Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021- Here's All You Need To Know

Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 is an awareness celebration that is observed every year in the month of November. 


People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing blinding eye diseases. This disease can be diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts. Nonetheless, recent studies have shown that lack of awareness about Diabetic Eye Disease among ethnicities increases the risk tremendously. With the findings indicating that many Americans may be failing to protect themselves from the disease because of unawareness, the American Academy of Ophthalmology took the initiative to celebrate Diabetic Eye Disease Month every year. 


As per the studies, over 29 million Americans have diabetes, and almost one-third of them are not even aware of eye diseases caused by it. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. Almost 1/3 of the total population diagnosed with diabetes in the country don’t even know about eye disease and hence, remain at a higher risk of vision loss. This is why every year, the aim of the celebration is to spread awareness and encourage diabetic patients to screen and seek treatment for diabetes-related vision problems. The entire month serves as an opportunity for health professionals and others to spread awareness about this serious eye condition. 


In honor of Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021, we have gathered all the essential information you need to know for active participation. 


Learn About Diabetic Eye Disease


Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of eye problems that can occur as a result of diabetes. In simpler words, it is a diabetes complication that affects the eyes. Having diabetes puts a person at a higher risk of vision loss or blindness without warning signs. 


In the initial stages, there are barely any symptoms and minor vision problems that often get neglected. However, with time, it can result in complete blindness or loss of vision. Even though it is quite a significant concern, it can be prevented or cured by regular checkups. This will help in the early detection and timely treatment of the condition. 


Why Is Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 Celebration Important?


- Diabetic eye disease is a common health condition

Diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions all across the world. And the majority of people suffering from it end up having Diabetic eye disease in the later stages of life. Now, gradually losing eyesight is one of the scariest things to think about. This makes it crucial to take time from the busy schedule and participate in the Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 celebration.


- All types of diabetes trigger this eye disease

People who have diabetes possess a significant threat of suffering from Diabetic Eye Disease than those who don’t. And there’s no one particular type of diabetes that is at higher risk. Hence, all kinds of diabetes make a person vulnerable. This is why learning about the disease and having regular checkups becomes crucial. Through the awareness day, people are taught about the condition and the importance of early detection. 


- Lack of awareness about Diabetic Eye Disease

Although diabetes is a common health condition, a major portion of the population is still not aware of the eye disease it can cause. Because of lack of awareness, people don’t take blurry or frequently changing vision seriously and tend to ignore it. This results in worsening of the condition and often complete blindness.


How To Observe Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021?


- Get Yourself Tested For Diabetes

If you suspect that you may have diabetes, either because of some symptoms or genetics, use Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 as an opportunity to overcome your anxiety and become more proactive about your health. There are several tests available in the market that can be taken up for accurate results. So, without ignoring the symptoms, use this month to take action and get the proper treatment on time. 


- Take Your Loved Ones For Eye Examination

Being someone’s friend or loved one means being there with them. On the occasion of Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021, even accompanying them to an eye checkup is something you can do. It might seem like a little thing, but encouraging them and being there for support means a lot. So, this year, make sure you talk to your loved ones and take them for a checkup.


- Post On Social Media

While we all use social media for many things, it’s time to make the most of the platform and use it for spreading the word about Diabetic Eye Disease. Social media platforms help reach a vast audience; hence, use them to remind people about Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021. Have regular posts with some pictures, stats, or links of organizations to make people learn about it.


- Take Good Care Of Your Eyes

One of the best things we can do on Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 is to take care of our eyes. In everyday life, we ignore eye care, and hence, it results in several medical conditions. Especially if you are someone who is diagnosed with diabetes, it is vital to put extra effort into taking care of your eyes and eyesight. 


Final Words

During the entire month of November, the attention of various organizations remains in spreading awareness. This year, make sure you observe Diabetic Eye Disease Month 2021 to shed light on this debilitating and potentially sight-stealing disease.



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