How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin In Winters?

Skincare is very subjective when it comes to seasons. They vary with every facet of pampering you do for your skin starting from consumption of food to applying makeup. Summers give you the nightmare of withering away your freshness due to sweating and lack of hydration while winters pose the problem of dryness. Winters can be too daunting for skin if they are not taken proper care of as the cold winds tend to tamper with your skin cells considerably. Any kind of winter-clothing or protection from the cold weather could end up being futile for your skin unless proper nurturing is not done appropriately for the season. Let us delve into some tips to avoid dry skin in winters and safeguard our skin from the cold winds.


Usage of Humidifier:


Moisturizing your skin to the maximum is the best possible way to evade the effects of dry skin in winters. When there is a periodical exposure to wetness, the skin breathes the required moist air and stays healthy during winters. Hence, using a humidifier periodically or whenever time permits, should help you to a larger extent. It basically expands your skin cells, keeps them flexible, and also maintains your freshness by avoiding the dryness considerably. It can be carried to your workplace and also be used at home as there are compact ones available in the market which makes it user-friendly.


Appropriate shower time and water-temperature:


During winters, anything moderate should help. Extreme temperatures or longer shower hours can considerably dampen the freshness of your skin. Dry skin in winters is normal, but moderate hydration of the skin in lukewarm water will help the skin breathe better and safeguard it from dryness. Longer shower time can also be a little alarming as the skin will get conditioned to the wetness, that tolerance of room temperature will decline to make it shrivel and patchy. Even the temperatures should be maintained moderate as extreme hotness can also wreak havoc on the skin.


Mold your makeup and cleansers according to the season:


One of the main tips to escape dry skin in winter is to alter and manipulate your makeup regime to suit the cold season. The regular makeup can aggravate the dryness of the skin leaving it itchy and shriveled. The best recourse to avoid such a calamity is to stick to a makeup routine that is apt for winters. Cleansers come in varieties, using the ones with less odor and more moisture should be quite convincing. With makeup, the foundations, and contours of regular days may not be applicable, as they may get patchy on your skin during winters. The best makeup content would be lots of moisturizers to hydrate your skin and all the other layers of makeup should follow it. Bronzers can keep the color of your skin moderate and glowing during winters. It can also keep you away from dryness to some extent.


Take care of hands:


When it comes to skincare, it is a misconception to deal only with the face. Hands are as important as any other body part which has to be shielded from getting dry. Dry skin in winters affects your hand to a larger extent making it dry and rough. Using a hand cream or a moisturizer on your hands should retain its smoothness considerably. Constant washing of the hands should also be followed as a regime to maintain its smoothness. Sometimes wearing a glove for performing any household errands will also be helpful during winters.


Using a Sunscreen:


Using sunscreen is often misconstrued as something to be effective only in summers, which is not true. Sun rays during winters can be as damaging as in summers since the rays get mixed up with cold winds. and patch up on your skin leaving a mark. This could also cause a daunting dry effect on your skin declining its freshness considerably. Hence, using sunscreen to evade the effects of dry skin in winters is useful.


Appropriate clothing:


Wearing proper clothing to combat the pressure of cold winds is as significant as any other skincare regime that has to be followed. Clothing plays a major role in rectifying the effects of dry skin in winters. The skin should be able to breathe and expand, hence your winter clothing should be soft and flexible to accommodate free-flowing air. Something irking and irritating your skin could make it itchy and shriveled.


Keep yourself hydrated:


This is a universal skincare routine that has to be followed in all seasons. Hydrating your body helps your skin to remain healthy and flexible.



Conclusion: These steps generally prevent dry skin in winters making it glow and feel healthy for a longer time. These steps prolong the freshness of your skin during winters.


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