Hormonal Imbalance? Know the Symptoms for Better Health

A woman has to undergo many hormonal changes in their lifetime. These changes can make them feel bloated and may sometimes keep them irritated. The people all around the world make the situation worse by blaming the hormones of the women for their cranky behavior. Hormone imbalance would be easier than we just see it. Hormones are basically chemical messengers that can impact our lives in a very different way. They don't just impact on life but also have a great effect on ourselves and different organs. It is very normal for our hormone levels to shift during different phases of life for example during your periods or pregnancy and sometimes when a woman is leading to the age of Menopause. Sometimes your medications or health issues can irritate your hormones too. Hence it is always better to know the cause behind the changes in its level so that we can treat it accordingly.

Irregular periods

From the age, we start bleeding to menstruation. Everybody's period cycle is different. Some might have a cycle of 21 days and some might have 35 days. Hence a period cycle may vary from 21 to 35 days. But there are times when it gets disturbed and it's me get shortened on also get increased. In some cases, one might skip the periods for some months with means that either you are generating a lot of estrogen and progesterone or very less of it. During the age of 40 and 50, this irregular period could be the reason for perimenopause. It is the time period that women face before her Menopause arises. Sometimes irregular periods should also be the reason for a health problem known as PCOS. Hence if you skip your period for more than a month then it is high time is start visiting your gynecologist.

Sleeping issues

If you are not getting enough sleep and your sleep cycle has been disturbed then it could also be the reason for your hormones. Progesterone is a hormone that is released in the ovaries which helps you in sleeping well. But if this hormone starts playing up then your sleeping cycle also gets disturbed. Low estrogen can also make you feel hot flashes and make you sweat at night. Hence it is recommended to keep your hormone levels in check. One can always try Easy home remedies for treating insomnia


It is very normal to get Breakout before or during your menstruation but sometimes these acne doesn't get cleared up. This might be a reason for some hormone problems. When someone starts generating an excess of androgens which are also known as the male hormones then the oil glands start overworking. Hence these androgens affect our skin cells and the hair around our follicles. This eventually clogs your pores and causes acne. If you want to have a clear face then you need to keep a watch on your hormone. If you start getting acne which is not going or when the acne marks are not leaving then it's high time you start visiting your doctor so that you can get proper treatment for it.

Foggy memory

Doctors are quite unsure how hormones can affect the brain too. Sometimes the estrogen and progesterone can work together to make you feel foggy. This eventually makes it really hard for you to remember things. Some people believe that estrogen levels can impact our brain chemicals which are also known as the neurotransmitters. The memory issues are very common when a woman is going to the periMenopause or menopause. But there can be many reasons why our hormones make us have foggy memories. For example, if you are facing thyroid then it will be hard for you to remember things. It is always better to get yourself detected before you start curing yourself.

Tummy issues

The gut is lined with many tiny cells which can also be called receptors. These receptors are responsible for responding to our estrogen and progesterone hormone. Whenever the balance between these two hormones gets affected one can start noticing changes in their digestion process. It is the main reason why women go through diarrhea and stomach pain while they are in their periods. Some women may also face bloating and nausea during or before their menstruation. Hence if you are facing any kind of digestive issue for acne and city then they might your hormones playing off.


Sometimes women feel tired all the time. This is the very common symptom of having a hormone imbalance. When our body produces an excess of progesterone then we feel sleepy all the time. Also if someone is facing thyroid then the depletion of thyroid hormone can also lower down your energy. It is very important to get yourself tested for Thyroid because it is a very common issue that women face nowadays. It is a very common symptom of hormone imbalance and also of the thyroid.

Constant mood swings

Mood swings can be the common symptom of going through some hormonal imbalance. If researchers are to be believed then the continuous or fast changes in your hormones can make you feel depressed. The estrogen hormone has a very major effect on our brain Chemicals which eventually get affected due to the changes in this hormone. But there are few other chemicals all hormones which have the same path as are neurotransmitters and can make us feel pretty low just by having a few imbalances in it. Hence, it is very important to cope up with our hormones to have better emotional and mental health.

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