Men's Health Week 2021- Bring A Positive Change In Men's Lives

Men's Health Week is an international event held every year before Father’s Day. The week closes with the celebration of Father’s Day as nothing feels better than appreciating dads and encouraging them to take care of their health. The entire week emphasizes educating the public about various activities to boost the health of men in our society. Every year, the date of the event depends on the date of Father’s Day, i.e., the third Sunday of June. During Men’s Health Week, no matter your gender, it is worth taking the time to rejoice and focus on men’s health and wellness. 


This year, from June 14th, 2021, to June 20th, 2021, the world will celebrate Men’s Health Week. International Men's Health Week 2021 is aiming to make men take their well-being seriously. It is our responsibility to be a part of the annual celebration and encourage them to look after their health. We owe this to all those whom we love and the ones who love us.


The more we contribute and make this week known worldwide, the more men will feel comfortable talking about health concerns rather than ignoring it. Always remember- “Little changes can and do lead to big results.” So if we all make a little effort to improve this, it will definitely make a big difference. 


History of Men’s Health Week



The concept of Men’s Health Week was first discussed in the year 2002 in Vienna, Austria. During that time, six groups representing men's health organizations from different parts of the world gathered at the 2nd World Congress. At the conference, they decided to work together and launch International Men’s Health Week. 


The event started with the observers using a blue ribbon as a mark of their support to combat prostate cancer. Since the health issues go beyond prostate cancer, today, Men's Health Week is celebrated by spreading awareness about various medical issues like diabetes, osteoporosis, family health concerns, and more.  


The Aim of International Men's Health Week 2021



1. Acknowledge men's health as a significant concern and inform people about the health problems that affect them.

2. Spread awareness about men’s approach for better health, like seeking regular medical guidance, etc.

3. Change the healthcare system to respond more effectively to men's needs.

4. Draw public attention towards the men and boys who are not fortunate to get adequate health care.

5. Raise knowledge about preventive health problems among men.

6. Stimulate countless healthcare activities in the U.S. and around the world.

7. Promote early diagnosis of diseases in men and boys.

8. Develop school and community initiatives that aim towards educating boys and young men.

9. Form various health and social policies that are focused on achieving the health goals and needs of the male population.


Why Do We Celebrate Men's Health Week?


1. Men Are An Important Part Of Our Lives


We all have men in our lives who play a crucial role. Whether they are fathers, brothers, sons, grandfathers, or friends, we want them to enjoy a healthy and safe life. It is our responsibility to encourage them to look after themselves. Men's Health Week provides us with a platform to discuss their health and well-being more openly.  


2. Men Are Silent About Their Health


Another crucial reason why we should all be a part of the Men's Health Week celebration is that they are usually silent about their health. Men in our society are pushed to be strong and tough, regardless of what they are going through. This often results in ignoring health and staying quiet about it. Hence, Men's Health Week is also about letting men talk about the mental health issues they are going through. 


3. Men Have More Excuses To Ignore Health


It is believed that men tend to ignore health problems. They mostly find an excuse to book a doctor’s appointment because of the time crunch, family, career, and social responsibilities. In such scenarios, Men's Health Week motivates them to look after themselves and take their health more seriously. 


4. Men Are More Likely To Fall Sick


It is surprising to know that men are more prone to health problems as compared to women. Much of this is due to the lifestyle. For example, a substantial proportion of the male population in the world indulges in smoking and drinking, which could have a negative impact on health over the years. This is why, every year, Men’s Health Week focuses more on raising awareness about health concerns and why they need to be addressed soon.


What Can You Do To Spread Awareness About Men's Health?


Plan A Health Fair: You can coordinate with event planners, non-profit health groups, wellness centers, or doctors to conduct a health fair. The fair might include medical checkups, free gym demonstrations, etc. Along with this, you can educate them about the importance of following up with doctors regularly.


Take Co-workers Or Neighbors For Fun Activities: To spread awareness, you can bring your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or other men in the family for a fun and healthy activity. This can be anything fun like hiking, biking, bowling, golfing, etc.


Book A Doctor’s Appointment For Your Loved Ones: One of the best ways to contribute to Men’s Health Week is by booking an appointment for your loved ones that they have been putting off for a while. If you are unaware of their medical condition, you can make an appointment for a general checkup. 


Distribute Brochures and Inform People About Men’s Health: If you are curious to make people aware of men’s health, you can set up a table near a crowded area and distribute brochures about the health issues, importance, and solutions.

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