Foods That Will Help To Fight Depression

There are times when our world seems to be falling apart. Some people may smile from outside but are quite Lonely from within. Few people often confused their sadness and grief with depression but that's not the case. Depression is a very real disease which is not exactly a disease but can be considered as an illness. Few people believe that only the lonely and failed people experience depression but many big celebrities or big names who have achieved it all and are successful also go through this. It is a feeling when you are in a crowd and still feels lonely. It is something that nobody would like to ever feel in their life. There are so many misunderstandings and myths around this illness that people are afraid of getting treated. Many of the people even don’t come out of their cell and talk about it. There are so many nonprofit organizations that are trying their best to bring out such people so that they can talk with them and treat them. Most of the people who are depressed and taking their own lights. It is one of the major causes of suicide. Hence if you search for the reasons to commit suicide or if you search for depression online you can see multiple helpline numbers that are always there to stand for you. However, there are certain things that one should know about depression. 

Very few people know that there are certain food items that help in curing depression and will keep you healthy for a longer period. Also, there are ‘Depression Myths That One Should Not Believe


Depression is differentiated into 6 types:

  • Major depressive disorder

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Persistent depressive disorder

  • Seasonal depression

  • Postpartum depression

  • Psychotic depression 

Let's talk about the food that you should include in your diet to keep yourself healthy and away from feeling depressed.



It is a very good source of vitamin B and if you have a nutrient deficiency then you are more prone to depression. Milk has many kinds of vitamins and nutrients that you need for your body and it is very healthy to include milk in your daily diet. It works as a supplement of Vitamin D and along with that, you can even include cereals or juices which have vitamin D in it.


It is not just a tradition to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving Day but it also includes protein which helps in making serotonin in your body. This, in turn, helps in blocking the tryptophan which is a major cause of depression. There are many antidepressant medicines that include Chemicals that trigger the serotonin in your brain so that you feel better. If you are a vegetarian then you can include soybeans in your diet.

Brazil nuts

These nuts are very good for your body. There are so many free radicals in our body which damages it and Brazil nuts are rich in Selenium which helps in fighting against these free radicals. It is believed that people who have very little nutrients in their diet are more prone to pressure. Selenium in Brazil nuts has almost half of the minerals that you require in your daily diet. It is as beneficial as brown rice or sunflower seeds hence if you want to substitute them sometime then you can always go for Brazil nuts.


Carrot includes beta carotene which is again beneficial in fighting depression. If you are unable to find carrot in the summer season then you can opt for spinach or pumpkin in your diet to get the same benefits.


Eggs include B12 in it which is quite beneficial for you. The same goes for seafood if you opt for seafood they are a very good source of vitamin B12 and are more likely to help in processing the chemicals in your brain which are affecting your brain in a good way.


Nothing can cure depression better than a cup of coffee. It is said that coffee is like a warm hug in a mug. A quick boost of caffeine can actually help in uplifting your mood and make you feel more motivated. This is the reason that every office has a coffee machine in it. But if you are suffering from Postpartum depression or any kind of panic disorder then you must avoid caffeine. Coffee can actually help in lowering down your risk of getting depression, however, the reasons are yet to be identified.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are full of folate. It is needed by your brain cells so they can work better and fight against depression. The manufacturers in the US also use the folate artificially into many grains like pasta and rice so that they can make this food more enriching with B9. If you are not a fan of green leafy vegetables then you can include lentils or asparagus in your diet to get the same benefits. Nothing can be the benefits of green leafy vegetables but you can actually substitute them if you prefer the taste and quality of both.


Not just segments but fishes like Herring and tuna also very much high in polyunsaturated fats. Salman also includes Omega 3 fatty acids which are actually beneficial for the brain to use chemicals that help in making your mood better. Few of the studies also suggest that people who didn't have Omega 3 acid in their diet are more likely to get depressed in comparison to the people who have it on a daily basis.


It may come as a shock but a limited amount of alcohol is induced in your diet on a daily basis can actually help in preventing depression. But if not taken in a moderate amount then it contributes as a major reason for your depression.

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