Observing World Heart Day On September 29, 2021

As the world is trying to combat COVID-19, everyone has become more conscious than ever before about their own health and others around them. While there are thousands of diseases, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) remains among the top fatal diseases. On average, over 18.6 million deaths happen because of heart disease, and more than 520 million people live with CVD around the globe. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, such people have become more likely to get affected by the virus. The condition all across the world has become heartbreaking. This makes observing World Heart Day 2021 even more critical. 


World Heart Day is a global initiative that takes place every year to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention. This day is a perfect opportunity to draw people’s attention towards heart illness and other conditions that are associated with the heart. On this day, various CVD communities unite and spread awareness to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular diseases. 


If you are interested in knowing more about this day and want to promote preventive steps, lifestyle changes, and more, continue reading. This article will take you through the day and help you learn how you can be a part of the celebration. Learn and bring a change. 

It’s time to keep your heart healthy and help others do the same. Take a look!


Key Info Of World Heart Day


Date: September 29 (Annually)

Event Type: Awareness Day

Founded By: World Heart Federation

Hashtag: #USEHEART


History Of World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on September 29 to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases. This international awareness day was first established by the World Heart Federation in partnership with the World Health Organization. The president of the World Heart Federation at that time, Antoni Bayés de Luna, conceived of this concept. It first launched in 2000, and until 2011, it was celebrated annually on the last Sunday of September. However, it was later decided on one particular date every year, i.e., September 29. 


Traditions Of The Day Every Year

On the occasion of World Heart Day every year, many events take place both by government and non-government organizations. The World Heart Federation organizes international events and declares one theme for the awareness day. Other than that, information on cardiovascular diseases is distributed and discussed via multiple platforms like podcasts, television talk shows, forums, posters, and more. This also includes walks, public talks, fund-raisers, exhibitions, fitness sessions, free health checkups, concerts, sporting events, science fairs, and more. All these activities are planned to encourage people and make them health-conscious. 


How To Observe World Heart Day?



1. Use Your Heart To Connect

With passing time, the healthcare crisis has been rising as a significant issue. This has underlined the critical need for creating new and inventive ways to connect with individuals dealing with cardiovascular diseases. So, to observe World Heart Day and harness the power of awareness, it is recommended to use the heart to connect. By this, we mean that you should use your knowledge, compassion, and influence to bring a change and let everyone lead a heart-healthy life. 


2. Suggest Preventive Measures

As it is said, “Prevention is the best cure,” it is essential to look after the heart and take all the preventive measures to reduce the effect or stay away from diseases. You should eat healthily, say no to tobacco, do plenty of exercises, use digital tools, and more for better heart health. These preventive measures are needed to be taken by all, irrespective of health conditions. However, if you have an underlying disease, you should make efforts and prevent it. 


3. Offer Heart Checkup Services

Regular health checkups are crucial for everyone to take the right step at the right time. Everyone should schedule a heart checkup every few months to ensure early detection in case of such disease. Not just for yourself, but you should book a checkup for your loved ones too. Besides this, encouraging others is also a step you can take to contribute to World Heart Day. 



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