Try These Treatments and Remedies for Stubborn Cellulite

Have you noticed a lumpy and uneven skin on your thighs, hips, or abdomen? If yes, then you might be suffering from or having cellulite. Cellulite is basically the skin overlying on certain areas because of the fat. This usually occurs when the fat gets in the deeper tissues. This leads to creating an uneven surface on different parts of your body like hips, butts, breasts, and abdomen. In a survey, it was found that cellulite affects women more than men. About 80 to 90% of women suffer from cellulite. However, cellulite is not a harmful condition. It is just a build-up of fat onto the layers of your skin. It basically depends upon your genes and the body fat percentage. As you age you start getting cellulite more visible on your body.

There are various treatments and remedies available for smoothing out the cellulite. Few of them are as follows:


Having an active lifestyle is the best way to treat cellulite. Since we all know that cellulite is basically the fat overlaying your skin, we all need to exercise smartly so that we can vanish away the fatty layers on us. It’s not going to magically disappear the fat but will convert it into muscles and your skin will look more even. The three parts of exercising smart and to remove the cellulite with an active and healthy lifestyle are: 

  • Take a healthy diet and include the food which is not going to deposit fat on your body. 

  • Start doing brisk exercises so that you can tone out your muscles.

  • Stop the lethargic and toxic lifestyle.

Induce raw foods:

It is always good to add fiber to your diet. The fruits and raw vegetables are not just empty calories but are healthier choices for you. Instead of eating refined carbohydrates like bread and sweets, one should start eating raw foods. The basic idea is to intake less fat, so that you don't deposit more layers on the cellulite-prone body parts.

Losing weight:

Cellulite is sometimes related to your age and not your weight. Hence, losing weight will not make them disappear if you are suffering from it due to your age or genes. But the overweight or obese people are more likely to have cellulite in comparison to the ones who are at the correct weight. The extra Pounds can make this cellulite more visible and hence one should try losing weight slowly. Thus, your diet plan can worsen your cellulite condition. Hence, it is advised to Lose your weight slowly so that your skin doesn't get loose. If you have been overweight and suddenly lost those extra Pounds then you can talk to your doctor for ointments or medicines that will tighten your loose skin.

Stop smoking:

Smoking leads to more visible cellulite. People who smoke have more jiggly arms and bottoms. Their cellulite is more visible in comparison to the people who are a non-smoker. Every puff of cigarette you take has a harmful effect on your blood supply which makes your skin older. Smoking not just affects your lungs but it also affects your skin. Hence, it is always good to stop smoking whenever you can. Consult your doctor or a psychiatrist who can guide you on this path. Nicotine addiction is one of the highest addiction in the world. It is quite difficult to leave the habit of smoking but once you start leading a healthy lifestyle it seems like talk of past and all the harmful effects start vanishing away.


It is very much important to give your body the essential massage it requires. Massaging the Dimple zone every day for a few minutes will give a firm rubdown to them and make your skin more firm. One can either massage their skin during a shower or take out some time while applying lotion to properly moisturize your skin. Messages not just moisturizers your skin but will also improve the blood circulation and can help in getting rid of the toxic fluid. Dimples which are caused due to cellulite starts reducing and becomes unnoticeable after regular practice.

A quick fix:

The above-mentioned tips are good for the long run and need to be practiced every day, but there are times when you have to go out and those cellulite doesn't allow you to wear your favorite dress. It appears more visible on fair skin. If you are on a fair side, then you can use a self-tanner as a quick fix. The dimpled areas which are more prominently visible on your skin can be reduced or can be made unnoticeable with a self-tanner. To apply this one needs to scrub their parts with a gentle body Scrub and later on apply a tanning lotion or spray on the areas which are affected by cellulite. Before applying a tanning spray one should apply a self-tanning lotion for better results. 

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