14 Super Easy Techniques to Deal with Anxiety & Stress

Most people today suffer from chronic anxiety & stress. You can be sure, it’s anxiety when -- the heartbeat is upped, you are feeling agitated, tensed & uncomfortable. In fact, anxiety is among one of the most common mental health issues, the world is facing today. In the United States, as much as 18 percent of adults are affected by an anxiety disorder.

There are a number of issues that lead to anxiety -- an overactive thyroid is one of the reasons. Anxiety can express itself both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Anxiety is often triggered by prolonged stress & fear of anything that is hard for you to handle. 

In different people, anxiety is handled differently. It is important to find a way for everyone, which might take a lot of experimenting. In some cases, consulting a professional becomes necessary. In this article, we’ll talk about some super easy techniques to cope with anxiety & stress. Let’s read the article to find out:

  1. Keep a Check on your Caffeine Intake

Coffee, chocolates, tea, and most energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a stimulant also responsible for adding to the anxiety. This will also depend on your body type and how much it could tolerate caffeine intake. 

It is only you who can keep a check on how much caffeine your body can tolerate - so when you start feeling anxious and jittery -- you must consider cutting back on caffeine intake. However, studies have shown that taking caffeine in moderation (five cups or less) is healthy. In some cases.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress! And, not only stress, regularly exercising will keep you at bay from a number of mental, physical & emotional sufferings. Many would find it surprising, but putting some physical strain on your body would relieve all the stress keeping you in a positive state of mind. 

You might notice that people who regularly exercise have a little chance of falling prey to anxiety. And, there are a number of reasons that make regular exercise one of the most effective ways of combating stress -- lowers stress hormones, improves the quality of your sleep, increases your confidence level, and helps you see the positive aspects of life. 

  1. Journaling makes Your Brain Healthy

Journaling might be a small thing for a lot of people, but this could be amazing to keep you away from anxiety & stress. You can either write down -- what you are stressed about or note down what you are grateful for, either way, it is going to help you. While jotting down what you are concerned about is healing -- practicing gratitude by noting down what you are grateful for will keep you in a positive state of mind. 

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Little do we realize, but the food that we eat also has quite a positive impact on your state of mind. People who eat junk food for the most part of the day will have a negative approach towards life and therefore are most of the time stressed. Eat healthy food in a way that you can get all the vitamins, minerals & proteins in an adequate amount. Eat a lot of green vegetables, pulses, fiber, and more -- this will not only keep you physically but also mentally healthy. 

  1. Take time to spend with friends and family

Today, one of the major reasons for stress & anxiety is -- how we have distanced ourselves from our family, friends & loved ones. Little do we realize today, but being with friends and family can be a real stress buster. Even in tough times, you feel a sense of self-worth and it all comes with an assurance that every bad situation will pass. 

Per a study, you release a special natural stress reliever, oxytocin while you are spending time with family & friends. Both men and women will benefit from being with their loved ones. A study has found that people who have a thin social circle are more likely to suffer from anxiety & depression. 

  1. Consider supplements

There are a number of natural supplements that will help deal with anxiety & stress. For instance, the Lemon balm is most popularly known for its anti-anxiety effects, Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in reducing the anxiety symptoms to around 20%, Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic stress-buster, and Green tea helps with cutting on the stress level by enhancing the serotonin levels. 

Other stress-relieving supplements include Valerian root that is known for its tranquilizing effect and Kava kava, which is used as a sedative. You can use these supplements to treat extreme anxiety or stress. 

  1. Music is Magically Healing

Music is one of the best stress relievers. It can have a very calming, relaxing & healing effect on your body, mind & soul. Slow & healing instrumental music can be very much instrumental in lowering your blood pressure level, increasing the heart rate & the level of stress hormones. This is the reason, some of the relaxing music is also included in some forms of meditation & relaxation techniques. 

  1. Laugh a lot

If you have learned the art of laughing a lot, it is less likely that you’ll feel anxious. Laughing will not only relieve stress, but it is also helpful for your mental & emotional health. When you are under any kind of stress, tune into a comedy show and you’ll not even realize how your stress level will be diminished. Make sure that you are laughing a lot throughout the day -- it will keep you at bay from stress & anxiety.

More Ways to Deal with Stress & Anxiety:

  1. Light a Candles

  2. Learn to say no

  3. Avoid Procrastination

  4. Practice yoga 

  5. Practice Deep breathing

  6. Practice Meditation

The bottom line

We often turn to big things, but there are smaller and effective ways you can use to reduce the level of anxiety. The reason for stress & anxiety could be many including personal & professional reasons. In a similar way, there is an assortment of trivial ways to deal with these reasons. Learn to learn new things -- be it yoga, meditation, how to say no, how to avoid procrastination -- these smaller transformations in your daily routine can make it easy for you to deal with anxiety & stress. This will improve the quality of your personal & professional life!

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