Autistic Pride Day 2021: Learn And Be A Part Of The Celebration

We are all different and unique in our own ways, regardless of our race, caste, gender, or color. Not just distinctive traits, but our bodies are also very different from each other. And it’s completely normal. 


To celebrate autistic people and change our society's outlook towards it, June 18th is celebrated as Autistic Pride Day. It is a day for the autistic community to be proud of who they are. Every year, this day marks their journey via various activities and events. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic gave rise to challenges and hurdles on the celebrations of Autism Pride Day 2021. This year, no physical events will take place. However,  there will be a celebration for Autistic Pride Day online, where multiple speakers will host the day and make the world aware of autism. 


For a long time, people have been suppressed about their autistic behavior or felt ashamed about it. However, Autistic Pride Day is the day when they can be without any inhibitions. The day is intended to create a space for autistic individuals to be who they really are. It is characterized by a rainbow infinity symbol representing the diversity of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) within the community. 


Since Autism Pride Day 2021 is around the corner, this article will help you understand autism and why June 18th is marked as Autistic Pride Day every year. 


1. Understanding Autism



Autism is a neurological development impairment that harms human brain development. This disorder results in difficulties in social and linguistic communication with compulsive behavior and restricted interests. The spectrum disorder is widely detected among children in their first three years. During childhood, signs or symptoms progressively grow. However, the symptoms of autism manifest in different ways where some children are unable to communicate at all, while others find oral communication difficult with delays and limitations. 


The cause of autism is still not known. But various studies indicate that autism is probably the result of a combination of hereditary and environmental variables. Unfortunately, children with autism can not overcome impairments completely. This makes it essential for the world to understand and encourage them to truly love who they are.  


2. History Of Autistic Pride Day



Autistic Pride Day was first observed on June 18th, 2005, by Aspies for Freedom (AFF). The group was inspired by LGBTQ+ pride events and came up with the idea of pride day for people with autism. They picked the date June 18th as it was the birthdate of the youngest member of the group at that time. One of the most interesting facts about the autistic pride events is that they are not run or hosted by any charity or organization but by autistic people themselves. Since its inception, the day has been a communal event rather than a promotional campaign for any organization.


3. Purpose Of Celebrating Autistic Pride Day



There is a serious lack of understanding about autism among people. This is why World Autism Awareness Day and Autistic Pride Day are celebrated every year. 


The purpose behind the Autistic Pride Day is to educate the world about autism and pledge support for those with the disorder. Autism Pride Day 2021 is focused on bringing a change and moving the public perception away from the idea that autism must be healed or treated. Here are some of the messages that autistic people try to convey via Autistic Pride Day.


1. People are proud of being autistic, and they are not ill or need any treatment or therapy. 


2. Being autistic can’t stop people from living happy and fulfilling lives. Regardless of their condition, they have the right to spend their life as neurotypicals. 


3. Autism is a natural disorder, and it is quite common among children. The public should therefore show compassion to those with autism.


4. Autistic people are a significant part of our society. The majority of challenges that autistic people face are not from their fundamental condition but other people’s attitudes towards them.


4. Autism Pride Day 2021 Event



Due to the pandemic, Autistic Pride Day 2021 will be organized online by Autistic Pride Alliance. The event will offer an excellent selection of seminars and lectures. Several brilliant speakers and presenters will come together to talk about autism and related topics. Some of the speakers include Joseph Redford, Jane Green, Nikki Hughes, Jessica Benton, Callum Brazzo, and more. 


The event will be live-streamed on the Youtube channel. Click here on the day of the event and be a part of the celebration.


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