Post-lockdown: Life of People with Health Conditions

We are scared, we are skeptical & we have a lot of unanswered questions hovering around their head. We have spent a huge time span in the cocoons of our homes. That was a whole scary thing when it came unwelcomed in our lives, but gradually most of us found our ways to cope with it gracefully.

Now there is another phase of this coronavirus era in front of us — unlock phase. It’s a kind of mixed feeling — half excited & half worried. While there is the excitement of going out, meeting friends again, sharing, traveling & making moments together, there is always the fear of — how it will keep them away from the whole situation.

Particularly for the people who are suffering from some kind of health issue like diabetes, this is a terrifying situation. With an already weak immune system, they can easily fall prey to contract the coronavirus. In this article, we’ll talk about how people with some health conditions can deal with this whole situation when they are going out in a whole unlocked world.

Let’s take a look at what all you can do to make sure that you remain safe & healthy. Don’t worry you can resume your life as normally as you want to in a post-corona world.

Let’s face the reality with courage & strength:

  1. Keep a close check on Your health on a regular basis.

You already know there are things that make you way more vulnerable than others. You already know that you can contract the deadly virus more easily than the others. However, everyone has to be very specific about healthy measures, but those with some health conditions must be way more careful.

You must go through regular tests and make changes in your everyday life accordingly. This will give you a clear picture of how the increased stress level, eating habits, and everything else is affecting your health. This keeps you aware of your health conditions, which makes out that you can take the required measures.

With already a weak immune system you have to be smarter, aware, informed, and responsible for everything taking place inside your body. So, be extra cautious, keep a close eye on what you eat, what environment you are in, whom you come in contact with & get regular tests done as advised by the doctor without fail.

  1. Be serious about the Social Distancing Rules.

Now that the unlock phase is on and most of us will be going out for our work & many things, where self-isolation ends, social distancing should come in place very responsibly. Never think that if the Government has started unlocking, it’s going to be normal as before. In fact, social distancing is going to be the key measures to contain the virus from spreading until we have a vaccine ready.

Maintaining a distance of two meters as advised by the health agencies is going to be the only savior. It can make a huge difference in reducing the spread of the virus. Taking care of this, all places where large gatherings can take place like theatres, malls & more have been closed by the Government. And, since you are suffering from some conditions already, you have to continue following all the social distancing rules to keep yourself and the people around safe.

  1. Keep Your Medicines Handy.

In times like this, it is important to be more careful about every little thing than ever before. When you are starting to go out in an unlocked world, make sure that you have your medicines in handy wherever you are going. You never know what will happen tomorrow — there could be a lack of essential medicines.

However, the pharmacies & medical stores have all been providing the service right from the lockdown when everything else was closed. But, it is always good to be ready with every essential item particularly in a situation like this. So, make sure that you have your stock of medicines & all the equipment you may need at home ready.

  1. Eat Healthily.

Pre-corona, post-corona, or no-corona — healthy eating is an essential part of happy living. For all those who are suffering from any kind of ailments — eating what your body required for nourishment is a part of your medication. Eating right at the right time can sometimes cure a health condition alone.

So, you must specifically be very careful if your intake includes all the important nutrients that your body needs for a strong immune system and to fight the health condition you are bearing. Along with eating the right, you must also exercise regularly at home. Do not look for going to some gym under the circumstances that prevail.

  1. Good Hygiene is Key.

COVID-19 has taught us many things about the conduct of life. Keeping good hygiene is one of them that we have been taught about during this whole episode of the pandemic. These are a few things that we must always keep in mind, and never forget about. You are now more careful about going out without a mask, not sanitizing, or cleaning your hands, or touching any unrecognized surface without cleaning it. These are indeed among the great lessons we have learned during these tough times we must not forget.

When you are out, make sure you are wearing a mask, not hugging anyone, properly washing your hands, keeping your surroundings sanitized, and not making any mistake when it comes to hygiene. Immediately you come back from work, take a short bath, and never forget to change your clothes.

Be Extra Careful.

These are very small, but important steps that you must take while you prepare yourself to go out after unlock has already started. This may be going to be a little difficult to deal with, given the health conditions. For people with existing health conditions, it can be daunting to already have a weak immune system. But, no battle is hard for a real warrior, victory is inevitable, you focus the goal in the right direction every single moment.

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