ADHD: Know the Symptoms Before It's Too Late

ADHD means attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is quite a complex brain disorder that is found in almost 11% of children and 5% of adults in the U.S. ADHD is a complicated neurodevelopmental issue which can affect any kid's success at school and their personal life too. There are multiple symptoms of ADHD and it becomes difficult to recognize them. A person can experience even a single symptom of ADHD. It is very important to get your child diagnosed for the same because a professional will obviously evaluate many things before giving you the final verdicts. ADHD is a very common disorder in children and develops during their teenage and sometimes in adulthood too. The average age where a child is diagnosed with ADHD is  7 years old. The older children may have the symptoms but are not revealed until the later stages of their life.

However, sometimes it is not very hard to spot this disorder in kids. Even the adults have sometimes very subtle symptoms. It means that many adults who are struggling with ADHD May not even realize that they have it. They don't realize this issue until and unless it becomes a major problem in their life. For example, they would feel like staying organized every time and need to be on time whenever they have a meeting or any event. 

Find trouble in organizing

When we are adults we have many responsibilities like paying bills, doing jobs and making children and many more. But for people with ADHD, these duties are more serious. They may find difficulty in organizing these things. Hence when they are adults it is quite easy for them to find it as a symptom of ADHD but when they are in childhood they don't have so many responsibilities and they don't need to worry in organizing each and everything because we have our parents or some adults to do that for us.


A person suffering from this disorder finds it difficult to recognize other people's needs and worries. Being self-focused is a very common and important sign of ADHD. A person suffering from this always keeps themselves as a priority and believes that everything which is happening around them is because of them. They love to be the center of attraction and believe that their desires and needs are more important than those of others. It's not that they lack a sympathetic or empathetic behavior but they are not able to recognize the feelings of the other person.


We all know someone who never listens to the others and just wants to keep talking about them. Well, the self-focused behavior we just talked about leads to this sentence. Whenever a child is suffering from ADHD keeps on interrupting others when they are talking. It is not important to strike a conversation and then see this sign but even if a group is talking which they are not a part of they still feel it important to put their butts into the conversation and even the games.

Can't wait for their turn

This may be true many issues in making friends when they are kids because they don't like to wait. Not even any classroom activity or playing with the others. It makes it hard for them to socialize. But as they grow up this leads to more serious issues like traffic accidents or a problem in their marriage. Hence if you are suffering from this disorder then you need to look out for this sign and talk about it to some professional so that you can have a better social life.

Lack of attention

They find it difficult to put all their attention on any task. For example, if they are given to drive a car then it will be quite difficult for them to drive it without having an accident. Since they don't like to wait for your turn they might end up speeding, beyond the limit, and sometimes can jump traffic signals too. Also driving a car is all about being focused which they can lose very often. Hence if you are a bad driver then you can check out for the rest of the symptoms and determine whether you need help or not.

Poor Listening Skills

They have very poor listening skills and may zoner out anytime. This can be an alarming sign in kids when they simply don’t love sitting in any PTA or any lectures. As they grow up they find it hard to attend business meetings. Anything where they can be debatable just freaks them out. They have very poor listening skills and this makes them a really difficult partner too. It is quite clear that listening skills help in making our lives easier. But, when we lack them it can be really hard for us too.

Poor Relationships

People who are diagnosed with ADHD have very troubled relationships not just with their spouses but with their partners or friends too. It is always difficult for them to make choices about commitments and the mistakes they might have been making. It is quite a task to make them realize what you are feeling or trying to say. They may misunderstand you. Only the person with a good patience level can handle them and chances are that the other partner will not get the much-required attention and appreciation too.


There are so many online helpline numbers and articles that will eventually help you in realizing that you are suffering from ADHD and are always available for professional help. It is very important to pay attention to these symptoms and get yourself treated as soon as possible. One should read more about ADD/ADHDto be able to cope up with their social lives. It is very much important to have a healthy social life so that we can keep ourselves away from many psychological disorders.

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