Stop Lazing Around! 5 Workout Motivation Tips To Get Started

Finding the motivation to leave your comfort zone and hitting the gym on a daily basis can be quite challenging. Let’s not fool ourselves and face reality. While it is much easier to make fitness resolutions and dream of getting into shape, staying determined and sticking to them is a whole new task. We all make plans to start exercising for the first few weeks, but as time goes by, we start losing the confidence and drive to hit the gym. We find ourselves enjoying movies with a bag full of junk food. What felt so doable a few days or weeks ago somehow transformed into something unachievable. But don’t worry– this is entirely normal and happens to everyone. 


The initial desire to change doesn’t last long and starts to fade away if we don’t fight to maintain it. Motivation is something that is hard to quantify and cannot be faked– at least not always. However, if you are truly committed to making it happen, you can absolutely strengthen your desire and push yourself to get moving– and for this, you are in good company. If you have made it this far, we understand that you need a dose of inspiration to get moving towards your fitness goals. And to help you out with that, we are here with five practical workout motivation tips that will help you get off your couch and up your fitness game. 


So, without wasting more time, scroll down and discover some of the best workout motivation tips that will turn your not-so-high motivation into action. 


1. Set A Goal



We are starting off the list with the best motivation tip – set your fitness goals. There’s nothing more inspiring than meeting the goal you have set for yourself. Even if it is as small as drinking ten glasses of water every day, it is a key to achieving anything in life. This is why it is recommended to set your fitness goals before your workout routine. They remind you why you started in the first place and help you get back on track whenever you get distracted. 


However, to not disappoint yourself, make sure the fitness goals you set are achievable, measurable, relevant, and time-bound. Never over-promise yourself and keep looking back at these goals to stay motivated. Always remember that an unattainable goal will destroy your motivation, and at the same time, a goal that is too easy to achieve will result in boredom. So, keep a healthy balance and push yourself to attain the goals. 


2. Push And Reward Yourself


This is one of the most underrated workout motivation tips, which in reality is a key to keep going. Embracing the small wins and incentivizing yourself with rewards helps in getting up and hitting the gym even on the days when your motivation wanes. You must appreciate and pat yourself on the back for reaching the mini-milestones along the way. Without a doubt, acknowledging your dedication will boost you to come out of your comfort zone and work towards your fitness desires.


Even if it's small, make sure you reward yourself after every workout goal you attain. This reward can be anything like giving yourself time to listen to your favorite music, taking out time to enjoy a hot bath, gifting yourself a new pair of shoes, or keeping your workout short and simple the next day. It’s your reward, and hence, it can be anything that motivates you. What is important is that you push yourself to work out on a daily basis. 


3. Challenge Yourself With Training Plans



If you are not into planning, then this tip might seem overwhelming but believe us, nothing can be better than challenging yourself to accomplish your fitness goals. While there are hundreds of ways to challenge yourself to stay active, the best always remains to create a training plan. Designing a structured plan will provide you with daily goals and help you stay organized. This will serve you with desired motivation to move your body and increase the chances of success. 


While creating plans is one of the best workout motivation tips, the important thing is that you stick with it. Developing plans and not following them will be of no help. So, make sure you jot down the plan and stick it somewhere. However, make sure that you stay flexible with your plans and add a variety of workouts to your plan to avoid boredom.  


4. Put On Your Workout Outfit


If you have been working out for a while now, you can understand how helpful this tip is. Getting into your fitness gear will keep you motivated and help you perform well. It's well said– “When you look good, you feel good.” So, even when you feel like not working out, step into your workout outfit; it will boost your confidence and get you in workout mode. Doing so will help you in sticking with your fitness routine and enhance your performance. 


According to various studies, our brain is vulnerable to "enclothed cognition.” This is a phenomenon that illustrates the effect that clothes have on our thoughts and physical experience. It describes that getting into a particular outfit can fuel the desire to finish a job. So, next time when you feel not up to it, wear your fitness outfit. Believe us; you won’t regret it at all. 


5. Workout With Your Friends 



Fitness motivation and performance fluctuate from day to day, and it’s normal. However, what is essential is that you surround yourself with people who can motivate you to work out. And for this, connect with your friends and ask them to work out together. Having a friend by your side will help maintain the inspiration by holding you accountable for your time and efforts. They will not only make your workout more fun and exciting but also provide you with encouragement and assist you in getting through the motivational slump. 


The feeling of someone counting on you to go to the gym will make you less likely to skip the session. Also, when you see your friend working out, you will feel the motivation to push yourself harder. Having them by your side, you can share tips for better performance and can also celebrate each other’s progress. 


Bonus Tip: Be Good To Yourself 


While the whole motive of these workout motivation tips is to push yourself to perform better, don’t make working out a punishment. You must listen to your body and give it time to adapt to the new regime. Make sure you won’t be harsh with yourself. Start with baby steps and try to build a routine eventually. Setting big goals from the very first day will turn the tables, and instead of motivating, it will result in demotivation. So, start small and take breaks in between to get yourself started again with all the energy. 


The Bottom Line


When it comes to fitness, there’s a fine line of motivation between success and failure. We all have an initial desire to work out and get in shape, but with passing days, negative thoughts start to creep in, and we start kicking excuses to the curb. We understand how difficult it is to keep up with the motivation and not lose interest in hitting the gym. Trust us; we do because we all feel the same way most of the time. However, we can’t let it deter us from fulfilling our fitness goals. This is where the aforementioned workout motivation tips will play an important role. Every time you feel like ditching the workout, these tips will help you be consistent. So, keep this article handy and review these tips whenever your motivation starts slipping. 


Now that you have rediscovered your enthusiasm with these workout motivation tips, it’s time to get off the couch and break a sweat.


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