shows that if someone consumes alcohol in a very moderate amount then they can actually help in many help benefits. The set amount for women is one drink per day and for men, it's too. Also, it is not advised to drink it on an average over several days but it is the amount that you should consume each and every day. For example, you need to drink one drink per day and not take an average of the drinks you had over several days like; if you skip one day you are not allowed to take 2 the next day.   

We all are aware of the harmful effects alcohol has on our body but today let's discuss the positive effects it has.

Cardiovascular disease

Alcohol can have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease. It has been proven in a study by Harvard University that taking alcohol in a moderate amount can help in raising the level of lipoprotein which is also known as good cholesterol and higher levels of HDL. All these combined can help in protection against any heart disease. Hence when you consume alcohol in a moderate amount then you can see positive changes in your body. These changes may even help in increasing your insulin sensitivity and may also help in blood clotting. These changes finally help in protecting the forming of clots in your arteries like heart and brain. It also helps in preventing the formation of blood clots in the neck. Hence it will prevent all the causes that lead to Heart Attack and any kind of stroke. It is applicable both on men and women hence drinking in a moderate amount will help in cardiovascular disease.

Increase the longevity of life

Drinking alcohol in the set amount can add years to your life. It decreases your death risk by 18% and hence one can take alcohol in its favor. The little amount that one takes in between the meals can actually help in adding a few years. One can even at this as a Mediterranean diet or can add wind to their diet. It is best taken at lunch or dinner. If one takes it in dinner then they must be avoided during lunch.

Helps in improving your libido

We all know that you did wine can help in protection against erectile dysfunction and in the same way alcohol helps too. Alcohol not just helps in curing your erectile dysfunction but also health benefits in heart disease.

Prevents common cold

Smoking can increase your chances of catching a common cold but taking alcohol in a moderate amount can actually help in decreasing your chances to catch a common cold. If one drinks at least 8 to 14 glasses of wine in a week and obviously we are talking about red wine then they can have a decrease of 60% in their chances of having a common cold. This happens because the wind has antioxidant properties and can actually help in many ways in improving your health and skin. health and skin benefits.

Decreases the chances of gallstones

If you are suffering from gallstones then you might think of taking alcohol on a set unit birthday. If one can take two drinks per day then their risk of developing gallstones decreases by one-third. Taking 2 units of alcohol every day can help in the reduction of stress and this eventually helps in reducing your risk of gallstones but if taken in the excessive amount it can cause many health issues.

Lowers the risk of diabetes

Drinking one or two glasses of alcohol every day can help in decreasing your chances of developing diabetes. It is more beneficial in stopping the development of type 2 diabetes. In comparison to the people who don't drink at all the moderate consumer has more chances of preventing themselves from type 2. One can also read. ‘Home Remedies To Follow To Treat Diabetes’ to cure diabetes. Hence it can be concluded that moderate consumption of alcohol is a part of a healthy lifestyle and can help in the development of many good benefits to your body.


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