Did You Know About These Complications of Diabetes?

Cured Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease, and the one suffering from it has to take some extra precautions so that they can keep it in check. It is not easy to be diabetic and lead a healthy life. One needs to make significant lifestyle changes so that they can have an Active Lifestyle. Diabetes is not a life-threatening disease but can turn into one if not taken necessary precautions. A person suffering from this chronic disease has to maintain their blood sugar levels by checking it regularly. One needs to eat right at the right time and have to stay active. A lethargic Lifestyle will only add to the misery of it.

Along with the significant Lifestyle changes, one also needs to take care of their medications. It is very much essential to make a substantial lifestyle change because this will help in avoiding many of the health problems in our body. It causes issues even at places where we might not expect. One needs to stick to the treatment plan that the doctor has given so that they can slow down or prevent the effects that diabetes has on our health.

Oral health:

Diabetes can make a whole new space for infections inside your mouth. It affects your oral hygiene, like giving you gum diseases and cavities. It attracts lots to gum infections and fungal infections like white sores. If your sugar is uncontrolled and is on a higher side, then you might also suffer from plaque and cavities. It has been proven in studies that if you have diabetes then you might lose your teeth twice more than the people who don 't suffer from it. It is always better to talk about your diabetes to your dentist so that he can offer you a better treatment plan regarding your teeth. One should still maintain their oral hygiene by regularly brushing, flossing, and rinsing their mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. If someone is suffering from bleeding gums or any other kind of gum disease, then they should always get their sugar tested and talk to their dentist about it.


Diabetes can lead to problems with vision as it adds more pressure to your eyes, and even leads to vision problems like glaucoma and cataract. Glaucoma is a condition in which there is an added pressure in your eyes. Cataracts is a situation in which there is a clouding in your eyes lenses. People with diabetic problems are more tended to harm their blood vessels, which are located in their retinas. The blood vessels in the retina located at the back of your eyes are most likely to get damaged if you have diabetes. This condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. All these issues can lead to a poor vision and, with passing time; cause blindness. The eyesight fading appears at a later stage when your eyes have been severely damaged. Hence, if you have diabetes, then it is recommended to get your eyes checked regularly from a specialist. It is always bettering to take precautions at the early stages so that you don 't have to regret it later.


If you have diabetes, then you are more likely to damage your nerve endings too. This condition is known as neuropathy. Your nerves can get hurt if you are suffering from high blood sugar. This can happen in any part of your body. But the arms, and legs are the most affected areas along with your hands and feet. This condition can also be termed as peripheral neuropathy. When your nerves get damaged, you might start feeling numbness and sensitivity. In some situations, the patients also suffer from some tingling feel with some pain. In a condition known as autonomic neuropathy, diabetes can affect your urination digestion and other bodily functions. If you have diabetes but take full care of your health and hygiene, then you can avoid this condition. The best precaution for this is to maintain your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure too. Also, if you are a diabetic patient, then try maintaining a healthy weight, so that you can keep yourself healthy and avoid such severe conditions. However, to maintain a healthy weight, avoid believing, 'Myths that guide you wrong on a weight loss journey.'

Foot issues:

Being a Diabetic patient means you will start losing numbness in your feet. A diabetic patient is more likely to damage their nerves in their feet. Due to this damage, it is very likely to ignore injury or infection because they might not feel it. If you are a diabetic patient with a high blood sugar level, then it becomes ubiquitous not to have proper blood flow in your feet. These problems can cause complete damage in your toes and feet, and they might need to be amputated. Hence, if you are suffering from a high blood sugar level, then you should never smoke and pay more attention to exercise. A healthy lifestyle will lead to Healthy conditions. Also, it is advised to take proper care of your feet by keeping them clean and moisturized. Always wear shoes that fit well and not squeeze your toes.

Skin infection:

Anyone who has been suffering from an uncontrollable high blood sugar level knows there is a profound change in their skin. The skin becomes itchy and thinner, and with the passing time, it becomes scaly too. A person who has diabetes starts getting discolored patches and attracts a lot of infections on their skin. The reason behind this sudden skin change is due to less blood circulation and dinner problems, which are caused by sugar levels. Hence, it is always advisable for the person to maintain their blood sugar levels and a healthy weight too. If one starts getting blisters on their skin, then they must contact their doctor for antibiotics or creams. Any blood infection caused during high blood sugar levels must be treated with precautionary measures and in professional guidance.


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