World Lung Cancer Day 2021 - Spread Awareness On 1st August

World Lung Cancer Day is held every year in the month of August. It is observed on 1st August for the precise reason of raising awareness about lung cancer, its global impact, how it is caused, and what can be done once diagnosed. On this day, people educate themselves and others about lung cancer, its risk, early treatment, and much more. The day is intended to inspire, support, and help those who are living with this cancer. The aim is to fill their lives with positivity and hope. World Lung Cancer Day 2021 is a reminder that this is still one of the most common cancer globally, claiming more lives each year than any other kind of cancer. 


In recognition of World Lung Cancer Day 2021, we urge everyone to learn about lung cancer and make more and more people aware. Take part and change the lives of people diagnosed with lung cancer. On World Lung Cancer Day 2021, you should take it upon yourself to share as much awareness about lung cancer as possible. 


It’s time to envisage a world free from lung cancer by taking action on World Lung Cancer Day.


Understand Lung Cancer



First, let us understand what lung cancer is. It is the first step toward spreading awareness. Lung cancer, also called lung carcinoma, is a tumor caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells in the tissues of the lungs. If not controlled or treated on time, this tumor growth can spread beyond the lungs and affect other parts of the body. According to WHO (World Health Organization), lung cancer is responsible for approximately 1 in 5 cancer deaths. 


Causes Of Lung Cancer:


This kind of cancer develops because of genetic damage to DNA and epigenetic changes. The changes impact the normal functioning of the cells and increase the risk of cancer. There are several causes of lung cancer, but the most common one is smoking. 


Below are some of the causes of lung cancer:

Smoking- It is by far the main contributor to lung cancer because smoking a cigarette or any other type of tobacco damages the lungs and contributes to 94% of cancer.

Consuming Toxic Substances- Other than smoking, there are several other toxic items or substances that can cause lung cancer. Such products can be radon, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, uranium, chromium, and petroleum products.

Family History- Any individual whose first-degree relatives have or had lung cancer are at higher risk of being affected by it. Various studies also proved that genetic history has a significant influence on diagnosing lung cancer.

Genetic Mutations- Studies have shown that genetic mutations also trigger lung cancer. Especially in the case of individuals who smoke, they are more exposed to lung cancer because of genetic mutation. 


Symptoms of Lung Cancer: 

- Chronic cough

- Blood or phlegm in cough

- Chest pain while deep breathing, laughing, or coughing

- Increasing hoarseness in voice

- Breathlessness

- Wheezing

- Getting weak or fatigued

- Appetite and weight loss


How Can You Observe World Lung Cancer Day 2021?



Once you are well educated about lung cancer, you can move ahead by making others learn. Here are some ways by which you can celebrate and make a difference this World Lung Cancer Day 2021. 


Put Posters: To celebrate World Lung Cancer Day 2021, you can put up informational posters or leave some flyers in your neighborhood like dental clinics, libraries, or newsagents. Your poster will capture the attention of many people and will help them learn about lung cancer. 

Organize Workshops: One of the best ways to spread awareness about lung cancer is to organize workshops. On the awareness day, you can host seminars on your own or ask other experts to join. This will help you spread the word about lung cancer to a mass population on World Lung Cancer Day 2021.

Share Stories: Sharing stories of individuals dealing with lung cancer will help in motivating the survivors. This will encourage and help them to deal with it more effectively.

Use Social Media: In today’s era, social media is ruling the world. This World Lung Cancer Day 2021, you must use social media platforms to make more people aware. You can post pictures, posters and let people learn about lung cancer.




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