Family Fit Lifestyle Month - Tips To Make Healthy Choices

The new year brings us a unique opportunity to celebrate life better. So, in January, we come together and kickstart 2022 by celebrating Family Fit Lifestyle Month. 


Creating healthy lifestyle habits is extremely beneficial for everyone, no matter how young or old. It promotes better health and longevity. Physical activities are extremely important for everyone, across all age groups, so are healthy eating and mindfulness. All of this combined can be extremely fun and rewarding in the long run. 


Now that most of us are staying indoors because of the global pandemic, making healthy choices, this Family Fit Lifestyle Month becomes even more important. It is extremely important not to curl up in front of your screens every day. It might be cozy, warm, and feel-good right now, but it is doing more harm than good in the long run. 


Tips To Make Healthy Choices For Your Family 



Here are a few tips to make healthy choices for your family this Family Fit Lifestyle Month:


1. Indulge in the festive dining 


People tend to wait for Thanksgiving to make festive food. But you certainly do not have to! Make your dishes stand out throughout the year. Make your meals scrumptious by adding seeds and nuts to them as much as you can. Cut your vegetables into fun shapes so that your children can indulge in them better. Add a splash of color! It goes a long way. Jazz up your meals with seasonal fruits, a sprinkling of fresh herbs, and some love! 


2. A toast to better health!


This Family Fit Lifestyle Month, vow to quench your thirst with water or seltzer. But don’t just stop there. Add a little flavor to your water. You can start by adding a few slices of lemons, limes, citrus, or any juicy fruits you like to your glass of water. Add fruit juices for that extra oomph. 


3. Keep your meals simple 


Consuming homemade food should not be really complicated. Ensure you and your family have simple, quick, delicious meals that look fancy and are still healthy. Use healthy ingredients, leftovers, and make up a dish! So, the next time you have some leftover rice, add frozen or fresh vegetables to them! Make it a stir fry. 


4. Have some family time 


If you lead a busy lifestyle, ensure you and your family have at least one meal together every day. And while you have that meal, ensure you have it together. This means no TV and no mobile phones! Spend quality time with your loved ones. Meals get extremely tasty when families sit together, eat and talk. It even gives your kids a better chance to bond with you better. Talk about your day, talk about the food you are eating, talk about everyone’s favorite dishes, or anything important going on in your family’s lives. 


Children spend extra time in front of the screen because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t let the eating time also go to waste because of that. 


5. Family exercise time


As per the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), adults require at least two and a half hours of physical activity every single day. While children need at least 60 minutes every day. You can say that our bodies are actually made to move. So, being physically active every day helps in multiple ways: 


1. It offers you a healthy heart and healthy lungs 

2. It helps build healthy bones, joints, and muscles 

3. It helps boost overall physical and mental energy in your body 

4. It promotes sound sleep and rids you of anxiety and other mental health concerns


So, try to incorporate some family exercise time. Being physically active will make everyone in your family feel good. Children might not have to go anywhere at this time! You might not have to go anywhere. Make sure you all are making up for it with some family yoga, aerobics, or Zumba time. PS - Walking helps too. But just be safe! 


6. Getting up early 


Don’t just start hitting the snooze button this Family Fit Lifestyle Month. The month aims at making sleepyheads extra active! Every single time you hit that snooze button, you will end up regretting the minutes wasted every day. You might be late for work, your days will be shorter, you won’t be as productive, and you will not be able to spend as much time with your family! 


Indulge this healthy habit in waking up easily. Teach your children and encourage them to wake up early, even during weekends. You can get so much done if you just wake up early. Even if you have nothing to do, just get out of bed, bask in the sunrays, and have a cup of coffee all by yourself. Practice mindfulness, clean your house or kitchen or give time to any hobby you have wanted to take up for so long. All of that can be done if you just woke up early. 


7. Lead By Example 


To lead a better lifestyle this Family Fit Lifestyle Month, parents really need to step up and lead by example. If you are not parents, you need to step up for other people in your family, be it your spouse, siblings, friends, partners, or anyone really. Modeling behavior is the key to leading a better lifestyle. 


Leading by example is tough, but once you are determined, you can lead your family into a better future, a fitter future with a few habitual changes. For example, moving more after spending a tiring day helps out a lot! 


When it comes to being active with your family, especially children, try out a few things like: 


8. Active participation 


Join in whatever activities you love or your family loves. Hopping, stomping, Zumba, yoga, dancing, leaping around the living room, or anything really. Just move your body, even if it is for only a few minutes every day. Every single minute of being physically active will count. As far as older children are concerned, try to incorporate a session of playing catch, shooting some hoops, jogging/running, or even walking. 


9. Cultivating positive thinking 


Ensure you are adding positivity to your day. Take some time out from your day, from all the business that entraps you, all the mess. Spend that time cultivating a positive attitude during the day. It could be only for five minutes, but ensure you are really indulging all your senses in those five minutes. Mindful activities help a lot, especially when trying to incorporate healthy food and physical activities into your life. 


Journal, listen to some happy music, plant a new sapling, read a book, practice mindfulness, meditate, do anything! But make sure you do it on a daily basis. Having some time alone is not selfish; it is rather empowering and self-healing. It allows you to focus better on other things in life. 


And while you are at it, ensure your children and other family members are doing something similar. Let them do whatever they want to, whatever brings them joy and peace. 


10. Involve them in daily chores 


Make sure your children and other family members actively participate in a few daily chores. Make household chores a game, and your family will run around and have fun doing the same. At the same time, this offers you peace of mind too. You will see wonders growing inside your household once you start involving your entire family in making meals or folding up laundry! 


In Conclusion


It is important that we create a family fit lifestyle month, a joyous and easy-going month for everyone. Trying these tips out with your family members in creative ways like these will help you all a lot in the coming years. Ensure you are moving a lot, waking up early, practicing mindfulness, and eating healthy. Leading a qualitative lifestyle is an amazing way to start the new year off towards a bigger goal for a fitter and healthier family overall!


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