September 21 Is World Alzheimer's Day 2021 - All You Need To Know

Every year on September 21st, the world observes World Alzheimer's Day. It is a global awareness day that aims at eradicating the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s. The day is a global opportunity to spread awareness, educate, encourage, support, and decipher the disease. 21 September 2021 marks the 10th year of this worldwide awareness campaign. On this day, different organizations come forward to demonstrate how to overcome such issues and contribute to people who live with this disease. 


Various studies have shown that for every 68 seconds, someone somewhere develops Alzheimer’s disease. These statistics depict that the condition is common among older people, but it is not a normal part of aging. The rising cases make it evident that it's time to take this disease seriously and work toward its prevention. This is why awareness day is being celebrated. This World Alzheimer’s Day 2021, take a pledge to know more about the disease and how it affects memory and behavior. This will empower both you and your loved ones to seek the treatment and support they actually need. Also, shine a light on the warning signs and the importance of early diagnosis. The theme for this year is 'Know dementia, know Alzheimer's,’ which is all about the power of knowledge. Remember, “Don’t let people face Alzheimer's alone. Help them by learning and making people learn.”


To know more about World Alzheimer’s Day 2021, read this article. Take a closer look and be a part of the change in society. 


What Is Alzheimer's?



Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disease that is one of the most common causes of dementia. This disease affects the mind and other mental functions, which might result in loss of memory and critical thinking. It also damages the brain cells that causes memory changes, erratic behavior, loss of body functions, and other problems. As per the studies, the disease starts slowly but gets worse with time. Here are some of the symptoms and preventive measures that will help you better understand this disease. 



1. Memory loss

2. Changes in mood

3. Difficulty in completing family tasks

4. Confusion with time or place

5. Trouble in reading or recognizing colors

6. Misplacing things

7. Decreased or poor judgment

8. Problems with speaking or writing


Changes in mood 

     -   Losing track of date and time



1. Keep a check on your weight

2. Playing musical instruments

3. Exercise your body

4. Challenge your mind

5. Follow a diet

6. Playing indoor games

7. Pay a regular visit to the doctor


Significance of World Alzheimer’s Day 2021


Alzheimer's is one of the most common diseases among older people worldwide. Nearly 50 million people suffer from it, which makes it a global concern. To combat this widespread dementia epidemic, we all should come together, work, coordinate, and share the best practices. With little or no understanding of this disease, stigmatization and misinformation are another primary concern. 


Education is the best weapon to fight the disease. In the case of Alzheimer’s, the only way we can stay ahead is to equip ourselves and others with knowledge. Since there is no cure known for Alzheimer’s, it becomes even more pivotal to make people aware of it.


Get Involved In World Alzheimer’s Day 2021



There are so many ways you can get involved; it can be either by sharing messages, attending events, hosting seminars, and more. No matter how small or large your contribution is, every action counts. Following are some ways you can be a part of World Alzheimer’s Day 2021. 


Learn About It:

This World Alzheimer’s Day 2021, encourage yourself and others to learn about the disease. It’s always good to be informed. You can download, order, or read online about fact sheets and booklets for better understanding. There are many toolkits available to enhance your knowledge about this disease. 


Spread Awareness: 

Concentrate all your efforts in raising awareness. Making people aware is one of the best contributions you can make. The more you talk about it, the more people will take it seriously. 


Make Donation:

Another way to get involved is by making contributions to Alzheimer's groups. Paying even a little sum will help them in some way or another. You can opt for a monthly donation or a one-time gift. 



Alzheimer’s is a severe health disease that currently has no cure available. Considering this, creating awareness and letting people know the importance of early treatment becomes crucial. This year, on World Alzheimer’s Day 2021, make sure you contribute to making people aware of this disease and help the sufferers in some way or the other. 


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