10 Super-effective Ways to Calm Your Mind for Improved Digestion

Do you know stress can also disturb your digestive system? We often ignore stress as a reason for a disturbed digestive system. And, so we miss the super-effective ways to calm your mind for improved digestion.

Our attention is directed to a disturbed digestive system only when we face indigestion followed by severe symptoms like heartburn, bloating, gas, and constipation. But, little do we know that our emotional & mental state of mind can also cause disturbance to our digestive system. 

There are thankfully a great variety of ways to improve digestion, which is caused due to any emotional or mental stress. And, nothing rocket science -- it could be as simple as practicing a 10-minutes meditation, taking a couple of deep breaths before gulping up the first bite, or moving your body regularly. 

The only difficult first step is the realization that even your stress level can be a reason for your disturbed digestion. And, once you have the knowledge and realization of how stress can be one of the reasons for disturbed digestion -- you have a plethora of simple ways to help yourself with disturbed digestion caused due to stress. 

In this article, we have created a list of ways that can help us deal with disturbed digestion. Let’s dive deeper to find:

  1. Spend at least 20 minutes eating every meal -- eat slowly. 

People usually are trained from the very beginning -- “the faster you eat, the smarter you become”, which is untrue. You must spend at least 20 minutes eating every meal -- it takes at least 20 minutes for the food to reach your small intestine giving your brain the signal that your stomach is full. On the other hand, when you are eating your food fast, the brain never gets the signal that it is full. 

This leads to making you feel full, bloated, & lost in the overdose of food. Most times when we are stressed or under any pressure -- we eat faster without realizing that when you are full. The mind-body digestion happens perfectly when you are the last one to finish your meal at the dining table. Take time to chew every bite you take -- that’s how you can create a balance between your mind & digestive system.

  1. Move your Body.

One of the most essential things to keep your body going is helping it get moving constantly. When you move your body constantly, the blood is pretty good and that helps in making us feel better than ever before. Per one of the studies, the more regularly you exercise, the more enriched microflora diversity your body will have, which in turn helps in reducing gastrointestinal disorders. You just have to move your body -- dance, play, swim, exercise, or do anything that keeps blood flow in the body going. Regular exercise will help with reducing any kind of mental stress & keep you mentally & physically healthy.

  1. Feel the Pleasure of Having Food.

When you feel the pleasure of the food on your platter -- your metabolism way more actively digests the food. Feeling your food will increase the blood flow & decrease insulin & cortisol. Many research data have established that feeling the smell & sight of the food can increase the production of digestive enzymes by 50 percent. 

Therefore, it is worth slowing down and eating with great pleasure whatever you are eating instead of gulping it blindly. When you dive into the pleasure of the food, your metabolism becomes super active. Engage all your senses right from preparing the food to garnishing it, serving & eating -- this will not only bring a sense of happiness but also improve your dining experience aiding digestion. 

  1. Spend a mindful morning.

You certainly do not want your brain to get engaged in any kind of stressful activities that might linger on all through the day. So, before checking on your social media or switching on the television --engage your taste buds into feeling the pleasure of your cup of tea or coffee. It will keep your mind calm, composed & relaxed -- for better digestive health. Start every day as a child -- with no regrets, no resentments & no negative thoughts. 

  1. Practice Gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is an amazing way of healing! Being thankful for everything you can enjoy throughout the day -- from small to big ones will keep your digestive health sturdy. Pray before you take the first bite, researches have proved that praying can have unimaginably thousands of benefits. Practicing gratitude keeps you at bay from any negative thoughts & emotions, keeping you healthy & hearty.

Some more ways to calm your Mind for Improved Digestion.

  1. Practice Deep Breathing.

  2. Keep Away from Your Mobile Phone & Social media.

  3. Massage your belly.

  4. Chew your Food Thoroughly.

  5. Eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.


Unlike a lot of people believe, your emotional & mental stress level does have an effect on your digestive system. There are plenty of ways this effect can be reduced -- but the idea is to first understand why & how stress can affect digestion. Once you know that -- it is the increased level of stress that has been causing your digestive system to suffer, you can apply the above ways to calm your mind & improve digestion. Most of these methods have been proved by experts' studies. So, next time when your digestive health is not looking great -- don’t ignore checking out on the stress factor. If you want to know more ways to cure indigestion at home follow the link. 


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