What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Do you want to know what’s causing the inexorable hair loss from the last few days?

Have you been wondering what triggered hair loss, since the stay-in-shelter orders came in?

Are you all exhausted from all the remedies that you have tried so far?

Hair is unquestionably an important element of a woman’s beauty, which accentuates her pleasant personality.

In any case, she wants to keep it look healthy & nourished. It kind of makes a woman look carefully confident.

So, you need to first find, if this hair loss has started right after the stay-in-shelter order came, or it was there for a long time, but you probably did not pay heed to it. You need to bird-dog this pattern to find out — what is causing this.

If this hair loss pattern has started just a few weeks after the whole COVID-19 mayhem crept in, then it is going to be easy for you to find out the cause. Most probably, you could cure this on your own.

But, if it has been there for quite some time and you never took it that seriously then, there’s a big problem. You may then have to see a specialist. Look back into this hair loss pattern and get an answer to the question — this is the most crucial step.

So, till then, you can read these probable reasons that could be causing the incessant hair loss. It would definitely help with your treatment plan. Let’s get started.

  1. Nutritional deficiencies.

The most probable reason for any kind of hair loss in women could be nutritional deficiencies. Like other parts of the human body, which needs certain nutrients to function properly, your hair also needs certain nourishing nutrients. Feeding yourself with sufficient nutrients — is very crucial to maintain healthy hair. Here’s the kind of deficiencies that may cause hair loss in women:

  1. Iron Deficiency
  2. Zinc Deficiency
  3. Vitamin B3 (niacin) Deficiency
  4. Protein Deficiency

Nutritional deficiencies can either be treated with diet monitoring or in case, you can see a doctor, get a blood test done to understand the deficiency pattern. Based on this pattern your doctor will prescribe certain supplements. But, any way you must re-evaluate your nutrition intake pattern in the form of food that you eat.

In case this hair loss has started after the outbreak of coronavirus, it may be — because of lockdown and the haphazard that coronavirus has caused, you may not have been able to eat balanced nutrients that your body needs. You must check out your eating pattern from the day it all began.

  1. Physical or Emotional Stress.

Another probable reason for hair loss in women can be intense emotional or physical stress. It can be because of some real stress, which is obviously not about the day-to-day stress, but something BIG that might have recently happened in your life. This can be the death of someone very close or a divorce or maybe some kind of financial crunch — it can be anything big that is bothering you.

You will wonder how stress is related to hair loss in women! What happens is — when your brain is stressed, the body redirects the needed nutrients to help your brain get through the emotional thing that’s causing the stress. This causes deprivation of these nutrients to the hair.

In most such cases, hair loss is temporary. All hair would not grow at a time — some rest, some shed & some are growing. But, if you notice that — it’s only falling down, and there’s no sign of growth, you must see a dermatologist. She will guide you in the right direction.

  1. Genetics.

We only talk about hair loss patterns due to genetics in males. But, we must know that people belonging to any gender can suffer hereditary hair loss. In males, this kind of hair loss or baldness starts along the hairline while in females, the crown of the head is most affected.

Genetic patterns may also be a cause of the hair loss — you must also look into any such type of hair loss pattern in the family tree. However, hereditary hair loss cannot be completely cured, but there are treatments available that can help with diminishing the effect. Finasteride or over-the-counter minoxidil — can particularly help deal with genetic hair loss & slow it down. So, if you have found any real signs of this form of hair loss, you must consult specialists for the right kind of treatment.

  1. Dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

If your scalp is itchy & inflamed regularly — it means you’ll often feel like scratching it. You may not be aware, but that is what may be causing the most hair shading these days. But, you can easily treat this condition with over-the-counter products like:

  1. A shampoo containing zinc pyrithione.
  2. Any Exfoliating ingredient.
  3. A Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

But, here, your consistency would be the key. So, you must choose a shampoo and conditioner that is not too boring for you to use regularly.

Other than dandruff, there could be another cause of itchiness in the scalp — it could be seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Treating these conditions may take a little more time than dandruff. So, it’s better to visit a doctor — if you think the cause is not dandruff but anything else.

  1. Doing hair too-tight.

Doing your hair too tightly can cause traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia: It is a form of alopecia wherein, a gradual loss of hair will start taking place because of doing your hair too tightly on a regular basis. Your hair is being pulled because of wearing your hair in a particular braid or ponytail fashion too tightly.

This can be terrifying. When you do your hair tightly, it starts thinning and when done for long enough, the hair loss may become permanent. It damages the hair follicle beyond repair and may not ever go.

The best way you can prevent such a form of a permanent hair-loss — is never doing your hair in a single tightly tied pattern. Try not to pull your hair too tightly.

If you never knew about this before and it has already started — all you can do is meet a certified dermatologist who can help you regrow the lost hair.

There could be other reason for hair loss in women including:

6. Autoimmune diseases

7. Medications

8. Pregnancy

9. Lack of physical activity.


These are some major causes of hair loss in women. Losing around 100-strands every day is completely normal, but when you notice that the pattern is different, you must start taking extra care.

However, hair loss in women may be a little difficult to figure out — but it certainly isn’t unachievable. If you have noticed, in the last few days that your hair looks thin, unhealthy & is growing slowly, you must figure out soon, what is the hair fall pattern & take steps to mend it as early as possible.

If this has started after the lockdown & the coronavirus mayhem, just check out the transformations that took place in your everyday life. And, if you find any unhealthy lifestyle pattern, you must go back to normal with some healthy & good additions.


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