Celebrating The National Children's Dental Health Month 2022

The month of February is observed as National Children's Dental Health Month 2022. The theme for this year is "Sealants make sense." 


This entire month is an observance and celebration of a national health treasure that brings together thousands of dedicated dentists and healthcare providers along with health educators, parents, guardians, and caregivers to emphasize and promote good dental health among children. 


Together, they promote the benefits of maintaining good dental and oral health among children. 


What do you mean by the National Children's Dental Health Month 2022?


Every year, the month of February is celebrated and observed as the National Children's Dental Health Month by the American Dental Association. During this entire month, the organization and other educators and healthcare professionals encourage children to learn more about dental health, oral hygiene, and ways to keep on top of the same. 


This month of observance is a great time to emphasize the importance of dental hygiene and health among children, to ensure their smile looks as cute and innocent as they are! One should take this month as an opportunity to learn more about their mouth, teeth, and other oral hygiene tips among children. 


Significance of Dental Health Among Kids


Looking after one's dental and oral health is extremely important. It is an important step to cover and a great habit to develop from childhood. This helps people maintain the health and hygiene of their mouth, teeth as well as gums during their adult years. 


By making sure our children's teeth are clean on a daily basis and them receiving dental care and appointments regularly every year is significant. National Children's Dental Health Month 2022 helps people stress upon the importance of keeping children's mouths away from plaque and harmful bacteria. Usually, they are the leading cause of developing cavities along with gum diseases. 


Ways To Keep Mouth, Teeth, and Gums Healthy


Keeping one's mouth, teeth, as well as gums is extremely important to everyone! Of course, they form a valuable part of our lives since we all use them every single day to survive. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to ensure our dental health and all of its aspects are healthy every day, especially during the National Children's Dental Health Month 2022. 


Here are a few ways to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy daily: 


1. Brush daily 


One should teach their children to brush twice a day, for two minutes at least. Ensure the process of taking care of your child's oral health starts with good brushing habits. It is important that one brushes their teeth twice every day - once in the morning and the evening.


2. Flossing is important 


Once your child's teeth develop and are close enough together, you can start teaching them the right way to floss their teeth. Flossing will help them get rid of all kinds of plaque and bacterial development. Flossing helps keep your teeth and mouth clean in areas where normal toothbrushes cannot reach. 


3. Developing good snacking habits 


Teaching your child good snacking habits is extremely important to take care of their mouth and teeth. Sugary foods, along with drinks, especially acidic ones, are bad news for your child's teeth. Switch to healthier snacks that contain less sugar. This will give your child's teeth a real boost. Avoid giving them orange juice or tomato juice in higher quantities. It will wear down their tooth enamel. 


Healthy snacking habits will also help ensure your child is consuming better food items and drinks.


4. Staying hydrated! 


It is important that your child is avoiding or at least limiting their intake of sugary, acidic drinks but is consuming more water to quench their thirst. Drinking water helps wash away leftover sugar and food particles that are still clinging to their teeth after that snacking session they had after breakfast today! Ensure you make them develop this habit of drinking more water to keep their mouth happy, clean, and healthy. 


How To Observe? 


There are millions of ways to observe the National Children's Dental Health Month 2022. Here are a couple of ways you can do that at home: 


1. Register to become an oral health hero 


Take charge of the situation. Promise to solve the problem of childhood tooth decay! You can deal with this #1 Public Health Emergency in the US by registering to become an action hero for the future of this country. One must triumph over three major barriers - behavior, belief, and environmental influence. 


Every community will have its own set of challenges as far as children's oral health is concerned. So, sign up with the American Dental Association and register yourself as an oral health action hero. Their outreach program helps Americans identify and address issues that affect their life as well as the lives of their children and loved ones. These programs work uniformly across the nation.  


To make a better impact in various communities, heroes are necessary to step up, take charge, and do good! 


2. Social Networking 


Being stuck at home during a global pandemic is no fun! Cavities in your child's mouth aren't either!  Take charge by getting social. 


Take charge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms and share as many amazing oral health tips and facts as you can share. Share the right resources and spread awareness about the importance of dental hygiene and oral health education. Share preventative tips and ways to get the right care and attention throughout the country. 


Final Words:

While Tooth Fairy might not be real, dental health sure is! It is important that your child is receiving the best care, restorative and specialized dental services, and access to the right equipment to keep their smile healthy even during their adult years. 


The National Children's Dental Health Month 2022 is an amazing time to help support the beautiful and wonderful smiles of the future of our nation. 


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