National HIV Testing Day To Be Celebrated On June 27, 2021

The National HIV Testing Day takes place on June 27 every year. On this day, the Centers For Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) gets in touch with their partners, medical services, and other organizations to build awareness about HIV testing and the importance of early diagnosis of HIV.


As per the statistics, approximately 1.2 million people in the US are HIV infected. However, among all the infected people, 13% are unaware of the condition and have never got tested. This makes it essential for people to be aware of HIV and induce them to get tested. With this in mind, National HIV Testing Day is celebrated every year. As a part of the day, CDC asks everyone, from 13 to 64 years, to add HIV testing to their routine medical checkup. This also includes pregnant women. 


This year, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, National HIV Testing Day continues to face challenges to get more people tested for HIV. This is why the National HIV Testing Day 2021 emphasizes various means and venues of testing for HIV. Multiple testing options allow the opportunity to discuss the available methods and select according to convenience and preference. CDC said, “HIV testing is easy, fast, confidential, and safe, and HIV self-tests can be done when and where an individual chooses.”


National HIV Testing Day Overview



When: June 27, 2021


2021 Theme: “My Test, My Way.” The theme highlights the importance of getting tested for HIV in a way an individual finds best for them. Whether a person chooses to get self-tested in their own place or visit a test center, what is important is to get tested. 


AIM: This year, the objective for celebrating National HIV Testing Day is to let people know their HIV status and increase the HIV testing options more than ever. National HIV Testing Day 2021 will emphasize more and more testing and linking the people to care and treatment that they need. 


How to contribute to National HIV Testing Day?



National HIV Testing Day calls for preventative care and getting tested. On this day, everyone should contribute a little to bring a significant change to society. Here are a few things that you can do:


1. Educate yourself about HIV, its risk factors, and preventive measures.

2. Locate a nearby HIV testing center and get yourself and your loved ones tested. Else, you can also opt for a self-testing kit. 

3. Talk to your loved ones and relatives about HIV and encourage them to get tested.

4. Distribute HIV self-testing kits to the ones who are not aware or in condition to get one. 

5 Use social media platforms for spreading awareness to a mass population. You can post pictures and use hashtags like #HIVTestingDay and #StopHIVTogether. 

6. Host events or join organizations that conduct events to educate people about HIV and the importance of getting tested. 


General FAQs About HIV Testing Day



Q1. In what conditions should a person host the event themself rather than being a part of the organization that hosts the event? 


Ans. On HIV Testing Day, you might host the event yourself or be a part of the organization. If you are confused, read the given information.


You can host an event yourself if: (1) You are an expert or have those who can speak about the topic and spread awareness. (2) You have outreach communication channels so that you can reach out to a lot of people. (3) You are educated enough to spread the message about HIV Testing.


In case these conditions are not fulfilled, it is preferable that you support another organization in their event rather than hosting your own.


Q2. How to measure the success of HIV Testing Day?


Ans. If you are hosting an event or be a part of the event, it is crucial to access the outcome. To measure the success of the event, look at the following points. 

1. Number of administered HIV tests on the day of the event.

2. Increase in the number of patients visiting.

3. Impact on the visibility of your organization.


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