Absurd Home Remedies by Countries for Covid-19

 As per the latest statistics around 2,639,243 people have been affected by the coronavirus worldwide. It is a pandemic that has shaken the world's economy as well as healthcare facilities. It has created an Ambience of stress and anxiety. Everybody is trying to not fall sick or get in contact with any kind of disease. Everybody is scared and the news is only adding to the stress of everyone. Many of us already follow a healthy lifestyle and are working out to keep ourselves active. Some are eating green leafy vegetables and trying their best to not fall for the common cause of flu. Everybody is trying their best so that they do not get sick and catch the coronavirus. It is definitely making a wave of false news that is being spread by many people. Everyone is trying to become a doctor and spread the cure for preventing the spread of coronavirus. Some have come up with very terrible ideas apart from social distancing and the basic steps that the government is recommending. Many of the countries have come up with completely absurd home remedies for this virus. 

Let's have a closer look at the remedies suggested by these countries, also one must ‘Know The Tips To Prevent Coronavirus’

The United Kingdom and Nigeria

Do you really think that eating some garlic can improve your immunity and protect you from getting contaminated by the covid-19? Obviously not but the countries like the United Kingdom and Nigeria have suggested eating some garlic so that you get immune to this virus. In which countries a lot of people are suggesting their children are loved ones to each garlic as a cure for the coronavirus. There have been lots of posts on Twitter and other social media platforms who are suggesting eating garlic to prevent this infection but the W H O has said in a statement that while garlic could be having some healthy antimicrobial properties but it is not a cure to it. There has been no scientific evidence that eating garlic could protect you from this virus. It is one of the WhatsApp news that has been spreading across both the countries that if you eat garlic then your body will start fighting against this disease and it will not affect you. Some suggest eating garlic while you drink water or as a part of your food. Some even suggest chewing garlic every time to protect yourself.

North America

This suggestion by North America is quite logical. People are suggesting to create their own hand sanitizer. It is a logical thing because with the people stalking up their homes with hand sanitizers before the lockdown and current time started it has created a deficit in the market. It is quite difficult to wash your hands every time with soap and water. It is also difficult to buy hand sanitizer from the stores in mass quantities because the majority of them are out of stock. Hence, people have started making hand sanitizer at home but it is not as effective and safe as the one we have been purchasing from the store. Some people don't know how to make it ineffective and sanitizer and forget to add the right quantity of alcohol. Alcohol is the key ingredient of any sanitizer because it helps in killing the different kinds of microbes which includes both viruses and bacteria. Hence it is quite a bad idea to try making a hand sanitizer at home as you may not be able to include the ingredients in the right quantity.


Many of the people in India have been circulating messages over social media platforms that consuming cow urine and feces can help in the prevention of the coronavirus and may even help in curing it. It sounds gross but it may not be the correct method. There has been no scientific proof that the urine has anti-viral properties. In fact, the cow feces can actually act as a transmitter of coronavirus as it makes a great source of some bovine fecal matter which might be affected by it. Some people are also suggesting to go vegetarian. The health minister of North India named Anil Vij tweeted to go vegetarian. He also suggested that eating meat is the major cause of coronavirus. However, he might be true to some point but many infectious diseases who have wreaked humans in the past might have come from the animals but it doesn't mean that ending the consumption of animals could help in ending this disease.

Take Away:

Instead of falling prey to such Faux news, one must use their brains and corporate with the Healthcare facilities. Many governments are issuing a notice or circulars in which they have guided people to stay indoors and protect themselves from the spread of this virus. People need to understand that social distancing is the only cure for prevention that we can have as of now. If we are blocked in our home and eating good food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle this will eventually boost our immunities. Instead of falling prey to absurd remedies, one should be careful and educated so that they don't get themselves in any trouble. Many of the people have been making fun of the entire process and acting up like. The only thing we all must do during this phase is to cooperate with the government and act maturely.

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