Ayurveda for Your Hair Health

Don’t you think hair fall sucks? It’s definitely not like any other viral fever that comes and goes— it can remain with you for a longer stretch of time, if not treated on time. Unhealthy hair is not something specific causing harm to your body, but it’s the sum total of an unhealthy lifestyle & a bad diet. If you will ask a traditional Ayurvedic scientist, he will tell you — it’s because of how you are living & what you are feeding your body with. 


The approach of Ayurveda for hair health is different in a  lot of ways— it employs both the treatment strategies & products that are absolutely natural. Besides, the approach of Ayurveda to hair health or any type of treatment is holistic and the specialists will always talk about the root cause of what’s causing the end result. The root cause always lies beneath the surface & that’s where it can be made to be done in the best possible way.


For a long period of time, Ayurveda for hair health has been popular especially among women— as they approach only makes use of natural remedies. We’ve rounded up top remedies that fall under Ayurveda for hair health. Let’s read & get enlightened & get long shiny hair:





Fenugreek has been a very popular Ayurveda remedy for hair health. It’s one of the powerful spices that not only make your food taste delicious, it also helps in taking care of your hair. It’s long, Ayurveda recognized the benefits of fenugreek and it has been making use of the powerful remedy in developing plenty of hair & beauty products. The fenugreek seeds are found to be rich in some important ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K & folic acid— which makes it an important part of any Ayurveda for hair health treatment. In addition to these essential vitamins, fenugreek is also a great source of minerals including iron, calcium & potassium. And, the nicotinic acid & protein content of fenugreek help in the treatment of a number of hair health issues like hair thinning, dryness of hair, dandruff, and other scalp issues. According to the Ayurveda hair health remedy, if you want to get rid of hair issues, add fenugreek to your daily diet.                                                                                                          





The literal meaning of Bhringraj is “the king of herbs”-- and it clearly works as per its name. You can’t believe but Bhringraj is not just one of the best remedies as per Ayurveda for hair health but it also treats baldness and can also help prevent premature greying of hair. You can get it in powdered as well as oil form— when applied to the hair scalp regularly it can help in the treatment of insomnia providing a calming effect to your mind. By regulating pitta & improving metabolism, Bhringraj oil helps in a number of ways and that is why when we talk about Ayurveda for hair health remedies, it’s always one of the top names. 





Do you want to increase hair volume? Do you want some solid Ayurveda for hair health remedies? Choose Triphala, its active compounds will keep your hair healthy, shiny & maintain volume. Besides, it also has antifungal & antibacterial properties that help in keeping your scalp healthy keeping any kind of fungal infections at bay. And, some Ayurvedic science experts also recommend Triphala in the treatment of dandruff. You can use the Triphala powder by adding it into your diet & can also mix it with coconut oil for application on your scalp. One of the major reasons for thinning of your hair is poor digestion and unhealthy liver conditions— Triphala is helpful in keeping your liver & digestive system both in healthy condition. 


The Indian Gooseberry - Amla



Amla is not just an Ayurveda treatment for hair health, but it also helps in cleansing your blood and keeping your digestive system healthy. It has conditioning ingredients that help in the improvement of scalp health & keeping your hair free from frustrating dandruff. In addition to that, you can also use it in combination with shikakai for imparting a brown beautiful color to your hair. Messaging Amla oil on your scalps keeps your blood circulation going and nourishes the hair follicles, which ultimately helps in hair growth. And, Amla oil helps in keeping your scalp healthy by removing dirt & grease from your hair follicles. Vitamin is extremely rich in vitamin C, and that is why any Ayurveda for hair health remedy cannot be complete without Amla. 





Brahmi is another superb Ayurveda for hair health remedy without which any Ayurvedic hair treatment is incomplete. It works by nourishing the roots of the hair & by promoting the growth of new follicles. So, if you want to experiment with this amazing Ayurveda for hair health remedy use it regularly for a few days and you will notice the difference— lustrous, thick hair & reduced splits. It world by covering the hair follicles with a layer that protects your hair and makes it shinier, thicker & healthier. And, that is not just enough, Brahmi also helps in clearing up your mind, filling you with positive energy & cutting down on stress levels. Message your hair with Brahmi oil for 5-10 minutes & you’ll notice the calming effect it will have on you. 





Neem is antifungal— and it protects your scalp & hair from any form of infections. Neem has been one of the top Ayurveda for hair health remedies for the last thousands of years. It not only treats hair issues but works well for your skin, indeed it’s a complete Ayurvedic beauty pack. If you are using Neem regularly to wash your hair, you’ll notice how strong your hair roots have become. So it improves blood circulation and helps in treating hair conditions like hair loss, dryness, dandruff, psoriasis, and other hair issues. Neem also has a calming effect on your scalp which supports hair growth. 





Ashwagandha is another Ayurveda for hair health remedy that is extremely helpful in hair regrowth. Most Ayurvedic science experts will recommend the use of Ashwagandha for dealing with any hair health issues. In most common causes of hair fall, Ayurvedic experts recommend its uses. Ashwagandha works by taking control of the cortisol levels, which are responsible for causing hair loss. In addition to that, the herb also helps in maintaining blood circulation through the scalp thereby boosting antioxidant activity. And, it helps in the production of melanin, one of the major hair growth stimulants. 



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