National Depression Screening Day- Learn More About The Awareness Day

Approximately 40 million adults in the United States suffer from depression or anxiety. Being in a depression not just impacts the person but also their family, friends, and coworkers. Several different factors come into play with depression. It might be because of environmental, genetic, psychological, and biological /biochemical factors. However, different people experience depression in different ways. 


Although depression is a treatable disorder, taking the right measure at the right time is crucial. One can treat it on their own but professional help will assist you in getting the best course of action. Being a vital issue, National Depression Screening Day is celebrated annually on October 7.  


The observance day strives to raise awareness about the importance of treating depression and accessible mental health screenings. It is to educate the community about depression, help them make the right decision about the diagnosis, and, most importantly, help them out of the darkness of depression.


If you, your loved ones, or anyone you know are suffering from it, National Depression Screening Day is the perfect time to help them. To start with, learn about the awareness day and help those who need help. Scroll down, learn, and support others. 


Why Is Screening Important For Depression?


- Clinical depression is a severe medical condition.

- Depression might lead to suicide

- Screening is the first step of getting help

- Majority of people mistakenly believe the symptoms of depression as normal

- Depression can complicate other medical conditions too. 


Who Should Seek Help On National Depression Screening Day?


- A person with a sad, anxious, or "empty" mood

- Loss of interest in activities that they once loved

- Fatigueness and lack of energy

- Poor appetite or overeating

- Trouble in falling or staying asleep

- Difficulty in concentrating or making decisions

- Thoughts of death, suicide, or hurting yourself 


How To Celebrate National Depression Screening Day?



- Reach Out To People Who Are Suffering From Depression


Many people are going through depression these days. Even then, it is viewed mainly as a stigma and that we should not talk about it. This is why National Depression Screening Day is celebrated every year. Talking about it will support them in their battle and help them fight the disorder.  


- Learn About Depression & Anxiety


To help those suffering from depression or anxiety, it is essential that you first learn about it. The awareness day is a chance to know its basics, symptoms, how to manage it, etc. If you are or any loved one is dealing with it, make sure you study well so that you can handle it correctly. 


- Volunteer To National Depression Screening Day Events 


For the celebration of National Depression Screening Day, various organizations come forward and host events. Some of these are awareness events, while others are related to depression screening. If you too want to observe the awareness day, you can volunteer in any of these events. 


- Spread Awareness About Depression


One of the best ways to take part in National Depression Screening Day is to spread awareness. You can either sit with your loved ones and make them learn about it or host an event, write a blog, make a post on social media, and more. Opt any of the ways and try to spread about depression and anxiety to a vast population.



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