How To Stop Stomach Pain? Ayurvedic Remedies To Help You Stay Calm

Stomach pain is one of the most common health complaints that people face in their daily life. It stems from various reasons and is of different kinds. While it is not a cause for alarm in most cases, it might cause a lot of discomfort and agitation. Also, persistent stomach distress can progress to irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, gastritis, stomach ulcers, Crohn's disease, appendicitis, and other complications. This is why it should be addressed promptly to offer an immediate respite. 


Now, when it comes to treatment, the market is flooded with cures for stomach issues. These over-the-counter medicines might offer temporary relief but do not help for permanent or long-term treatments. So, how to stop stomach pain? In this aspect, Ayurveda can prove incredibly helpful. Ayurvedic remedies are known for purifying our digestive system from within and offering long-term relief from ailments such as stomach problems. Since it employs natural remedies and ingredients, it provides long-term benefits without adverse effects. 


Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the common ayurvedic remedies and ingredients that help you know how to stop stomach pain and enjoy relief soon. Scroll down and learn more. 


Ayurvedic Tonics To Treat Stomach Pain 



Here are some of the most famous ayurvedic remedies or ingredients for easing an upset stomach. These will be beneficial for all ages and help in enjoying calmness in no time. Take a look and get the answer for– “how to stop stomach pain?”


- Aloe juice: Aloe juice is one of the most effective ayurvedic tonics for curbing pain in the stomach. It is helpful in reducing acid, improving digestion, removing toxins, encouraging healthy bowel movements, and any other sort of stomach pain. 

- Cumin: Cumin seeds have active ingredients for curing indigestion, reducing pain, decreasing gas, and treating stomach-related problems. It is a traditional ingredient that can be chewed or swallowed with water. Without a doubt, it is one of the most therapeutic items for an upset stomach. 

- Ginger: Ginger is a wonder herb that plays a significant role in lowering the level of stomach pain. From pain to nausea, the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties of ginger provide the desired relief. It can be added to food or drinks like tea or can be taken raw in the form of ginger juice. 

- Basil: Holy basil is equipped with high levels of linoleic acid and eugenol, which reduce pain and stomach discomfort. It also increases appetite, improves digestion, and relieves menstruation cramping. They can be added to the food or consumed directly, and they will work as an effective natural cure for treating your stomach pain. 

- Cinnamon: Cinnamon possesses anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-clotting properties that help relieve stomach discomfort. Also, it contains a lot of fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese that are good for stomach health. So, if you are looking for an answer for ‘how to stop stomach pain?’, then you must try cinnamon-infused recipes.

- Lime or lemon juice: Lemon juice is a reliable ayurvedic remedy for easing and soothing stomach pain. One of the most effective ways of having it is by mixing the juice with baking soda and water. This will help in digesting and absorbing fats and neutralizing acids. 

- Cloves: Clove is another ayurvedic remedy that is an excellent solution for how to stop stomach pain. It is highly beneficial in speeding up digestion, reducing pressure, cramping, and other stomach infections. You can consume it by boiling a few cloves in water or pop clove powder. 

- Mint: Mint is a traditional ayurvedic tonic or ingredient that not just helps in soothing pain but also sweetens the breath. It is helpful in indigestion, diarrhea, gas, and several stomach conditions. Mint leaves can be consumed raw or even cooked. You can also have it in powdered form or mint leaves juice. 

- Pomegranate Seeds: Pomegranate seeds are endowed with purifying properties that are extremely helpful in alleviating abdominal or stomach pains. You can consume them directly by adding salt and peppercorns to them. 

- Coconut water: Coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium, which helps in curing stomach problems. If you are looking for how to stop stomach pain, you must drink coconut water. For easing an upset stomach, you can sip up to two glasses of water in a duration of 4-6 hours. 


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Common Stomach Problems And Their Ayurvedic Solutions 




Constipation is one of the most common health conditions, which is not a serious disease in general; however, chronic constipation might interfere with the ability to perform daily tasks. It makes a person feel lethargic all day long and results in stomach aches. So, if you are looking for how to treat stomach pain, you must include the given remedies in your lifestyle. 


- Clarified butter, salt, and hot water together help in treating constipation and hence, stomach pain. Clarified butter works as a lubricant laxative for the intestines, and salt removes the bacteria. 

- Eating a ripe banana after two hours from dinner. Following that, you must have a glass of warm or hot milk. 

- Castor oil helps with bowel movement. You can mix a generous amount, as prescribed by the doctor, into juice or milk and consume it. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women or children under age 12.


Acid reflux

Acid reflux comes with irritation in the stomach lining and abdominal pain. It is a digestive disease that affects the food pipeline and causes burning pain. While it is quite common to experience, especially in the era of unhealthy lifestyles,  it should be treated well on time to avoid uneasiness. Some of the ayurvedic remedies for how to stop stomach pain because of acid reflux are:


- Pop some fennel seeds in your mouth and chew carefully and slowly. You can also use basil leaves or cloves.

- Freshly prepared or healthy drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, Indian gooseberry juice, etc., also help balance stomach acidity and pain. 

- Consume coriander seeds with sugar multiple times a day till the symptom subsides.

- Consume a mixture of yogurt and water with rock salt, cumin powder, grated ginger, and a few coriander leaves. This decoction is a great home remedy for the acidic influx. 



Indigestion is a discomfort in the upper abdomen which causes burning sensations, bloating, nausea, gassiness, etc. It is a single name that includes multiple digestive symptoms, which typically do not lead to a severe complication but can make it difficult to eat food.  Below given are the ayurvedic remedies to cure indigestion complications. 


- Find a counterbalance of what you have eaten in the last 24 to 48 hours. 

- Eat steamed or stir-fried vegetables with no spices except ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and salt.

- Consume soupy, juices, or liquid dishes as much as possible. You can also take onion juice with honey or buttermilk with ginger paste.

- Prepare a glass of wheatgrass juice with cloves, garlic, and basil leaves. This is an age-old recipe that helps in stopping stomach pain.



Diarrhea is a common stomach condition that leads to bowel movements multiple times a day. It might be acute or chronic, and hence, it should be cured in time before it turns severe. To treat it at home, here are some ayurvedic remedies that will provide relief. 

- Turn bottle gourd into soup, stew, or even a curry. It can be either eaten alone or with rice to calm stomach pain or discomfort from diarrhea. 

- Increase the intake of water, buttermilk, fruit juice, or ginger tea. It will help in rehydrating the body and replenish the lost nutrients while providing relief from stomach pain.

- Grate some ginger and add it to a cup of water. Add a little amount of anise seeds and bring it to a boil. Mix a pinch of turmeric and strain the liquid for consumption.


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The Bottom Line

These are our suggestions for treating stomach pain using home remedies. With these ayurvedic ingredients, look no further than your kitchen and get a solution to get rid of the pain. Pin this article, and don’t worry about how to stop stomach pain. While these remedies offer you quick relief, if the pain is severe and impacting your daily regime, then please consult your doctor. 



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