6 Different Forms of Meditation & their Benefits

Meditation is the process of connecting with your real self! The simple yet magical process lets you meet with who you were born. It acts as a reminder of the pure & powerful soul within the body. Meditation acts as a bridge between your body & the universe of your soul enabling you to feel relaxed. 

The world where we are living today is almost all messed up. You turn a step around and one or the other stressful event is waiting to be uncovered. Meditation is the medicine to all those stressful events one after the other. 

Over the years, as educators & spiritual gurus realized the significance of meditation, they developed a variety of forms of meditation depending on people & which aspect of their life they want to focus on. And, there are forms of meditation that would suit every type of personality.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the top six meditation techniques you might love to try. Let’s get started:

Top six meditation Techniques you must try:

  1. Visualization meditation

  2. Spiritual meditation

  3. Loving-kindness meditation

  4. Mindfulness meditation

  5. Transcendental meditation

  6. Focused meditation

Most people are comfortable with a particular type of meditation, but there are forms of meditation everyone would be interested in. 

These different meditation techniques need different mindsets and skills. Let’s talk about each of these techniques one-by-one. 

Bear with us to know everything about these different forms of meditation techniques:

  1. Visualization meditation

Visualization technique is about bringing to your mind a picture of something that you want to focus on. Picture of something that summons some specific feeling -- you can picture a lake, a mountain, or even the innocence of a baby. In the visualization technique, you close your eyes and imagine whatever your heart can talk to without inhibitions. This visualization activity gives the practitioner a break from the unhealthy thoughts that may be responsible for taking away your peace. 

Benefits of visualization meditation: 

  • Promotes Peace.

  • Relax your Brain.

  • Calms your Mind.

  • Boosts Mood.

  • Reduces Stress.

  • Motivates to achieve.

  • Keeps us Focused.

Bonus: Some people also practice visualization meditation by imagining themselves succeeding at a particular goal they have set for themselves. 

  1. Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation has particularly come from the Eastern spiritual traditions including Hinduism, Taoism & Buddhism. With tradition, a particular spiritual meditation may also include chanted or silent prayers. This form of meditation establishes a deeper connection with the divine power. Spiritual meditation is great for all those who are seeking to establish connections with their spiritual selves. 

Benefits of spiritual meditation: 

  • Finds a way to self-reflection.

  • Makes you spiritually learned.

  • Motivates towards service to others.

  • Teaches compassion, love & kindness.

Bonus: The best place to do spiritual meditation is your home or somewhere near the place of worship or in nature.

  1. Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is also known as Metta meditation -- this form of meditation has been designed in a way that your heart, mind & soul directs well-wishes to others. You enchant specific words to invoke the feeling of love & compassion. For doing loving-kindness meditation, you’ll have to sit in a relaxed comfortable position and chat phrases that evoke empathy, sympathy, love & compassion. 

Benefits of Loving-kindness meditation: 

  • Makes you compassionate & kind.

  • Brings acceptance for yourself & others.

  • Enables you to receive love.

  • Betters Relationship with loved ones.

Bonus: This form is ideal for all those who have been holding resentment and ill-feelings for others for it teaches compassion & kindness.

  1. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness motivation is about focusing on the present moment taking absolute leave from what might have happened in the past. This form of meditation motivates practitioners to realize the significance of being in the present moment without dreading the future or the past. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on your breath & progressive relaxation that will help draw your attention towards the tension part of the body. Mindfulness meditation is the most studied form of meditation.

Benefits of mindfulness meditation: 

  • Improves your overall health.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure.

  • Cuts out negative emotions from life.

  • Strengthens memory.

  • Keeps you focused.

  • Works positively on Relationships.

Bonus: You can practice mindfulness meditation almost anywhere -- while you are traveling, shopping around, or passing by your neighborhood, it could be done anywhere. All you need to do is quietly observe your surroundings -- the sound, sight, smell & everything. 

  1. Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is also a kind of spiritual meditation where the practitioner has to sit in a comfortable position breathing slowly. The goal of transcendental meditation is to grow above what we are living in today. The practitioner has to chant a specific mantra or a set of words sitting in a comfortable position. This set of words or mantra is, in general, decided by a learned teacher or a guide. The practitioner, in the absence of a guide, can choose their mantra -- for instance, they can choose to chant as simple a mantra as “I’m filled with self-confidence”. 

Benefits of transcendental meditation: 

  • Brings Heightened awareness.

  • Relaxes the mind.

  • Cuts on the everyday stress.

  • Brings you away from the unwanted chatters.

Bonus: Transcendental meditation is for those who want to make meditation a part of their everyday life. 

  1. Focused meditation

Focused meditation is about teaching the art of focusing on one thing at a time. Focused meditation dismisses the idea of being productive by multitasking. It encourages the idea of imbibing the power of concentrating on the one thing that you are doing at the moment -- this task could be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. It teaches how jumping around on different tasks at a time can thwart your productivity. You can choose any object of your meditation focusing on every aspect of the object and bringing the focus back whenever your mind starts wandering. 

Benefits of focused meditation:

  • Improves efficiency.

  • Teaches focused attention.

  • Trains your mind to productively focus. 

  • Increases the chances of success of your goals.

Bonus: Focused meditation will train you to focus on every little thing you do on a day-to-day basis. It is perfect for those who feel distracted by whatever they are trying to do. 


Meditation is helpful in a number of ways -- both for your mental & physical health. From improving your sleep cycle to relieving stress, reducing anxiety, enlightening you spiritually & curing various bodily ailments -- meditation can be the best medicine you would ever find. And, there are different forms of meditation for dealing with different areas of life. 

But, it is always good to try and make errors & then find the form of meditation that suits you the most. However, you cannot force it or it would not benefit you as much as it should. There are many forms of meditation and if you are not enjoying one, there is always something else to try and find peace in. Don’t do it in a hurry. Take time, discover & meditate with love!!

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