How Women Need to Deal with High Blood Pressure

Imagine living to live together. One where you need to be so professional that you forget having a home and continuously do hard work and when you reach back home instead of taking adequate rest you have to complete your family responsibilities. It's quite hard right? In this scenario, anyone could get high blood pressure. Well! This is the lives of women all around the world. It's quite easy to be a single or bachelor working woman but when it comes to being a family woman and handling the work pressure too, it adds to the misery of it. One needs to take care of their home and work together. Even after this, they have to face many hurdles in their life. Hence getting high blood pressure because of the high amount of expectations from you is very natural and understandable. High blood pressure is also related to hypertension and older women are more affected by it. Menopause is a scenario where women stop having menstruation. When a woman stops having a menstruation cycle they are more prone towards hypertension. One must know about ‘5 Things To Remember For A Healthy Heart’

What's the difference between the blood pressure of genders

There is a difference between the blood pressure of both the genders because the women have a higher rate of heart pump output and a low blood vessel resistance. They have a very minimal chance of getting a blood vessel injury but since they have a higher pump out rate it is quite easier for them to have hypertension.

Why are older women more prone to high blood pressure?

The women in their 20s or early forties are quite protected from high blood pressure or any kind of heart disease. The reason they are immune to cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or a stroke is because of their female sex hormone known as estrogens. No studies have been able to prove it's 100% but it is proven that blood pressure is linked to the levels of sex hormones. Endogenous sex hormones are directly linked to the blood pressure changes and hence women are more immune towards it. When the estrogen levels drop in the women their blood pressure escalates. During menopause, women are more likely to be prone to blood pressure or heart disease because their sex hormones decrease. During the age of 50 or 70, about 90% of women are more likely to die due to high blood pressure. When the women reach their Menopause age they should start maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that they can lower the risk of blood pressure. The reason women develop a higher risk of high blood pressure is:

In their Older ages, women start living a lethargic lifestyle. Their lifestyle excludes physical activity and is more prone to obesity. Some women tend to intake a lot of alcohol in their life and may also develop a diet with higher salt levels.

Sometimes women in their early ages are intaking contraceptive pills and this puts them in risking their life. If someone is having a lot of contraceptive pills then they are more likely to develop blood pressure. Hence the women who are on their contraceptives should get themselves checked on a regular basis.

Here are certain ways through which you can control your blood pressure and keep a check on it.

Maintaining a healthy body weight

The body mass index is the universal measurement that tells the ratio of your weight and height. If a person is having a BMI between 23 and 27.4 then they are having a very moderate risk of developing any kind of heart disease including high blood pressure. But if someone's BMI is more than 27.5 then they are at a very high risk of having blood pressure. One should always keep the BMI normalized and between 18.5 and 22.9. It is very important to maintain a healthy body weight so that you don't risk your life by developing any kind of cardiovascular disease. The easiest way through which you can calculate your BMI on your own is by dividing your body weight with the square of your height.

One should decrease their intake of salt

If you are someone who loves to include sodium in their daily diet then you are at a very great risk of high blood pressure. One should include only a teaspoon of salt in their daily diet. If you avoid adding salt into processed food then also they will taste good. All the processed food already comes with an adequate amount of sodium in it hence one should avoid adding more to it.

Change your dietary habits

One should stop the intake of food which is high on cholesterol and saturated fats. Even if you want to take them it should be in a very educated mount. Foods that are high on cholesterol make your arteries thick which eventually leads to a heart stroke. One should include a healthy food diet like a lot of fruits and vegetables. Whole grains like brown rice or wholemeal bread are a very good replacement for the usual white bread. Also if someone includes alcohol in their daily lives they should limit their amount to one or two glasses on a daily basis. Alcohol if taken in a good amount can actually help in reducing many of the diseases.

An active lifestyle

It is very important to maintain an inactive Lifestyle so that you can protect yourself from many of the diseases. A Sedentary Lifestyle can lead to many of the body issues like obesity, high cholesterol, and sometimes even fatty liver. One should engage in physical activities for at least 150 minutes every week. If you can include 30 minutes of exercise in your daily life then it's good to go but if you are finding it difficult to take out time for it then ensure that you have 150 minutes of any kind of physical activity in your weekly schedule.

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