Summer Sun Safety Month 2021- Stay Protected Against Harmful Rays

“Summer Sun Safety Month 2021: Say YES To Skin Protection and NO to Skin Cancer.”


Do you know what the largest organ of our body is? Well, it’s something that you see every day- SKIN. It’s true - the skin is the largest organ as it covers most parts of the body. When it comes to its safety, the skin needs special attention and care. It gets exposed the most to the harmful sun rays, making it more vulnerable to cancer or other skin infections. It is no surprise that skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer to be diagnosed. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), approximately 5 million basal and squamous cell skin cancer cases are reported in the United States every year. That’s not all. Melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer, and it accounts for nearly 73,000 diagnosed cases each year. 


With this in mind, the month of August is celebrated as Summer Sun Safety Month every year to encourage people to enjoy safe summers and take all the necessary precautions. Since, during this time, many people head outdoors to enjoy summer vacation, most of them end up damaging their skin. This month reminds everyone that summers have arrived, and it’s time to pay utmost importance to the skin.


In this article, we have put together some helpful tips and ways by which you can celebrate Summer Sun Safety Month 2021. Read this article and learn how you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful even while soaking it up under the sun’s rays. Remember, “There are NO safe UV rays!”


Tips To Protect Your Skin From Harsh Sun


- Limit Direct Sun Exposure

This is one of the essential steps that you can take to protect yourself from harsh sun rays. You can avoid peak time, i.e., 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. This is the time when the risk of UV exposure is the highest. 


- Drink A Lot Of Water 

Keeping yourself hydrated is of great importance during the summer days. Since all the water from the body gets drained through sweat, it becomes crucial to maintain balance by drinking water. 


- Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreens must be your best friend in the summers. Although applying sunscreen is vital throughout the year, its importance increases massively when summer approaches. Using creams with SPF provides a protective layer to the skin, which reduces the harmful effects of sun rays.


- Dress Appropriately

The right piece of clothing is essential for protecting the skin from sun damage. While going out in the sun, it becomes essential to wear full sleeve clothes that are not too tight. This will not just save your skin from sun rays and rashes but also make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 


- Carry Sun-safety Essentials

You can carry many items with you while going out in the sun, like hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. Using these essential items will protect you from direct sun exposure and save your skin from damage. 


- Know The Symptoms 

The last tip we have for you is to know the symptoms of skin disease. This will help you get timely treatment, saving you from worsening effects. Not knowing the symptoms might result in severe skin cancer. 


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Why Is It Important To Celebrate Summer Sun Safety Month 2021?



Sunrays have harmful effects on the skin. The UV Rays of the sun are invisible radiations that damage the skin cell. This makes it important to educate more and more people about how they can protect themselves from such damages.


The number of people getting diagnosed with skin cancer is relatively high. Every year millions of people have skin cancer. This makes it the need of the hour to protect yourself and your loved ones from this deadly disease. And to do so, nothing can be better than talking about it this Summer Sun Safety Month 2021.


It is rightly said, “Spreading awareness leads to prevention.” According to the CDC, effective communication and prevention programs can help in decreasing the number of skin cancer patients diagnosed every year. By empowering people to take appropriate actions against the harmful sun rays, you can be a part of the change in society. 


Summer Sun Safety Month 2021 sets a tone for the summers. It is celebrated every year in August, which is the summer season. Celebrating this day enables people to be prepared with good practices beforehand. 


How To Celebrate Summer Sun Safety Month 2021?



- By taking care of your skin and preventing it from the sun by following all the required measures.

- By spreading awareness about the harmful effects of sun rays and preventive measures. 

- You can distribute sun protection essentials in order to celebrate Summer Sun Safety Month 2021. Many people get exposed to UV rays, but not all can afford the protection essentials like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. So, you can distribute such products in your community. 

- Promoting sun-safe behaviors is another way of celebrating. You can host workshops at schools, offices, or over the internet. 



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