International Men's Day 2021- Objective, Theme, History, And More

International Men’s Day is a global day that is celebrated every year on November 19. Everyone welcomes this day to promote men’s health, spread positive expression, support the wellbeing of men, and highlight male role models. Other than this, the day also honors the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of men and their contributions to the nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. Men’s day also recognizes people who do not fall under the traditional manifestations of masculinity. This includes gay and bisexual men, transgender, and masculine non-binary people. 


While many people wonder why men need a special day, the reality is that men in our society also need such events. Despite having overwhelming evidence of issues or a range of problems that men and boys go through, a vast portion of the population still believes in rigid gender stereotypes and clichés. This is why celebrating men’s day becomes more crucial. 


Having an official day set aside will acknowledge them more and will cheer them up. As November 19 is marked as the day for the event, this International Men’s Day 2021, make sure you step forward and show your support. 


This article has been curated to help you learn about the day and make a significant contribution. All the given information is dedicated to International Men’s Day 2021 and will help you expand your knowledge. So, scroll down, read, and be a part of the change that men need. 


How Was International Men's Day First Observed?


In 1968, an American journalist named John P. Harris published an editorial, which showcased the imbalance in the Soviet system. The system used to highlight International Women Day but did not provide a male counterpart. In this editorial, he agreed to the celebration of women's day but also asked for a celebration of men. 


Then in 1992, Thomas Oaster, the director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, asked top leaders of the world to hold a men’s day event in February. He managed to make it possible and hosted the event for two continuous years. But in 1995, there were hardly any crowds at his event, and as a result, he ceased his plans for further celebration. Years later, in 1999, Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh revived the event and stood for his demands of the International Men’s Day celebration. November 19 was set aside to host the event and promote positive aspects of men’s roles and contributions. From the start, the day never aimed to compete with women’s day but intended just to focus on men’s physical and mental health. 


Objectives Of International Men's Day Celebration


There are a wide array of reasons why people from all across the world mark International Men’s Day every year. However, the majority of the celebrations share some of the common objectives. The objectives that the day tries to achieve are:


- Promote gender equality: The day aims to give men and women equal attention by talking about them and celebrating their efforts. 


- Appreciate men’s contribution: While men’s contribution to society is seen as their duty, we should encourage them by appreciating all their efforts for their family or loved ones. 


- Discuss their physical and mental health: In earlier times, masculinity was linked to a strong personality, and hence, men never felt comfortable talking about their physical and mental health. On the occasion of International Men’s Day 2021, make sure you open up and communicate with them.


- Role models for the younger generation: Setting great examples for younger generations will help them create a prosperous future. There are various people who have achieved great heights and are ideal for inspiring people to work hard. 


- Tackling discrimination: Despite the development in our society, there’s an urgent need to tackle the discrimination that men face in our society. They are seen in the role of breadwinner in the society, which puts additional stress and a lot of discrimination in the household or workplace. 


- Providing a safer place: Only by setting a good example can we create a safe society for everyone. Especially in today’s era, men face a lot of abuse which serves them with an unsafe environment.


- Fostering positive gender relations: Positive gender relationships are all about creating mutual respect or understanding between both genders. The aim is to have no discrimination and differences. So, on the occasion of International Men’s Day 2021, try to foster such a relationship.


- Acknowledge the struggle: Men go through many hardships in everyday life, which no one talks about. Hence, on this awareness day, make sure you speak on their behalf and tell the world about the struggle they go through. This will motivate them and make them feel recognized. 


- Stop objectifying men: Just as objectifying women is not the right thing to do, objectifying men is also not correct. Even though people don’t pay much heed to it, men also get objectified in various aspects. On the occasion of international celebration, this issue must be tackled, and action should be taken to avoid it. 


- Avoid gender stereotypes: The celebration of International Men’s Day is also a challenge to all the assumptions and expectations that people have from men. We should give them the freedom to express, reject toxic masculinity, address mental health needs, and more. 


International Men's Day 2021 Theme


Every year, the world comes together and talks about a new theme to focus on. This theme works as a base for all the resources, celebration, awareness drive, and more. The theme is additional to the core objectives of the day. In this light, the focused theme for International Men’s Day 2021 is “Better relations between men and women.”


Hence, the celebration this year will also shed light on forming healthy relations between both genders. 


Why Celebrate International Men's Day 2021?


International Men’s Day 2021 is a day to celebrate men and boys and discuss several essential topics related to them. It is an international event celebrated in over 80 countries across the globe. The major reason this day highlights the importance of men is the negligence of challenges being faced by them. While problems that women face in regular life are taken into consideration, the issues that men face remain unnoticed. Hence, there is no better opportunity to talk about these challenges than International Men’s Day. Let’s look at some of the major problems.


- Suicide rate of men is three times higher than women

- 1 in 3 men is a victim of domestic violence

- On average, men die 4-5 years before women

- The chances of lung cancer in men are double compared to women

- Men suffering from heart disease is twice as compared to women


Activities To Perform On International Men's Day 2021


Spend Quality Time With Important Men In Your Life

Be it your brother, father, friend, husband, or else, spending time with men in your life is one of the most prominent ways of celebrating this global event. Checking up on them, having a conversation, telling them how they enrich life, etc., will help create a positive relationship with them. This should be your lofty goal this International Men’s Day 2021.


Donate To Charities Helping Men 

Several organizations are committed to assisting men in living better lives. These charities ask for donations, which further help deal with various health crises and problems faced by men in our society. They also use these donations to assist men in escaping and recovering from domestic abuse and violence. 


Highlight Issues Faced By Men & Discuss Their Solutions

In today’s era, there are several issues that men face in day-to-day life, and what makes it worse is that most of them get ignored or unnoticed. So, on the occasion of International Men’s Day 2021, make sure you come forward and talk about these issues and the solutions that can help in dealing with them. 


Spread Crucial Resources Via Social Media Platforms

Whether it’s a movie, poster, image, or document, sharing it with the mass population will help in spreading awareness. This social media platform works great. One can use any of the platforms and share the resource from there. Making people aware is one of the best ways of celebrating this international event.


Take Part or Host Public Seminars and Conferences

On the day of International Men’s Day, several organizations come forward and host seminars or conferences that are open to the public. Being part of such seminars and bringing people to join them will help spread the word about men, their struggles, contribution, and more. Despite taking part, one can also host their own webinars and try to talk about the pointers that are usually not taken into consideration. 




This is all you need to know about International Men’s Day. Since the celebration is around the corner, take out some time from your busy schedule and support all the men in your life. Pin this article and be ready for the celebration on November 19.



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