World Kidney Day- History, Significance, Objective & More

March is National Kidney Month, and the second Thursday of the month is marked as World Kidney Day. This year, the day will be observed worldwide on March 10. It is a global celebration held every year with the primary goal of spreading awareness about kidney health. This day is a wonderful opportunity to help those with kidney failure and educate people about the importance of overall kidney health. It emphasizes strategies and measures for treating kidney diseases and offering people a healthy lifestyle. 


Since it is not a federal holiday, schools, businesses, offices, etc., will remain open. However, kidney health groups, medical experts, policy-makers, educators, conference organizers, and other interested parties work hard and try to bring everyone's attention to kidney health. If you are eager to contribute to this day, read this article. Take out your calendar and mark March 10 as World Kidney Day. This year, make sure you take care of yourself, your loved ones, and others who are going through a rough patch in their lives due to kidney diseases. 


Overview Of World Kidney Day- History, Significance, Objective & More



What Is World Kidney Day?


World Kidney Day is an international health awareness campaign to raise awareness about kidney health and its importance. It is a collaboration between the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). The motive of the day is to reduce the frequency and impact of the disease and offer solutions to health problems linked to it. In simpler words, this day is all about creating awareness and making people learn. 



Even before science reached its current stage, people were aware of the presence of the kidney in the human body and the diseases associated with it. However, it was first taken into consideration and celebrated as awareness day in 2006. In that year, World Kidney Day was first observed, giving importance to one of the crucial organs of the body. And it has never stopped ever since. 


For the past 16 years, the day has been celebrated every year with full enthusiasm, making more people aware of the condition. 


Objective Of The Day:

World Kidney Day is celebrated every year to spread awareness and increase the number of people screened for chronic kidney disease. The day highlights the importance of preventing and managing kidney health concerns and getting the right treatment before it gets too late. Some of the main objectives of the day are:


- Highlighting the risk factors

- Educating the world about the role of medical professionals

- Increasing systematic screening

- Telling people the importance of organ donation

- Motivating people to go for transplantation 

- Reducing the risk of chronic kidney diseases


Why Is Celebrating World Kidney Day Important?:


Some of the significant reasons why you should celebrate World Kidney Day are:

- Lack of awareness among people

- Kidney diseases impact at least one in ten people 

- Such diseases can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack

- Kidney diseases are incurable and need lifelong care. 

- Chronic kidney diseases can be treated but only if they are detected early


Kidney Facts You Should Know About


Discover more about kidneys by knowing some of the interesting facts:


1. Kidneys are complicated and play a crucial role in keeping us healthy

2. Kidneys are small in size like a cell phone and weigh between four to six ounces

3. The entire blood of the body passes through the kidneys

4. This organ regulates the bloodstream levels and is responsible for generating vitamin D

5. Kidneys gets filtered every 30 minutes

6. It removes waste products, toxins, as well as excess water from the body

7. In case of kidney failure, the harmful waste gets accumulated in the body

8. Kidney damage is often fatal and required to be treated on time

9. An estimate of 37 million people in the United States are affected by kidney diseases

10. Kidney diseases are more common among women than men


World Kidney Day 2022 Theme

Every year, World Kidney Day highlights one particular theme and hosts events accordingly. For this year's theme, the Joint Steering Committee has decided it as “Kidney Health for All– Bridge the Knowledge Gap to Better Kidney Care.” The motive behind this theme is to call everyone together to overcome the knowledge gap and improve kidney health care. Bridging the gap will help in fighting the disease and decreasing the inherent mortality rate associated with kidney disease.


This year, the campaign and health authorities will concentrate on promoting kidney health education and knowledge. They will make people learn to be conscious of their own kidneys and take the right measures to stay healthy. 


Ways To Get Involved In World Kidney Day


Kidney health is too big to ignore. And World Kidney Day is the best time to give it the required attention. Even if you are unable to host or be a part of large events, there are still ways to help the survivors. Some of the ways to make the awareness day successful are:


- Get Yourself And Your Loved Ones Checked

Even if you are not in danger of getting kidney disease, your family or friends might be. And to know what is going inside the body, it is crucial to get checked. So, to kick off World Kidney Day 2022, book an appointment and get yourself, your family members, or friends checked for any kidney-related ailments. 


- Share Facts And Reference Documents

Social media is one of the best platforms to share the word about the importance of kidney health. The objective behind the celebration is to raise awareness about kidney disease globally. Using multiple platforms, you can run your own campaign and share factsheets and other documents. 


- Teach How To Maintain Kidney Health

Whether you are suffering from kidney disease or are at risk, it is crucial to make your kidney health a priority. So, this year, you can teach people how they can reduce the risk of kidney-related diseases or its failure. Make people learn how they can treat it with medication and diet. 


- Share Experiences & Stories

Sharing experiences and stories is an excellent way of making people learn what to look out for. It is always difficult for the survivors to deal with the situation and ask for help. But listening to others' stories, how they helped themselves, how to live with the disease, and more makes it easier for them to get through it. 


- Attend Or Host Seminars 

If you are eager to contribute to World Kidney Day 2022 and are equipped with the right knowledge and resources, then you can host a seminar. Call for the speakers and host the seminar to make people aware of the right measures. In case you can’t host one, you can be a part of any such seminar or event. Hundreds of events are organized all across the globe to help people learn about kidney health. 


Final Words:

Kidney disease is a topic that can’t be avoided. It needs special attention, and hence, World Kidney Day is celebrated every year. Now that you are well-versed with all the information about kidney diseases, the awareness day, and ways to observe the day, get ready to bring a change in society. So, this year on the occasion of World Kidney Day, stop ignoring kidney health and make people learn more about it.


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