How Social Distancing can Fortify Social Bonds

The newest buzzword around is social distancing! The world is all finding ways to fight and be safe in an environment that we have witnessed never before. The coronavirus mayhem has made our lives upside down. While the entire coronavirus phase has been difficult for each one of us, it is heartwarming to see how everyone is coming forward to support this. People are sharing different innovative ways to maintain social distance.

With the unusual lockdown & the curfew kind of situation, we have come to realize the importance of social bonds, the importance of our loved ones & their presence in our lives. On the other hand, those who are spending time with their family, children & parents have come to realize what precious feelings they have been missing in their lives all these years. The lockdown has given so much time for the families to spend together. However, this whole situation can affect relationships in both ways — it can also cause friction to your relationships if not handled carefully.

But, there are definitely ways you can constructively make use of this time to strengthen your social bonds, family bonds & bond with your loved ones. Let’s find out how:

First, in a situation like this, the only hope is to keep our minds hopeful. Let’s focus on the good inside our soul, before peeking outside the frame. The things that will keep you & people around hopeful include your social network, positive attitude, openness, assurance & a sense of achievement.

Let’s talk in detail about how social distancing can fortify the bond that you share with your friends & family. 

  1. The use of technology should be optimized to best.

Technology has made our lives easier, but we have to optimize its uses so that it does not affect our lives per se. Thanks to the person who discovered the first thing driven by technology, which no need to say, gave many new developments. We can talk to anyone and everyone irrespective of the distance we share with the person. So, even if you are away from your loved ones during the coronavirus era, you can very much talk to them over the phone or through various other social media channels like WhatsApp, Instagram & more. But, you need to pay attention to overusing technology, which cannot only affect your health but your relationships too.

  1. Prioritize your relationships.

All these months, you must have realized the importance of family, friends & people around. So, this is the high time, you should not ignore them and make time for each of your relationships. No matter what your relationship has gone through all these years, try your best to make it better from bitter. Make sure that you are making room for family time, you are making room for communicating with your friends & loved ones via technological means & social media channels.

  1. Give each other some personal space.

While during these tough times, when we are not moving out of our homes most of the time and spending most part of our days with our family, it is important that we are giving everyone some personal space. It is important because interaction and spending time with family is important, but we do need to take some time relaxing in our space. Everyone has their own way of relaxing in their cocoon. Some may love sketching, some would enjoy listening to a podcast in the bed. Give everyone that time gracefully!

  1. Indulge in some creative work.

Every single person in the universe has something special. We often fail to realize and discover that special thing. During the coronavirus era, you have enough time when you can discover your creativity. Just try everything you feel — painting, cooking, sketching, singing, dancing — whatever you want. Your creative self will keep you focused, relaxed & motivated all through.

  1. Share the work & responsibilities of the house.

When everyone is at home, make sure that the burden for the chores did not fall upon only one single person. Divide everything among each other. This will keep the environment healthy & clean. For instance, if your sister is cooking you can offer to serve, the other member can clean around and similarly. This is not just about sharing the chores, but it’s about sharing love, affection, care & fortify relationships.


With social distancing at the forefront, we can constructively make use of this time to strengthen our relationships. Why to always think from the perspective of the glass being half-empty? Can we start thinking about the glass being half-filled? Take this precious time to rebuild & strengthen your relationships.


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