Wellness And Health Tips For Upcoming Season Of Celebrations

With plenty of festivals lined up -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah -- without a doubt, you will be saying hello to the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pies, and other traditional sweets and dishes! Of course, who wants to diet when there is a turkey in front of you, right? Who wants that strict diet plan anyway? The key here is to eat everything. Try everything; we are not stopping you. But try these festive food items in a limited quantity. Avoid overeating. 


A specific level of stress builds inside our bodies regarding all the festive eating and drinking. This is going to impact our health in many ways. Let’s learn about some of the best wellness and health tips experts offer to us while the festive season is just around the corner. 


These health tips are pretty easy to follow and can help you out to enhance and maintain your health as well as your immunity and wellbeing during the time. Most importantly, these health tips will help you enjoy the festivities better, without any fear. 


Moderation is the key 


The number one health tip we can offer you before Thanksgiving kicks in our doors is this! There are going to be plenty of traditional sweets and dishes lying around us. We will want to stick to our diet plans strictly, but we can easily be carried away. Of course, you do not want to miss out on that extra serving of your favorite pie, right? 


The key here is to eat everything. Do not miss out on anything, but eat the food in a limited quantity. Do not overeat. Learn to say to yourself, “I just had a portion, I will have this later,” or “I just had my turkey, I am full and do not want to eat.” You need to wire your brain into thinking it is full and not have that extra portion. There is absolutely no one who will judge you for what you are putting inside your body, but you are your best judge. Think twice before you go for that extra turkey serving or some extra cream with your pie. You know what is best for you, if you are almost a little over half-full, you should stop completely. 


Choose wisely 


Try to pick up the better, healthier options from the food table in front of you. No matter how tempting everything else looks, try to fill yourself with more and more salads, so you feel a little fuller by main course time. You might not feel as hungry by the time the turn for that pie comes along, which means you will only have a small portion of that pie. You will definitely taste everything on the table, but since you will be so full on the other healthier options like Brussel sprouts, you will not feel the need to munch on the unhealthy options more. 


Another thing you can do here is trick your brain into thinking that your body is feeling fuller. You can do this easily by choosing a small plate over a full plate. 


Eat without guilt 


Festivals are the perfect time to enjoy, make more memories and strengthen your bonds with your loved ones, so stop feeling guilty on such a joyous occasion. Do not stress yourself about eating too much and consuming extra calories. Do not eat with guilt. Whatever you are manifesting inside your mind might pose negative impacts on your overall health. So, suppose you constantly feel overwhelmed and guilty while you eat all the festive food. In that case, you are going to introduce some “bad elements” inside your body eventually. 


Even when you are cheating on your diet during the holiday season, one of our best health tips here would be not to feel guilty about it. Eat whatever you want, just regulate the portion size. 


Compensate with your next meal 


Too much of everything is never a good idea. Therefore, if you consume too much festive food, which we all end up doing, no matter how many articles we read or how many diets we follow, we need to compensate for everything in our next meal. 


One of the best health tips to manage your heavy, festive meals would be to go lighter on the next meal. If possible, skip dinner altogether on Thanksgiving or just have a glass of juice or have some fruits if you feel hungry. This will help you cut down your overall calorie intake during the day and give your body a better chance of digesting all the delicacies you just had. This also helps your body detoxify itself. 


Start being physically active



Perhaps the most important of all health tips on this list. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other festival should not be a reason to give up on your physical regime. You should never just randomly stop doing your daily exercise. You might not be able to hit the gym or go out for a run daily, especially when you are with your family, yet you must try and be as physically active as you can. 


The best way to get up and workout would be to get inside your exercise gear and do whatever you feel like. Climbing up and down the stairs at your family home, walking with your grandmother, taking your family dog out for a walk, doing all the heavy lifting for your family, anything! If you are not able to do your regular Yoga, Weights, Gym, or other forms of physical workout, do this instead. Being active throughout the day, walking as much as possible, and tracking your steps all around the day would be some of the best health tips you can get. 


Add some detox to your lifestyle 


With all of the heavy binge eating you have been doing, you should help your body detoxify every now and then. All the sweets and pies you are munching on and snacks you have been getting while you binge-watch Netflix are ruining your body every day. Simply add a detox drink to your daily regime. 


Drink lukewarm water with lemon and ginger, or simply have some ginger water with apple cider vinegar in warm water. You can also soak some cumin seeds overnight and consume that water the next morning. Add a pinch of cinnamon, a spoonful of honey along with black pepper to spice it up. You will witness great results through these detox drinks. 


The detox drinks will make your internal system alkaline and help your liver function healthier and better. It is, however, not mandatory for you to just stick to these detox drinks. You can choose plenty of others. You can talk to your nutritionist or dietician to get insight into your health and body matters and see which detox drink will suit you the most. If you have any other medical conditions, detox drinks are not going to affect you or your condition negatively. 


This is one of those health tips that we get all the time but are too lazy to follow through. You should definitely invest time and energy into consuming detox drinks; they will help you out! 


Take Rest and Sleep well


Offer your body some TLC. Take enough rest and sleep well, giving your body the adequate amount of nourishment and care it needs. If you are not able to clock in a decent number of hours of sleep every night, you are not thanking your body enough. Pretty soon, you will end up regretting all the negative decisions you are making right now. It is very important to take care of your body through adequate rest and proper sleep, just as proper nutrition is important. Your body detoxifies and rejuvenates during the night while you sleep. So, you have to make sure your body is getting enough sleep that it deserves. You should also practice some deep breathing exercises and meditate every now and then while trying to take care of your body. 




So, these were some of our best wellness and health tips for the upcoming season of celebrations. Try to integrate these tips into your daily routine, and you will be able to enjoy your festivities in a guilt-free manner, enjoy life better overall, and maintain a good routine otherwise as well. 


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