How to Deal with your Mental Health During COVID-19

In the midst of the growing concern for coronavirus and with no vaccine still available, keeping sane is sometimes tricky. Most of us are working from home spending most of the day at home, which means almost zero activities to keep your brain at peace, no social interactions to bring out the toxins from the head.

This calls for a need to systematically plan your days with positive & inspiring activities to deal with worries & not to let the sanity disappear from your life. While taking precautions like wearing a mask & maintaining social distance is crucial for your physical health, you must also identify ways to deal with mental health.

Particularly during the times of coronavirus, it is obvious to feel anxious, impatient, powerless, and frustrated. Xenophobia, worrying about being in isolation and worrying about how it is going to be in the future is quite normal.

While it is normal to get all these feelings, you must understand how to deal with these feelings. Thankfully there are simple ways to deal with these thought patterns. Let’s find out:

  1. Take a break with feeding your mind with the news

We have all been feeding our minds with news which is obviously negative (given the coronavirus outbreak) news all through days & night. But, we forget, this could be more devastating than informative. It is necessary to keep a check on how often you are switching to those channels that are feeding your mind with these facts that are draining away from your energy without your consent. You must make a time slot, decide on how often, how much, and know which channel (only the ones without sensational news) to switch on. Sometimes, this can have a very bad impact on your mental health to see disturbing pictures. Instead, take time to get involved in activities whereby you can remind yourself that these strong feelings will eventually fade away.

  1. Take good care of your body.

Taking good care of your mental & physical health can help with bringing about a lot of positive feelings.

Sitting idle can have an adverse effect on your mental & physical health.

Breathe deep, stretch, meditate, eat well, take up your hobbies & bring about your creative side as much as you can. Other than that, enjoying adequate & sound sleep, eliminating alcohol or drugs — all this can play an important role in strengthening your immune system, which is specifically needed during COVID-19.

  1. Revisit your Hobbies.

Do you know giving time to your hobbies can have a very positive impact on your life? We spend years and days working on important things in life. In that rush, we forget about the small things that can give us real happiness and that too without costing anything.

And, this is the right time when we have time to revisit our passion and hobbies. Mostly we are at our homes, there is too much space to reopen our bag of childhood that includes the things that we have actually loved. There are too many benefits of going back to and picking up older passions.

  1. Look for options to Cope with lost Social contact.

One of the recommended ways to keep yourself safe from coronavirus is to maintain social distancing. Social distancing is no physical communication with your loved ones and people in general. Any form of communication specifically the physical one-to-one communication is considered a real stress buster. But what to do when you are not allowed to move out, meet people & communicate?

In that case, you must look out for ways you can keep this communication channel intact. You need to particularly look for creative ways of communicating. This will give us space to share our feelings and understand that we are not alone in this fight, which is very important for your wellbeing.

  1. Take care of your physical health.

You should know that, both your physical & mental health are interconnected! You must take care of your physical health if you want to keep mentally healthy.

Get enough sleep. Move your body. Don’t reduce physical activities. Maintain your schedule as in the normal days even if you are staying home. This will keep you away from falling prey to anxiety & any kind of stress. It will keep you happy & in a good mood throughout the day.

Keep a close check on what you are eating. Eat healthily, avoid junk food, and limit intake of caffeine & refined sugar. Make sure you are not onto alcohol, tobacco, or any drug unless the doctor has prescribed the same. Take some time off from using all electronic devices, which must include switching off from all electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed.

  1. Focus on positive thoughts.

During the corona period, you have to particularly take care of your thoughts. Deal with negative thoughts gracefully and try focusing on the good things about quarantine. Don’t keep mulling over how it has affected your life negatively.

Be hopeful, happy & accept the situation you are in today. Dig deeper to find out how you can take time to deal with challenges. Move towards the spiritual side of life, using the moral compass, and it will definitely help.

Create your list of things that you would like to achieve during quarantine — but make sure that you are not overpopulating the list, or it may cause you frustration. Set goals and make a feasible strategy to achieve those goals. Connect with people you love.

  1. Relax and recharge.

One of the important parts of keeping the mind relaxed & recharging it at regular intervals. A few minutes from your day, dedicated to calming your mind with meditation or yoga can have an immense effect keeping you away from anxiety. Other things you can do — listen to music, listen to a book, read or soak in a bubble bath — every little thing has something to do with rejuvenating your mind. Find out a technique that works best for you and practice it every day to reduce stress triggers.

So, these are some of the most efficient techniques that would keep you mentally healthy during the COVID-19 period. For every single person, it is very much required to take care of their mental as well as physical health. We are going through an unfortunate situation when one can easily fall prey to mental illness, stress & anxiety. Know & make sure that you have found your ways to deal with these situations.

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