Follow These Health Tips When You Self-Quarantine Yourself

 Due to the outbreak of covid-19, the citizens are somehow forced to stay at their homes. All-day to day tasks that are used to carry outside their homes are now not possible. Each and everyone is confined to the home and needs to say indoors. People who are not associated with essential services are asked to not leave the house until and unless it is very important. Many of the countries have imposed a heavy fine on those who are leaving their houses without any important reason. It is very important for us to stay at home so that we can help in flattening the curve and help in preventing the virus from spreading further. Staying home doesn't mean that we are not supposed to live a healthy lifestyle. Every doctor and scientist is asking people to stay healthy and fit because it is very important for us to have good immunity to protect ourselves from getting affected by this virus. Most of the people have spread many of the fake information which has threatened the people. There is no Vaccine of Corona as of now but the people are still recovering. The Healthcare facilities are working round the clock to recover the patients by providing them good health care facilities. All the vaccines that they are provided and food which is given to them is ensuring that they have better immunity. 


Here are the tips that one should follow while they are at home to keep themselves healthy:

Keep your home clean: It is very important to keep your surroundings clean. One should try to reduce the risk of spreading jobs as much as taken. Healthy well-being begins from a healthy home. If someone is going outside then the first step they should do is to clean their hands and take a bath as soon as they come home. Wash the clothes that you wore when you went outside. Sanitize your home as much as twice a day. If someone from outside is visiting you like someone delivering a grocery or pharmacy then you should sanitize those items too. It is important to maintain proper hygiene within the walls itself. There are people who didn't go outside and still got affected by this virus just because they were not sanitizing their home in the proper way.

Maintain a Healthy lifestyle: it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle because a lethargic lifestyle is home to many diseases. If you keep your body fit then you can enhance your immunity system too. If one is not able to go to the gym or any kind of public facilities like a swimming pool or a basketball ground then they need to find a fitness routine within the allowed space. There are so many exercises that one can do at home and requires no equipment. A long walk in the neighborhood is a good idea along with yoga that you can do on your terrace or balcony. One can even take online classes for a virtual workout.

Having proper meals: It is very important to stick to your meal schedule so that you don't have to stock food in your kitchen. One should always maintain a proper healthy diet so that they don't attract any kind of illness. If your gut is healthy your immunity will be healthy try making healthy food choices so that you can have a balanced right. Staying home doesn't mean you need to cook amazing food which is tempting but you should cook food which is healthy. We completely understand that you will be craving outside Food and try to make that at home But instead of doing that try using their healthy alternative. If you Crave sweets try having a fruit that can provide you that. If you Crave for some oily or greasy food then try having a vegetable or curry which can satisfy your tastebuds.

Maintain your mental health

It is very important to maintain your mental health because it is a very stressful time. Every information that is being passed on is making us more stressed. The lives that are being lost or the situations we are put in are only adding to the misery of it. We have been in a habit of going outside and living a normal life but right now we are enclosed in a confined space. We feel trapped and the social distancing and lockdown are making us more mentally pressurized. Many people are losing their jobs and many are in fear that they might lose theirs too. It is very important to try using stress-free strategies. Take a break from social media and the news channels and have plenty of sleep. Try engaging more with your family members and keeping in touch with your friends. Here is ‘Mental Health Awareness Guide: How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety!’ for you

Stay hydrated

It is very important to intake an adequate amount of water and fluid so that you can keep your body strong and fight against the virus. Most of our body is made up of water and drinking enough water will help in combating the infections. There are many hydration techniques that one can follow like cracking the fluid with the help of apps from the Play Store. One should drink a glass of water every time they have a meal. One can even try adding natural flavoring to the water so that it becomes easier for them to drink it. Instead of using different bottles, one can refill one bottle every time they drink from it. Instead of going for a rated or caffeinated drink try going for water or natural juices.


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