World Oral Health Day - Let's Unite To Celebrate On March 20

World Oral Health Day is a global observance day celebrated every March 20. It is the top oral health awareness campaign that brings together the world of dentistry and unites everyone to lessen the burden of oral diseases. This celebration encourages people to take better care of their oral health and achieve optimum dental hygiene. 


Oral diseases are a serious health concern in various nations, which not only leads to pain and discomfort but also results in social isolation, loss of confidence, and often associated with other health problems. This demands educating people on the importance of maintaining good dental health and following a hygienic routine for mitigating the risk of oral illness. To empower people with knowledge and instigate a positive change, World Oral Health Day is the ideal time to get started. 


Since March 20 is around the corner, get ready to say goodbye to poor oral health. It’s time to brush up on your oral health, laugh, eat, and communicate without pain or worry. While you must focus on achieving good dental hygiene, you should take this day as an opportunity to help others too. On the occasion of World Oral Health Day, take a pledge to follow healthier oral habits and happier lives. To know more about this day and how you can show your contribution, read on. Look through this article and mark March 20 on your calendar. 


History Of World Oral Health Day


Before we dive into the celebration of World Oral Health Day, it is crucial to be aware of the backstory of the international event. 


The history of the campaign dates back to 2007. On this year, FDI World Dental Federation announced the launch of the international event and set aside an entire day to talk about dental hygiene and address its importance. In the initial years, the celebration took place on the birthdate of the FDI founder Dr. Charles Godon, i.e., September 12. Later in 2013, the campaign was fully activated and was shifted to March 20. 


If you are wondering “Why March 20?” – then there is an interesting anecdote behind the date selection. As per any dentist standard recommendation, a healthy adult with good oral hygiene should have "32" teeth and "0" cavities. And this is numerically expressed as '3/20'. The experts translated '3/20' into the date and came up with March 20– the 3rd month of the year (March) and the 20th day of the month. Apart from this, this date also sheds light on the importance of the number 20 in the dental world. Elderly people should have 20 natural teeth at any time, and a toddler should possess 20 baby teeth. 


World Oral Health Day Theme 2022


The oral health day was started with the aim to create awareness and spread a powerful message to maintain good oral hygiene. To make it more effective, the authorities have decided to follow a specific, unique theme every year. For this year, we will be following the three-year theme agreed upon in 2021. 


In 2021, FDI launched a theme– “Be Proud Of Your Mouth.” This is the theme for the next three years. It was adopted to send out a simple message of valuing and taking good care of your mouth. It is intended to bring people’s focus on oral health and highlight its importance to protect overall well-being and enjoy a quality of life. 


Who Is The Intended Audience For World Oral Health Day?


World Oral Health Day is an annual celebration that is targeted towards the following:

- Individuals who need to take action for their oral hygiene 

- Schools, NGOs, and other organizations to educate people and deliver knowledge about oral health

- Medical professionals and the dental community to spread the word and conduct their research

- Event organizers who run campaigns for better oral health.


Why Is The Celebration Of World Oral Health Day Crucial?


Let’s take a look at why Oral Health Day is considered significant: 

- Oral health is one of the most overlooked aspects of our body

- Over 3.5 billion people across the world are affected by oral diseases

- It is often linked to other serious health issues

- Good oral hygiene brings along social confidence 

- Oral diseases are largely preventable if diagnosed at an early stage

- Extremely poor oral hygiene could turn into oral cancer


How To Be A Part Of World Oral Health Day Celebration?



1.  Practice A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

This is one of the best things you can do on the occasion of World Oral Health Day. The aim behind the celebration of international day is to ensure good oral hygiene among people. Hence, you can start practicing a healthy routine that will deter you from all oral illnesses. Some of the practices that you can incorporate in your daily routine are:

- Brushing your teeth twice a day

- Making use of mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste

- Decrease the intake of sugar

- Avoiding tobacco and alcohol


2. Talk About Oral Health 

Talking about oral health is the most obvious thing you can do to show your support for Oral Health Day. Spreading awareness is one of the primary goals, and hence, you can talk about oral hygiene, its importance, and how a person can maintain it. You can be a global voice to empower people to achieve good oral health. It’s time to lead the world to optimum oral health. 


3. Schedule A Dental Checkup

This one is a no-brainer. Scheduling an appointment and visiting the dentist are essential for maintaining good oral health. And no time can be better than World Oral Health Day to pay a visit. On this day, take out some time and get yourself checked. This will help you catch any early warning signs and take care of your oral condition before it gets worse. 


4. Harness The Power Of Social Media

If you are eager to celebrate the day with the world and empower more people, you must harness the power of social media. You can use different platforms to share resources, action toolkits, fact sheets, and more. This is one of the best ways to educate large groups of people at once. It also lets you leave the data online so that people can check and learn even after the event. 


The Bottom Line: Be Proud Of Your Mouth


To enjoy a better lifestyle with a fearless smile, it is vital to maintain a healthy mouth. The mouth serves as a mirror to the body and reflects the overall health and well-being of an individual. This makes it crucial to take care of it. Since we are just a few days away from celebrating World Oral Health Day, get ready to be proud of your mouth and talk about dental care and oral hygiene with the world. This year, pay attention to the gestures that we often take for granted, like smile and laugh, and shape the future of oral health. Always remember, “It is never too early or late to begin caring for your mouth.” Even if you start today, your body will thank you later.


Until next time, keep on smiling!


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