Common Beauty Mistakes That Everyone Should Stop

With so many beauty tips online everyone believes that they have aced the game of beauty and healthcare tips. Nearly every second person on Instagram is a healthcare and beauty enthusiast. It is a very common profession nowadays of many bloggers as they have all learned a lot over the internet. But there are a few things that no one tells or discusses. There are so many things that people have experienced but never share. We all follow a strict Korean beauty regime or the one that our favorite bloggers or influencer has told us. But, do we know about the common beauty mistakes that we usually make and are hampering the results of the home remedies that we are using for clear skin. Clear skin and a healthy body start when we stop making mistakes in our daily routine. We neglect the smallest things that later on become big and stars affecting our skin and hair.

Here are the most common beauty mistakes that we do in our day to life:

Brushing after soda or caffeine intake:

Have you all heard that brush first and then sip your morning beverage or coffee? There is a logic behind it. When you sip that coffee or soda the acidic formula of it weakens our enamel. Enamel is the protective layer on our teeth. Hence, it is advisable to sip your beverage after brushing your teeth. Still, if you can’t do any activity before having your sip then simply swish and swirl with water, and later on, after a gap of a minimum of 1 hour, you can brush your teeth. Brushing is like exfoliation and overdoing it can hamper your enamel. Hence, try brushing your teeth first or after a gap of some time. This is a very common health mistake that everyone makes.\


Are you drinking right?

We all love having alcohol when we are partying with our friends. And who can say no to a glass of red wine on a date or formal meetings? Sometimes we also go for white wine. But do we know the correct way of drinking it? We all know that red wine leaves stain on our teeth but this is not the only fact. Alcohol dries out our mouth and there is not enough saliva to protect our teeth and mouth against the acidic formula of alcohol. The correct way to have alcohol is by drinking a sip of water after every drink. Try swirling your mouth with some water so that it doesn’t dry out and you can enjoy the alcohol without hampering your oral health.


Going in the pool with Dry hairs:

People with blonde hair who swim a lot know what pool water does to their hair. The chemical treated pool water can turn your blonde hair into the green after some time if you don’t use a headgear. The correct way is to soak your hair in the shower with some tap water first. There is a reason that every pool has a shower. It is not meant to be used after that dip, but you can put it to great use by taking a shower to wet your hair before you dive into the chemical treated water. Your hair acts like a sponge and soaks up the tap water, this eventually helps in keeping the chemical away from your locks. For the extra cautious hygiene try using an after swim shampoo and yes, this is actually a product that people are not usually aware of.


The right amount of Shampoo:

Some say one should shampoo daily and some say once a week and some say why to use shampoo use natural cleansers and then there are those who suggest using shampoo only once a month. What if we tell that every one of them is right? Yes! They all are right but it all depends on your hair texture. If you have curly and thick hair then it is better to use the shampoo once a week. But if they are fine and straight then you can use shampoo daily as it is easy to build dirt and oil. The shampoo is used to strip away the extra natural oil and dirt that builds up on your scalp. Hence, it completely depends on the hair texture and one must consult their hairstylist as they will help you in knowing the correct product and times you should wash your hair. They also will let you know the correct procedure and the amount you should take. 


Skipping Conditioner

Everyone knows that conditioner helps in making your hair smooth and will give a smooth and silky texture to them. But few people avoid it as they already have oily hair. But then there are those who skip it because they think the conditioner can weigh your hair down. But think of it as an extra protective layer on your hair as there are a few conditioners that can actually help in protections against the thermal products you use and help in further protecting our layer from the damage. But, it completely depends on the texture of your hair so consult your stylist to know the best conditioner for your hairs.


Shaving or waxing before the pedicure

We all have a limited time for going to a parlor and had to schedule appointments in advance. The most common mistake that everyone makes is by shaving or waxing their legs and hand the day they go for pedicure and manicure. It opens up the whole new land for germs to penetrate. When we take that footbath there are lots of germs that we invite into the open pores of our legs and hands. It is advisable to wait for 24 hrs before you go for the pedicure. Hence, try booking your schedule for alternate days and plan accordingly. It is better to wait then regret.


Using old Razor

You know that your razor is old when you have to swap in the same area for at least 3 to 5 times. It is a very wrong practice as it could lead to tiny bumps and rashes. It is always advisable to keep 2 razors, one for the private parts and one for the legs and hands. Always change your blade after 4 to 5 uses. The best way to know that you are using an old razor is by noticing how many times one has to use a razor for removing the hair. If it is more than 2 at the same place, then it is the right time to change your blades.


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