National Wear Red Day - Support Women's Heart Health This Week

Red is a lovely hue that shines out and grabs the viewer's attention. However, it is much more than just a color. It is powerful, enthralling, and the color of the most essential fluid that circulates through our body. According to the American Heart Association, the color red holds the power to make women feel confident and empowered. This is why it is picked as a color to fight against heart diseases. 


Every February, on the first Friday (Feb 4 this year), National Wear Red Day is celebrated across the United States. It is an awareness event, led by the American Heart Association, for addressing women’s heart health. On this day, everyone in the nation comes together and lights up a wave of red. From coast to coast, landmarks to online groups, millions of people join hands for the common goal. It is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the prevalence of heart disease and encourage others to take the initial steps toward heart health. The day acts as a catalyst for change to enhance women's lives worldwide.


For the celebration, both men and women wear red as a sign of solidarity in the battle against heart conditions, stroke, and draw everyone’s attention to women’s heart health. Since heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death among women in the United States, taking more lives than all kinds of cancer combined, the goal of the observation of the day remains to generate awareness and initiate the change.


This year, the National Wear Red Day will be observed in February. Since it is around the corner, we have curated this article. Here you will get all the information that you need to get started. 


Story Behind the Establishment Of National Wear Red Day– History


The history of National Wear Red Day goes back to 2004 when the awareness day was commemorated by the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. During that time, both these organizations claimed that heart diseases were taking the lives of over 500,000 American women every year. While the numbers were quite stressful, women were not paying considerable attention to such health concerns. Because of this, National Wear Red Day is being observed. It was first launched with the aim to bring people's attention to women’s heart health and address diseases and stroke. 


While the event was first observed in 2004, red became the national symbol much before the first event celebration. Back in 2002, people started wearing red to spread awareness, but the national day was designated two years later. 


Why Your Contribution Matters


The most prominent reason for celebrating the awareness day is the impact of heart diseases on women’s health. However, there are several other reasons why everyone’s contribution to the National Wear Red Day matters. Here are some of them:


- Women are an extremely important part of our lives as well as society. This is why it is important for them to be strong and thriving. 

- American women are disproportionately impacted by heart disease. It can impact everyone, regardless of age or class.

- The awareness day brings together the concise, up-to-date, and most accurate information that is practical and accessible for maintaining women’s heart health. 

- There are several factors that impact heart health, and most of these are ignored by women of the nation. These factors include obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, physical inactivity, and more. 


How To Participate In National Wear Red Day?



Educate Women About Measures For Preventing Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are a major cause of death among women in the United States. Hence, on the occasion of awareness day, you must step forward and educate people about heart health, disease prevention, and screening. Some of the preventive measures include:


1. Quit smoking

2. Working out regularly 

3. Make a healthy diet plan

4. Reducing the consumption of alcohol

5. Getting cholesterol and blood pressure checked


1. Wear Red To Raise Awareness


Of course, the most obvious activity to perform on this day is to put on red color. It is the easiest way to be a part of the awareness event. All you need is to take red clothes out of your wardrobe and wear them to raise awareness. It could also be anything– a red tie, scarf, socks, hat, top…Or maybe a red dress. So, pick your finest red gear and make a statement this National Wear Red Day.


2. Spread The Word Via Social Media


To make the day even more successful and promote awareness, you can share images, posters, essential resources, fun facts, and more on various social media channels. This is, indeed, the best way of spreading the word. Through social media, you can make thousands of people aware at the same time.  


3. Create Donation or Fundraising Webpage


If you are really ambitious towards the celebration of the National Wear Red Day, you must create your own donation or fundraising page. By calling people to make contributions, you can support educational programs and health organizations to promote awareness and expand their research to discover more about cardiovascular health. The money that you will raise will help fund cutting-edge equipment, tools, research, assistance, and training. 


4. Go Red At Work


To double the impact, you can rally your team and go red together. You can encourage all the employees by wearing red in the office, turning your office into red color, sharing pics on office social media accounts, holding healthy eating challenges, and more. All you need is to come up with fun ideas to bring people together for the cause. 


5. Host a National Wear Red Day Party/Events


Calling various people together and hosting a fun event is another great way of contributing to the day. At such an event, you can serve heart-healthy meals, talk about health, and how to take care of it. For more impact, you can ask everyone to wear red and make a donation to support the cause. You can also host events to get active, like running, skating, or skiing. However, if you are not interested in your own event, you can be a part of the outreach events or parties hosted by several health organizations. 


6. Book A Medical Checkup For You And Your Loved Ones


One of the most remarkable ways of observing the National Wear Red Day is to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Getting a heart checkup done and taking a doctor’s advice on women’s heart health will help better understand the body and take the right measures at the right time. It will help you get control of your heart and decrease the risk of various heart health conditions. 


7. Shop Through Go Red’s Website


To support women’s heart health, you can shop various merchandise from Go Red’s official store. It is the platform that goes towards funding the organization’s advocacy by asking people to make purchases. The money they raise from all the purchases goes into campaigning for cardiovascular health and supporting patients. So, on this awareness day, shop for your support and help the organization achieve its mission. 


The Bottom Line


National Wear Red Day is all about teaming up and taking responsibility for women's heart health. With all the above-mentioned information, are you all set to go red? Put on your red dress, fire up your appearance, and grab everyone’s attention to raise awareness for an important cause.



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