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Canker sores are a common medical condition that can occur in people of all ages and health. They are small sores that form inside the mouth and make drinking and eating painful and difficult, making it hard to speak clearly. Canker sores are known as aphthous ulcers within the medical field. Still, unlike cold sores, they are not contagious and will generally heal naturally in a matter of weeks. There are no proven causes of canker sores, but their formation can be attributed to various factors. Genes passed down through families may be a factor, as well as numerous outside environmental changes and conditions. Fruits and vegetables high in acids can cause a sore, as can toothpaste tubes with a high concentration of sodium lauryl sulfate. Other factors that can be attributed to these painful sores are stress and anxiety, hormonal changes, prescription and illegal drugs, and even dental problems or instruments within the mouth.

The most common beginning signs of this disorder will be tingling and burning inside the mouth. Shortly afterward, small red sores will appear, causing pain and even a fever if they are large enough. The sores will burst after a few days, leaving a white or yellow wound, thus forming the canker sore. The treatment options for a canker sore are usually very simple. Most of the time, the sores will heal naturally within a few weeks, but in some cases may require actual medications to treat. The pain caused by them will subside in a few days, and the sore will be completely gone in one to two weeks. If the sores are more severe or persistent, a dentist or medical provider may need to be consulted. They will usually suggest an antimicrobial mouth rinse or a corticosteroid ointment, both of which can be obtained with or without a prescription.


Risk Factors Related to Canker Sores

Any person can get this disorder. But they happen more often in young adults and teens. It is also quite common in females. Some individuals have recurrent sores and a family history of having this disorder. This may be caused by the heredity or the shared elements present in the environment, such as some specific allergens or food. Also, canker sores cannot be compared to cold sores. Cold sores are also known as herpes simplex or fever blisters. These are from groups of fluid-filled and painful blisters. Cold sores are caused by a virus, which is not the case with canker sores. They are also very contagious. These cold sores usually happen outside of the mouth. They take place under the chin, around the lips, and under the nose. But canker sores happen inside the mouth.


Canker Sore Treatment

Any pain caused by this disorder gets better in a few days. The sores typically heal without any treatment in a couple of weeks. Treatment for every painful, long-lasting, or large sore may include other remedies. Your healthcare provider can tell you about a mouthwash with a painkiller or steroid that can relieve this disorder. There are also topical medications present which contain a steroid to control the inflammation. A topical analgesic such as lidocaine takes care of the pain. Aphthasol is a prescription ointment that is known as an oral paste. It helps to reduce the time required for healing and the pain caused by canker sores. There are also some drugs, such as gout or ulcer, that can be used to treat this disorder. Your healthcare provider may also suggest some steroid pills for you. You may also take some nutritional supplements if there is a deficiency in the nutrients causing the canker sores. You can also opt to go for dental lasers. Your healthcare provider can also attempt to cauterize the sores with chemicals such as silver nitrate and debacterol.


Prevention Related to Canker Sores

This disorder tends to recur in some individuals. But you can attempt to decrease their frequency by following some steps. You must try to exercise precaution in your food intake. You should not eat foods that can irritate the mouth. This includes some acidic fruits, salty foods, and spices. You should not eat any foods to which you are allergic or sensitive. You must attempt to eat as healthy as you can. Eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits to avoid any deficiencies in your nutrition. Try to adhere to good oral hygiene habits. You should brush your teeth regularly after meals and floss once daily. This can keep your mouth absolutely clean and free of any foods that might lead to a sore. You can utilize a soft brush to assist in preventing any irritation to the soft mouth tissues. You must not use mouth rinses and tubes of toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate. You must protect your mouth at all costs. You may have dental appliances such as braces. Then you can ask your dentist about orthodontic waxes that can help to cover any sharp edges. Finally, you should attempt to decrease your stress level. Your canker sores may be associated with the stress present in your body.



Canker sores are a mouth disorder that can be quite inconvenient and irritating. But they are not dangerous by a long shot. This disorder is not caused by any infections and cannot be spread from one individual to the other. Many people get the requisite relief by utilizing over-the-counter treatments for canker sores. But you may be someone for whom this disorder is not going away after using the recommended products. Then you should talk to your healthcare provider. They can give you more information about how to get rid of your canker sores so you can resume your normal life.

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