Observing The National Diabetes Month 2021 In November

As per the current statistics, over 34 million people, including children, have diabetes in the United States. National Diabetes Month is an awareness celebration that takes place every year in the month of November. It was the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that observed this month for diabetes awareness. Since then, various organizations have come together every year to shine a much-needed light on diabetes and people suffering from it. 


The observance day aims to spread the word about the disease, drive research, and potentially save lives. 


National Diabetes Month 2021 is around the corner and is a great chance to make the world aware of what life with diabetes is really like. So, take out some time and learn about diabetes and how to get involved in bringing a change in the world. 


Scroll down and plan ahead for National Diabetes Month 2021.


Understanding Diabetes, Types, & More 



What is diabetes?


Diabetes is a chronic health condition that impacts the way the body turns food into energy. It is a long-lasting disease that can be diagnosed at any age. If you have this disease, the body won’t be able to make enough insulin or can’t use the existing insulin in the proper manner. This results in too much blood sugar in the bloodstream, which further causes severe health diseases. It might result in nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, foot and limb injuries, vision problems, and other complications. 


Types of Diabetes


- Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes, also known as an autoimmune disorder, is a type of diabetes that usually begins before a person hits adulthood. In this kind, the immune system attacks the cells of the body that produce the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin. The damage caused by type 1 diabetes is permanent, and hence it is considered quite severe.  


- Type 2 Diabetes

It is a kind of diabetes that begins in the middle age of a person. Type 2 starts as insulin resistance, the time when the body is unable to make proper use of insulin for regulating blood sugar. With the decrease in insulin production in the body, blood sugar rises and causes diabetes. It is usually caused by genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, being overweight, etc. 


- Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that is usually developed during pregnancy in women. It happens because of insulin-blocking hormones when the body is unable to make the right use of insulin. This increases the insulin need of the body and results in Gestational Diabetes in women.



- Frequent urination, especially at night

- Increased thirst

- Extreme hunger

- Excessive weight loss

- Blurred vision

- Numb or tingling hands or feet

- Fatigue

- Itchy Skin or frequent infection

- Slow-healing sores


How to cure diabetes?


The cure of diabetes depends upon its kind. However, some basic things can be done to treat diabetes. Although it can’t be eliminated entirely, it can be managed by following healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some of them.

- Have a balanced and healthy diet 

- Exercise on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes a day

- Be regular with medical appointments and checkups

- Take medication for managing blood sugar level

- Reduce excessive weight


National Diabetes Month 2021 Celebration



As per ADA, collective action is required to reduce the global impact of diabetes. Behind the celebration of National Diabetes Month 2021, the aim is to make more and more people aware of diabetes. All it requires is some simple and life-changing steps that will help recognize, reduce, and alleviate the burden of the disease. If you too want to take part and join ADA this November, here’s what you should do during National Diabetes Month 2021. 


- Week 1 (November 1 to November 7, 2021): Step Up Awareness

The first thing to do this awareness month is to educate yourself and your loved ones about diabetes. Take one entire week and try to learn as much as you can. 


- Week 2 (November 8 to November 14, 2021): Step Up Detection

In the second week of National Diabetes Month 2021, you must know the risk factors associated with different kinds of diabetes and the steps that should be taken to prevent it. 


- Week 3 (November 15 to November 21, 2021): Step Up Management

According to ADA, the third week of the awareness month should be set aside for helping people who are living with the disease. For this, various organizations host fitness challenges, share healthy recipes, host walks or campaigns, and more. You can help organizations in hosting these events.


- Week 4 (November 22 to November 28, 2021): Step Up and Thrive

The fourth and final week of National Diabetes Month 2021 is set aside to inspire and motivate people who are eager to bring a change in society. Various organizations try to encourage people to advocate more funding, affordable treatments, and better healthcare access to support the management of disease and elevate the participation in research about the disease. 


Ways To Spread Awareness On National Diabetes Month 2021


Take Part In Community Walks Or Runs

Just like every year, on National Diabetes Month 2021, various organizations come forward and host awareness walks or runs. It is one of the most common activities that take place every year. When it's done with large groups of people, it helps spread awareness to a mass population and raise funds for future research. So, you can be a part of such walks and show your support.


Share Resources With People

To spread the word about the disease and make more people aware of it, you must share resources. The power of spreading awareness can lead to better management and prevention of the disease. There are multiple ways to do so, like sharing on social media, writing a blog, talking to your close ones, hosting webinars, and more. 


Learn About Diabetes

One of the best things you can do this National Diabetes Month 2021 is to make yourself aware of diabetes. Before you spread awareness about the disease, it is essential to be well versed in the information. So, this year, take out some time and learn what diabetes is, its symptoms, how to treat it, and more. 


Share Stories And Tips

Sharing stories is one of the greatest ways to show your support for this National Diabetes Month 2021 to those living with the disease or worried about getting it in the future. You can share your personal story or of your loved ones. Along with the story, you can talk about the tips that have worked for you to deal with diabetes.  


Create A Special Cookbook

People with diabetes have to deal with a lot of restrictions on what to eat and what not to eat. However, this National Diabetes Month 2021, scour special diabetes-friendly cookbooks to help all patients enjoy tasty treats without worrying about the disease. Make sugar-free, low-cal, and less-fat recipes that won’t let a person suffer from taste because of diabetes. 


Commit To A Healthier Lifestyle

It is crucial to discover ways to lead a healthier life. This can be done by reviewing the habits and daily lifestyle. Changing lifestyle habits can bring a drastic change in dealing with the disease. This year, commit yourself to getting enough sleep, doing some exercise, drinking more water, and eating healthy.


Final Thoughts

We are just a few days away from November and National Diabetes Month 2021. This year, take a pledge to get involved in the celebration of the awareness month and help diabetic patients in their journey to live healthier lives. 



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