Bad Breath
cured Bad breath

Bad breath can not only be socially damaging for those who experience it more often than a meal with a lot of garlic. There are real medical causes for bad breath, some which may be indicators for very serious diseases. One way of knowing how serious bad breath is would be to observe when and how often it occurs. Most people awaken with less than pleasant breath, but at no time should it be so offensive that others are avoiding you. Most bad breath can be abated quickly by tooth brushing or a breath mint. If this does not change the condition, then bad breath is much more serious.

Not only can bad breath indicate dental issues, but cardiovascular disease, as well as diabetes, and deficiencies in nutrition. Bad breath can indicate an unusual build-up of cardiac plaque in blood vessels, unstable insulin levels, and even serious deficiencies in iron, Vitamin D, and calcium. These issues can affect the overall health of an individual and even foster some social ostracism.

Persons experiencing gastric problems such as Crohn’s Disease, celiac’s disease, and IBS also can have issues with bad breath. The amount of acid in the digestive tract can contribute to bad breath and cause this to occur on a regular basis. Again, this is more of an indicator of a medical problem rather than the lack of good dental hygiene. Ulcers can cause bad breth issues as well. The cure for bad breath can be done by regular oral care and teeth cleanings, as well as keeping the body hydrated with six to eight glasses a day. Some herbal remedies could include parsley and cinnamon regularly eaten to abate bad breath, as well as chlorophyll tablets. Finally, regular medical check-ups with management of heart disease and diabetes, or gastric problems will decrease bad breath as well.

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