7 Reasons Why Meditation is the Science of Mind & Soul

There is pure science behind MEDITATION! 

So, you are the one turning heads about the amazing benefits of meditation, it is time you should meditate on meditation. 

Life is all about finding that soulful way of living -- both physically & mentally. 

For us, as we are not aware of the amazingly astounding benefits of meditation, we do not relay prioritize it. 

The science of meditation is giant -- it will take days, years & months to discover the incredible benefits of meditation. Meanwhile, we have created this document/article in a way that even beginners can get through every single point. 

Let’s first understand by defining meditation:

What is meditation?

Meditation is the process of intentionally directing all your energy in one direction where you want results. Meditation is also the scientific technique of eliminating all negative toxic thoughts from the mind and filling it with love, hopefulness, benevolence, and positive energy. 

When you meditate the mind gets in sync with the body enabling you to better concentrate. Meditation helps bring self-realization and true awareness of who you are. Not only it helps your brain relax & release stress, but regular meditation practice also helps fight many diseases. 

For a lot of people, meditation is a way of enhancing the ability to focus and managing stress. Regular meditation practice also helps with inculcating healthy habits like self-discipline, maintaining a better sleep cycle, a positive attitude towards life & much more. Surprisingly, meditation also helps with increasing the ability to tolerate pain.

There are essentially nine types of meditations. However, we have no evidence of defining the right or the wrong way of meditation but you should choose the one that suits your predominant needs and requirements.  

Here’s a sneak peek into the different types of meditation: 

  1. Progressive relaxation

  2. Mindfulness meditation

  3. Mantra meditation

  4. Spiritual meditation

  5. Loving-kindness meditation

  6. Focused meditation

  7. Visualization meditation

  8. Movement meditation

  9. Transcendental meditation

So, these are the nine forms of meditation. We’ll discuss these nine forms of meditation in our upcoming article. In the meanwhile, let’s just talk about the extensively amazing benefits of practicing meditation with self-discipline & regularly. 

  1. Makes us Self-aware

There are some forms of meditation that might help you develop a better understanding of the self and help you become the best version of who you are. Through such meditation, you can understand your relationship with everyone around you. 

And, as you develop this better understanding of the self, you start recognizing all those thoughts & habits that might have become a hurdle through the path to a happy, successful & prosperous life. You start moving towards building habits that have only constructive outputs in life. 

Meditation improves your ability to believe in your own capabilities. It kind of improves your self-efficacy. You become way more aware of the power within you -- the power of healing & the power to correct anything that is not right. 

  1. It Corrects any Mood Disorder or Anxiety Issues.

Meditations help more than medication!! 

If practiced with self-discipline regularly, meditation can bring about better results than medication. Various studies have shown that practicing mindfulness meditation can treat any type of anxiety disorder without any medication (in certain cases). 

This is an amazing way of treating anxiety at any level without having the requirement to take heavy doses of drugs, which might sometimes bring a number of side-effects. It is therefore better to find medication in meditation. 

  1. Meditation Improves your Cognitive Strength.

Research has shown that professionals who embraced the habit of daily meditation were more successful than those who did not. Various forms of meditation including mindfulness meditation & transcendental meditation improves your brain problem-solving & decision-making abilities. This makes out that meditation can bring about a positive shift to your professional life & career. 

  1. Meditation Keeps you Emotionally Healthy.

By helping you improve your self-image, meditation helps make you emotionally strong & healthy. Regular meditation practice will keep you at bay from depression & any form of mental disorder. 

Per studies people who regularly practice meditation will have almost NO chances of getting depressed. Another study conducted on two groups of people -- the group that practiced meditation regularly had almost no negative thoughts throughout the day while the other group had to struggle with a plethora of negative thoughts. 

This further keeps you emotionally healthy by keeping a check on the quality of your thoughts. When you are emotionally healthy & strong the chances of falling prey to depression & anxiety further get reduced. 

  1. Enhances the concentration of grey matter in the brain. 

With continuous meditation practice, the concentration of grey matter in the brain is improved. The grey matter helps with your learning capabilities, regulates your emotional hormone, promotes self-worth & improves memory. An experiment was done on a group of people - the group was made to practice mindfulness meditation for around eight weeks. After completion of the task when an MRI was conducted on the group, it was found that the concentration of Grey matters in their brains has increased. 

  1. Increases the ability to be more attentive. 

Meditation enables you to be more attentive towards everything you are doing. If you have ever practiced meditation, you’ll know how you get absorbed in the moment & the environment. When we are meditation, the natural flow of self-awareness is induced bringing your mind in sync with what is real. 

  1. Enhances the strength of your attention.

Regular meditation practice can help with enhancing the strength of your attention span. Meditation works like weight-lifting for your attention span & endurance. Per a study done on two groups of people - the group that practiced meditation regularly had improved attention span while that was working on a task as compared to those who were not doing it. 

The bottom line:

Meditation is extraordinarily effective. While we don’t make it a priority even after reading & listening to thousands or blogs & podcasts respectively the same, those 10 minutes of the day can improve the quality of your life like never before. 

In fact, every single person should be doing meditation. There are thousands of benefits of sitting in that meditative pose every day. Plenty of meditation groups are available, you can join and feel motivated. While any form of meditation is great for your overall life, there are different forms to improve different areas of your life.

Meditate to absorb the positive energy & release the negative energy!!

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