World Health Day 2022 - Let's Work Towards A Healthier World

You might have heard the well-known phrase - “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” It is entirely true. In today’s lifestyle, good physical health and a robust body are not just needed for carrying out day-to-day activities but also a prerequisite for mental serenity and stability and for bringing out the best in us. This makes it evident that living in a healthy environment and maintaining good well-being should be everyone’s top priority. With this in mind, World Health Day is celebrated every year.


April 7th is marked as World Health Day under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations. The awareness day is an incredible initiative founded in 1948 by the auspices of the WHO, which is the premier global health authority within the United Nations system. This day commemorates the anniversary of health day and sets a tone for what is happening on the global stage. Right from mental health to unemployment to polluted air and everything in between, this day talks about all the issues and finds solutions for them.


Since this day holds great significance, today we are going to talk about it. In this article, we will learn more about awareness day, its history, how you can contribute to making a healthier world, and more. So, scroll through the article and learn. But before that, take out your calendar and mark April 7, 2022. If not this year, make sure you step ahead and bring a change in society. It’s our world, and hence, it's our responsibility to keep everyone healthy.  


An Introduction To World Health Day


World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year to emphasize the value of health and raise awareness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. World Health Day is an initiative by WHO and is one of the eight official WHO awareness events that take place every year. Since its inception over 70 years ago, this day has been observed all across the world to drive home the critical need and importance of healthcare. Also, this day sheds light on urgent concerns ranging from mental health to childcare and more. 

Being a global event, this awareness day has some wide-reaching objectives and priorities that guide the celebration every year. Some of them include:

1. Promote healthy habits and lifestyle

2. Increase awareness about primary healthcare

3. Encourage citizens, policymakers, and healthcare providers to take action

4. Make healthcare services accessible for everyone everywhere

5. Increase investment in public healthcare and for a better environment

6. Eradicate all forms of diseases

7. Build a world with more greenery, clean air, and safe water


World Health Day Theme 2022



For the World Health Day celebration every year, WHO picks one particular theme to draw attention to a special concern or issue that holds significance in everyone's life across the world. This year, the theme chosen is “Our Planet, Our Health.”

The World Health Day theme of 2022 is to keep in mind the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pollution, and the growing cases of illnesses like heart disease, cancer, asthma, etc. The rising number of health concerns and deaths calls for urgent action to recover the planet and focus on their well-being. This year, the awareness day is considered an excellent opportunity to create a green and healthy planet and make advancements in healthcare and other sectors that can lead to healthy well-being. 

Since the entire world is dealing with environmental public health threats like contaminated water, increased air pollution, poor sanitation, and inadequate climate change, the World Health Day Theme 2022 will serve as a potent reminder that it is our planet and our duty to keep it healthy. It also sheds light on the fact that these issues are not just the concerns of the health sector and require an effective response or contribution from everyone to bring a change. 


What Can We Do To Make The World Healthier?


There are several ways to protect our planet as well as our health. Every sector has its own duties or ways to contribute to World Health Day 2022 and make the planet greener and healthier. Here are some suggestions for different sectors that will help them make a difference.


- Prioritize ecological stability and human well-being in decision making

- Devise a policy for reducing food and plastic wastage 

- Stopping fossil fuel exploration

- Implementing air quality guidelines of WHO

- Add tax on tobacco and build smoke-free cities

- Repurpose agriculture subsidies for healthy food production

- Promote physical activities and mental health

- Create healthy cities with more green spaces

- Electrify healthcare facilities

- Tax the polluters for carbon reduction 


Healthcare Workers & Facilities:

- Make efforts to reduce healthcare wastage

- Decarbonize health facilities

- Find opportunities to save energy 

- Keep a check on offering clean water

- Provide sustainably grown, healthy food at hospitals 

- Advocate people about healthy lifestyle habits 

- Use environmentally friendly products 



- Switch off lights and fans when not in use

- Ensure availability of safe drinking water

- Perform activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

- Remove packaged or processed food from the workplace

- Support teleworking 



- Turn lights off while leaving home

- Spread awareness about healthy well-being 

- Share your story of protecting the planet and health  

- Read about past World Health Day themes

- Make use of recyclable bags than plastics 

- Reduce buying processed foods and beverages

- Host fundraisers or donate money

- Stop smoking and consuming tobacco

- Volunteering at local charities and organizations


Wrapping Up

Looking at the current world condition, do you think we have a future where we will get access to clean air, water, and food? We don’t. Although it seems impossible, we can make it happen by focusing on health and well-being and the challenges we need to overcome to make the world better. We all need to step forward and contribute to World Health Day in whatever means we are capable. 

Share this article with your friends and family and remind them of the importance of good health for a productive and meaningful life. Trust us; there’s no better way than World Health Day to make a change. 

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