Some Small Mistakes We Make While Applying Makeup In Winters

Skincare and makeup are very seasonal for them to look perfect and appropriate on your skin for specific weather conditions. As summers, give the fear of sweat that constantly withers down your makeup, winters come up with their own set of risks. Usually, winters make your skin dry and confine the air on your skin. Some shrinks or dry patches might appear on the face if our makeup does not withstand the stillness of the cold. Hence, carefully planning your makeup and galvanizing your skin to suit winter pressure becomes very important. As beauty products come in varieties, the appropriate ones that match with the delicacy of winter should be leveraged to beautify our faces. Let us get into small mistakes and corrections needed for makeup in winter.


Usage of foundations:


Makeup in winter is a tricky process as they get stuck in your face showing lines and patches of all the cosmetics you have used. Hence, diluting your makeup or liquefying it as much as possible can breathe life into your skin. To do that, the foundation we use should be limited or best avoided retaining freshness in the face. Foundations will wear away after some time creating patches when it dries up and all the other layers of makeup could get splashy giving a ghastly appearance on your face. Hence, using a diluted and liquid foundation minimally could retain the beauty of the face. Another alternative for this would be to use ample moisturizers to hydrate your skin before dabbing your foundation. This method would safeguard and package your makeup for a long time.


Avoiding bronzer:


One of the unique steps that retain your makeup in winter is the usage of bronzers. Of course, bronze makeup content is used for tanning your outlook, which is not a very common beauty regime. However, during winters, this will come in very handy to avoid and brush aside the paleness in your skin. Winters tend to pale and fade your skin easily and using a bronzer could add a golden shade that glorifies your face. It is an effective way to evade the dullness of the skin that is prone to winters.


Lipstick woes:


This is one of the prominent issues girls face while doing makeup in winters. Lips, generally, tend to display cracks and during winters this problem looms larger. Hence, wearing lipstick on the bare lips would accentuate the cracks largely and mess up your looks completely. Hence, moisturizing your lips like your face becomes important during winters. Usage of lip balm before applying your lipstick could be a good workaround for this issue. Also, the lipstick should be applied at a minimum and only in the upper curves to make it look more controlled and withstanding during winters.


Goofy eye makeup


One of the major tips for makeup in winters deals with beautifying your eyes. The eyes are the first affected body part when we are exposed to biting cold winds. They become sour and watery, glooming our appearance to a larger extent. Hence, restricting, and limiting your eye makeup proves significant to prolong your beauty. If there is a necessity, waterproof Mascaras, or any form of collyrium that is water-resistant should be used. Too much eye makeup can look grim during winters spoiling your natural looks considerably.


Makeup leaks:


One of the major tips to be followed for makeup in winter is preserving and locking your makeup. As we go out and work excessively, there is a high chance that the makeup you wear could leak and spill on your face. This way your appearance can come into question spoiling your outfits to a larger extent. Hence, after applying your makeup in winters, try to package it and bound it by applying a powder. This method will make your looks compact and save you from the withering effect of your makeup for a longer time. It will also prolong your freshness for a whole day despite cold winds caressing your skin abundantly.


Inadequate hydration and washing of face:


Of course, this comes across as an important step for makeup in winters. This is an unseasonal tip that fits into your beauty regime irrespective of seasonal changes. Frequently hydrating your skin is the base for any makeup to withstand a longer period. As and when you get time, just wash your face even if it flushes off your makeup. Reapplying your makeup after cleansing your face could refresh the looks completely making it more bright and shiny. Wet tissues also can be used alternatively when the availability of water is limited or absent.



Conclusion: These are some mistakes and their remedies for makeup in winter. As makeups play an important role these days, molding and hauling it according to weather changes becomes a necessity. Hence, following these steps could glow your skin and retain your looks for a long time during winter.


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